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see ah?' Deng instinctively nodded blacksmith by hot pursuit: 'That you should know what to do?' Deng coughed, turned his head and said: 'According to the law of mercenary, everything to the highest priority task, so I also agree ......' Zhao Luan's voice called louder than thunder shock: 'I will kill you two son of a bitch.' 'I'll keep it on the bed to kill them'Treacherous succeed Zhao pushing the little fox go out into their rooms drilled Luan:' ah, we figure about it, and let my sister to help you dress neat, do not look at me with this look, if On the actual age, you can call me aunt. ' Tan Xu and Deng each other glances, long time, and finally dry Xu Tan authentic: 'You said that she would not really kill us?' Deng Moran said: 'Do not rule out this possibility, so starting today, we both have entered the state of combat readiness.' Zhao Luan changed clothes came out from the room, Deng could not swallow foam. Younger than his tan thread but did not make such a rude action, because he can see his throat dry, even saliva secretion is also not out. Zhao Luan even careless always have been seen together coy, angry authentic: 'What! You see' Luo Feile satisfaction authentic: 'Zhao Luan, you're great, you can go to sell.' Zhao Luan grabbed her by the collar and shouted: 'sell ......' Luo Feile blinked: 'let you go to sell water, but not sold themselves.' Having put dozens unopened bottle of mineral water into the Chao Luan arms, closed his eyes and took a deep breath and said: 'sunset, hot weather, broken bridges, beautiful sunshine, believe that if a man will not help but stop and drink water. ' Luan Zhao looked at the hands of the bottle is clean, doubt authentic: 'This is something for the seven stars above ancient weapons effectively?' Luo Feile gloomy tunnel: 'Do not doubt my ability to pharmaceutical experts, these things can be brought down even Independence Day.' Her ears began to come in mini headphone signal, Luo Feile will be one of the same type of headphones into the ear Zhao Luan, in the body, but in the days when the universe full of evil spirits from the body, but he can borrow strength five elements of earth, six turbulent airflow Five dollar jumped from his body, condense on the hands and fingers. Rub slamming, six light wind from Du fingertips projection out. Mixed in bright sunlight headed toward Xu Yuan, turbulent air flow in the air tumbling entangled, even vaguely humanoid form a structure. Ray and the hail of bullets that pass, Xu Yuan headed toward the light. Hail of bullets but still Zhao Xiang Du wind. Du body has not much wind infuriating, even Limbo can not sustain, rain falls straight down to the bomb. When he fell in a hail of bullets, the wind suddenly Du Zhang hand. I caught the first one oncoming bullets. He eyed shiny ground, even if the hail of bullets and effective tactics, unfortunately, only in terms of large-scale forces. If used against ancient weapons, is absolutely not play any role. Xu Yuan will not be stupid enough to deal with such a low star ancient weapons are ineffective tricks. Which must have some bullets, his hidden Shazhao. Du Feng has to see there are 361 bullets have never been in a hail of bullets in a collision, it was promised under a pawn far ambush. Used to attack his body 361 acupuncture points. Du wind rushed second bullet in the abdomen. Dufeng Shun hand first wave of a bullet. Jingling sound of hundreds of bullets was a chain reaction. Was forcibly steers over. The formation of a narrow slash. Big Star Lo hand - ladders! Roar, remaining close to the barrage body weeks after Du wind, like a big waterfall countercurrent heaven piercing out, leaving only three hundred bullets in front of Du wind shiny, glowing like a chessboard in general. Du wind pulled out from the back cut Shendao, Xu far far more than twenty years ago has indeed powerful, far more than their limit imagination. But Xu Yuan absolutely should not use this slick intimidating tactics against its own, but to find their own opportunities to live with the sun shine eyes