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 Sentimental, wise, gentle, decisive, and Yang Luo Feile zero temperament blend together, like most of the 20 years ago, Yang Ying. She once again look to the distant window, Du wind shadow has disappeared. Her face immediately hang up and just look extremely respectable contrast the crooked smile: 'It seems that I want them both to be eaten, twenty years ago to replace the master position in your mind.' Book Recommendation: 'Need Onmyoji' ISBN 1007142: t in addition to work outside, Fang Yun biggest worry in this life, is to tear down much of his woman. Baby Benz jeep political road again in the boundless desert. Jeep has been painted green grass, like a military jeep. Zhao Luan Tan Xu and Deng put in full camouflage uniforms mercenaries, they have long been accustomed to this dress is not exclusive. Sitting in the driver's seat on the Du wind is a military uniform, before departure, also specifically he has long hair cut short, it looks like lean mercenary leader in general. The only person not in the habit, only Miss Ya. Always a white dress with white snow lotus seems very accustomed to serving mercenary soldiers, kept staring at his body, from time to time like itch like writhing his body. She can not remember anything like familiar characters, Du wind lightly:. 'Like LEONA' Zhao Luan clapped and said: 'Yes!' Lu Ya slightly red cheeks, cold female mercenary LEONA she will know. Early in the year 2000, the classic game 'King of Fighters' come out, it will be strongly sought after, even centuries later, this classic role, still known as the Queen of all the icy beauty. Du wind Recall electronic navigation map, looking at the map and said:. 'We have completely passed through Mexico and the US border into the United States, and then half an hour we will be able to San Antonio.' Lu Ya nodded: 'Peace means we crossed spades spades 6 to 8: New York is still the other side of the United States.' Lu Ya ice eyes: 'I have not received the command to prepare for my goal now, is here.' Her slender fingers