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extradition will end.' This sounds fair condition, Li Han hesitated for a moment, suddenly angrily: '! You want to pit me anyway so I have to join you busted fourteen sub-base, liar' Du wind actually speechless, what he really wanted to deceive Li Han, Li Han did not expect so soon know actually wear. Li Han continuous hum a few times and said: 'I've been cheated by you twice, Independence Day Du wind, if not personally see it, it is hard to imagine the legendary Independence Day Du wind is a genuine big liar!' Du wind indifferent said: 'What rumors of Du wind is callous murder weapon??' Li Han looked up, she had time to get used to the darkness of the black hole, gradually captures the Du wind shadow, bayan said:. 'I think there is not, otherwise the shadow of a woman Jiao Yang, why would marry you.' Du wind slowly turns cold tone: 'Do not come to the side judge how good a woman, Lee Han ruthless as real people, there are still women around Thor as a good wife.' Mouzhong lit his coldness: 'Unfortunately, she eventually died in the hands of your father that despicable.'Li Han's face turning into pale: 'You just read all my memories!' He wanted to remember back to Li Han, he was mistaken for each other in a modified her memory, was a strong resistance. Li Han looking bleak: 'The! Insulted his father's death.' She slowly raised his hands, arms draw countless singular curve, like butterflies fluttering vibration of beautiful wings in general. Her palm palm disappearing, those arms to draw the curve traces solidification leave and finally the formation of two side wings glued Li Han, Li Han handheld palm, forming a staggered pattern on the wings overlap. Li Han's left palm is starting from the bottom, Zhanxiang sky. She's a shocking broken dome stunt. Broken dome series martial art, with the simple ancient martial art is completely different, just pure ancient martial art moves, while the broken dome series, but it is the creation of the ancient martial art of the Heart. Du eye blinking, looking at there has been strong metal fatigue, has been unable to lock Du wind. Du wind pick up arms, six metal arm like plastic toys are generally vibrating off him, came into the pit, pit leapt calmly move on. Controllers like to see the ghost mouth open, half Bulong come. Control room three consuls are also frowned, where a body such as the Tower of consul Chen Sheng said: 'There is nothing great, as long as the three-star and above the ancient weapons, and then practicing as did [the agenda] specializing in physical defense class ancient martial art, it is possible the body condensate convergence such as steel, is a steel bullet in the body, and the Oak feelingCan the palace, they rely on you own, you want to break into the palace three off, even I can not avoid. 'Yuwen Qiong Yao said: 'That is what three off?'Tianchi His Holiness said: 'This can not be said, checkpoints methods vary, always nothing more than martial arts, swordsmanship and witty, literary talent, and so on, you have a bit sure?'Yu Shi Yuan said: 'This can not predict, only to try to say!'Tianchi His Holiness said: 'That can not be a light test, break, but we must kill yourself, I can not send you the herd died in vain, it is best to make you a talk!'Yu Shi Yuan said: 'How to discuss it?'Tianchi Holiness thought for a moment and said: 'Well, you try it first here in my hand, as applicable, I'll take you to take a trip, otherwise we do not have to go up!'Yuwen Qiong Yao said: 'I can not do, we find a non-blue Meng not!'--------------------------------------------- Old rain floor scanning, sea son, Hyun Crane OCR, old rain floor exclusive serial: 31 \\ 061 Tianchi His Holiness said: 'Blue Meng indulge in the palace soon, he will be down, you can live off guarding him in the mountain, it is safer easy ...... 'Yu Shi Yuan said: 'Blue Meng setback in the desert, heavy snowy learn skills to heal, as if waiting for him down the mountain skills, but also do not know how long, but I do not know whether he made, and we need to find him as soon as possible slim girl figure appeared in his mind. Du wind with its exchange with the idea said: 'Luo Feile, you destroy the city gates how weapons systems.' 'Basically destroyed, and only that one hundred forty-seven died eye on the door, there are about two doorsThe rate of fire of 27 rounds / sec guns can not stop running. ' Du wind coldly:. 'Enough' Du wind indicate stealth car owners after the boulder he went to the door single line. Liu fat first flew to the back of the stone, the armed defense forces of this city, he is very clear, strong wind and then Du is flesh, how could die off hot opponents, or to hide to keep his little life as well. After the boulder he comfortably well hidden after his bloated body, as well as a kind of mold yelling zero and Yang Yang Lie: 'hurry, Du Daye did not hear the words?' Du wind suddenly stopped, glanced coldly Liu fat: 'Do not let me hear you call my uncle.' Although separated by a solid rock, Liu fat or feel the cold eyes almost through his skin, hair Haide erected: 'That boss ...... ......' Du wind seems to call for the boss that is hated: 'changed to give you another chance.' Liu fat interesting one thousand tricks, Du wind of this type of software and hardware to eat is helpless, trembling authentic: 'Du Du ...... ......' Suddenly inspired, he exclaimed: 'Du, Du president, he ... World Association of ancient weapons ... they are an illegal organization, and so on ...... and so we banned them, you ...... you are a genuine president. ' Liu nod as Daosuan fat, while the hearts secretly alarmed, it seems that this man [Independence Day] Du wind. Du step into the wind before riding the Red painted inside the cordon, electronic horn appeared on the door warning sound immediately: 'illegal invaders, please notice your identity, otherwise shoot to kill.' 'Although it is good to me, shoot to kill.' Du wind coldly declared road. Hiding in the remote central control room, controllers have been a cold Haide this sentence. He can not effect immediately mobilized to warn the