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home. The man surnamed Chen Ming-song, is a sweet, new trail famous one-man thief. Ten years ago, the sun chow rob a Fusion, are not hurt the victim, who friends house just is Di, Di escape happened to pass by that matter, hard hound, finally ate Di escape burned, almost Waste life. Northwest provinces can not be based, fled southern anonymity, actually find a teacher, learn some skills. Seeing then there will be revenge for the ferry into the look, who knows as much as a little master and Di family origins, somehow suddenly see through Kozo, not only refused to teach together, reverse polarity severely admonished, said he got the old nor Di one's opponent, went only to die. Zhuke of eventually bringing down the order, does not recognize that he is a disciple of the door. Chen Song helpless, had resigned out. The original intent of the door division has won most of the Heart Moreover Di weaknesses escape from the mouth ascertain master, as long as the hard work and then practice a few years, the division pass shader techniques for beating excel Road, also can look for a fight enemies. The intention to choose a quiet place to conceal the mountains gifted hard, Wen said Xitianmu scenery is very good, but excellent secluded places, since either the look. Line to the middle, I met an orphan, and asked to know his parents died, years old, helpless, just another surname. Because Mountain own stillness, no cooking chores, he gave the child believes that the adopted son, named Chen industry, brought to the same. Find a mountain no place being looked terrain, suddenly the money should Thailand meet. Expert's eyes, at a glance, the two hit it off very next talk. Thai money should have invited him to live adjacent knot. They have a beginning and evasive, refused to spit out the real name origin. Chen Song also because the other side is a connoisseur, hidden weapon Naishi own practice not pass the secret door, fearShe requested a good understanding, anyway, I did not mean to offend her, she can let go of my best not to for himself suffered, the other teachers and then a harsh decree, big heavy punishment, both their own almost difficult to love, but also with small Nepalese virtually forged too resentment. How about this digestion, is it good? Scenario one voice and said: 'No wonder the brothers and uncles Wu disciples also sometimes ignorance, see wilderness have this odd situation, but dangerous secret temple, Mr. hearts doubt read, the temple has a bye this serpent, the more misunderstandings, language misconduct. due. The brothers should the punishment, the disciple is indeed the culprit, how mind can install? Hope begging uncles, even the disciples together and so the first time I am afraid it is too! ' Two, the Hei Mole clever words to put it mildly more decent. Donnie nuns laugh and said: 'I can not forgive you, now worked as his two sharp body, the desire to avoid as you beg me to read him away people in the early years, is the first meeting of a rising star, no.No surprise sensibilities. You and I know that you master the doctrine of the Act, repeated in the future, I need not even your teacher told you escape he called unfair. ' Donnie Hei said: 'The disciples am ignorant, how have the courage to act at the next but the snake is to eat snow caught the spirit, the spirit of previous years, this snake is caught snow, nedan think it has been a day, just for uncles? compassion, though it see the worm, yet hurt a stranger, the degree of clemency, which promise to listen through self-study, and keep the charge of the temple service, before it has been preserved in the temple for many years has been tame good, just a year before suddenly guilty wild, indeed kill the wicked. It should not be so strange master savagely, in addition to the heavy responsibility, but if he did not make a step out of the temple wall, when you have to move forward by a day just listen to the temple once discs are usually in a tree. Today The black is especially fierce oncoming brothers, disciples beforehand with acoustic tube, listen to them