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heart is also a move, a little thought, his face showing a trace of the mysterious smile. Although the magic power of the original Xie Zizhu very strong, but after the repair itself is low, can not play the magic power of the event, just to make such a movement, has long exceeded Xie Shichiku afford. So just as indifferent performance, but did not want to tell the actual situation Zhen Fang, a good next step calculation. If not she just accidentally inhaled the rich world of Reiki, magic wave body, so Zhen Fang this guy is very sensitive to the aura found all this time, I am afraid she will be intimidated. 'Reality really extraordinary.' Xie Zhen Fang Shichiku see is to see their actual situation, do not put off, the hand stretched it out, it took on a good healing panacea Fengyun, setting off a corner of the veil, revealing a white skin with the tip pointed chin, a panacea to send Pitt and mouth. Elegant and natural. Then, ignoring the crowd aside, no one else on the interest rate adjustment up good long while before they sighed together even DPRK Chen said: 'Thank you, thanks to real medicine.' Looked indifferent, as if nothing had happened. Let the hearts of everyone straight praise its good psychological quality, non-ordinary people can compare. Zhen Fang does not point out, just smiled and said:. '. I had a secular, recently do not know why, actually met countless fellow insight also increased a lot.' Xie Zizhu heard without blinking an eye, said: 'real merit greatness is rare today, and so I though the sub-Buddhist, but on merit, the reality for the world's first and so naturally I want more worship met. ' 'Oh!' Zhen Fang Yaran and laughed: 'merit is said, nada, though I did a few little things, you can get such a good thing, as long as the grateful visibleFriends interested, naturally available immeasurable merit. I do not know very rare merit. What's more, there is merit to this? Today, not Magic, ghosts do not now, although diabolism, but if not wicked, indeed Pindao not know what effect this zero surprised to see, can not help but ask: '? Who is she.' Liu fat little eyes were rolling, rushing said: 'The day little girl Joan - Luo Le, then the world's largest consortium consortium president Mike Le Luo - Luo Le granddaughter, 9-year-old super-genius IQ of more than 300 Legend is the core of who will end the extradition of research institutions, but I do not know for what reason, and finally out of the end extradition would ...... ' Du wind lightly: 'The Fat Man, you know a lot of things really, mind and great, you can make a good opponent Joan.' Liu fat bowing and said: 'hearsay, hearsay Du Daye Du Daye for a city that is composed of three ancient weapons command of .......' Du wind did not bother him, hold your breath, opened his eyes after a moment and said:. 'Four.' When Yang Yang zero conceal feelings of envy in the look of astonishment, this should be the ancient warrior class is said to reach more than seven days, as you can use the [listening] of the law, can sense the atmosphere around the ancient weapons within a few kilometers, indeed the world's three ancient weapons in the first, will be able to use this technique when the body has not been restored peak. Du wind surprised to see her, do not say anything. You can use the previous days, as he did listening skills class, but with today's physical condition is not entirely possible, only with their own gas, by [figurative] into a stream of electrons, and then the carrier into the city by Luo Feile network, and then get the desired information back to the body from the city network. Low levels of the ancient martial art, not necessarily to achieve this top BEO listen ancient martial art unique effect. The real ancient weapons, not solely rely on the power, the more important thing is to use force. Du wind again started the jeep, crazy speed Liu Yang zero fat and are sometimes too much, hit the seat pad. Speeding jeep with high strength resin produced tires in the desert grind stone crazy friction, exudes a strong smell burnt. The sun