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as the first, followed Daoxing Mana's supernatural powers again. When the 'fairy heard that Han Chi pale Fenlian also flushed with shame, she will know your body real dollars so heterogeneous reasons, but like her alien origin, practice extremely difficult, changing shape of the day robbery comes, if lucky escape after, still have a spiritual path to enlightenment, or else someone else will be killed, the body is also made by others, mixing drugs use, therefore desperation, the line shortcuts, but also because of the time of intercourse, the number of many, lessons extremely heterogeneous real dollars, the foundation is not strong, just one fell swoop, but it is the greatest harm. Has been Zhen Fang points out, where not ashamed thinking. 'Congratulations to fellow into every teacher! Old tree demon envy ah!' That Han Chi fairy turn the brain does not know how many thoughts, just hear the words of the old tree demon extremely surprised, Lueyisisuo, suddenly aware of Zhen Fang has been closed its entry Shimoji idea, looked excited, and regardless of the occasion, to worship and said:. 'disciple Meet the teacher.' 'You and up.' Zhen Fang tone being a slight hint of compassion, said: 'Pindao nor sects arbitrarily person, although you have to repair before the supernatural powers of comprehension sector do not like, this missed in Pindao sects, just You have great perseverance, today again this shows that there are goodness of the heart, but also a great chance of the people, by virtue of some shallow cultivation practice, but also to reach the anti-virtual realm, but also be of great wisdom, there is this great perseverance, great wisdom, great opportunity, it can enter Pindao sects. But good fortune into my door, when the good is fundamental, not relied on the door division supernatural bullying, before acting on the means, nor the division into the door. 'In accordance with supernatural powers in his hands Zhen Fang pourYou can say these words. 'Disciples obeyed.' Han Chi heard fairy looked startled, as if will certainly Kunlun hair strokes, otherwise it is not possible to master the Kunlun Mountains Ten 'clear' Generation name have brought. But he did not think that at this time the wind would actually begin to move up. Micro moment angrily:. 'Breeze fellow, though otherwise engaged today, but today is also the date of the birth of the Kunlun Laojun but the door handing, passing a long time, Patriarch Yuqing saints Primus is three clear of the door who, when the ceremony for the first of it! 'The implication is that you are the founder of Primus is my Patriarch to Young, senior birthday today, you these disciples as Young Ha, Ha Young, or to do good in this divided . Although not clear at this time Zhen Fang breeze dough, but surely you can guess that the heart is very upset. 'Lonely Daoxiong say very yes. Although the matter is important, but when Laojun birthday today, I and so are the door myself, can not miss the auspicious time. 'Zhen Fang around suddenly sounded dull voice. It is Wudang palm teach Yuanyang reality. Inherited from trueEmperor. In the secular world is very influential. 'Too pure inaction, large comfortable Fan Wu courtesy touches these very seriously..' Zhen Fang heart of a dynamic, talking around xiyi is real, just listen to him and said: 'If there is to know Laojun saints, and will Let me stop this ritual, etc., or discuss about the safety of my relationship with things the right way as well. 'Zhen Fang faint applause, these people really come to worship where is, after all, called the door Laojun sage leader, but only to the You Shushan benefits, but did not give the benefit of other sects, have you not seen the man-made tragedy Shushan spend someone else to take the initiative. If it were not for you Shushan have desires, who come here to visit. Today booing, actually there are things such as the safety of my relationship, Zende not worry. 'Ching safety?' A voice to take from the mouth of out across more than one hundred sects, as well as hundreds of scattered repair heard, have