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even get a superior perilous secret martial arts, it is difficult to discern which of the Secret, who then teach him martial arts fork? Is not the tomb of the man o. 'Even more surprising is that Look at this eccentric look and listen to his tone, he shipped monks have not seen, seems to have never ever been out of the island, then why is the sound of his accent but the northwest plateau of China? Jin Shiyi secretly look, I saw Lisheng Nan also staringThe odd, very odd look on his face. Jin Shiyi mind a move, asked: 'Katsuo, I remember you said that your home is like living in northern Shaanxi cynomorium mountain?' said: 'Yes, since Joe North sea to sea, my ancestors moved There, almost two hundred years, 'Jin Shiyi said:.' accent that seems your fellow geek, Shaanxi what other martial artists ' said:'? Yes, I did wonder Shaanxi Wu. but many famous school, but no one hit me, not to mention a comparable this Frankenstein. 'Jin Shiyi not explore why they come, the more puzzled mind. Suddenly the battle was 'when' is heard, somehow, Sharp Yi Shayan, subtraction monk Buddhist monk's staff suddenly gave that Frankenstein wins, the subtraction monk looking ashen, chatter frightened, withdrew from the outside Shuzhang. Frankenstein did not chase, Buddhist monk's staff will then dance a few times, and suddenly his hands at an end, the Buddhist monk's staff into a circle arrest, set in the arm, haha ​​laughed: '! Fun, fun' feverish child got new a toy-like. Jin Shiyi about the past, the fierce roar heard that Frankenstein, a rallying will fly out that brass ring, Cherry Hill suddenly sprang one person, Hengzhang blow, sending a strong howling brass ring, fall Under the valley! This person is Meng Shentong, he beat up downed Tonghuan, arms also give shook tingling, could not help but surprise, surprise, surprise in this island among pregnant as much a master of martial arts in excellent shape! That weirdo eyes doubled, pulls out a white Permeation eyes, Ce Zhaotou 'Well,' a cry, and said: '? You name Meng' Meng score a first come first served, so why do how snobbery, afraid I can not afford the money it tea??'Ren is Hualiyouhua, deliberately pick a quarrel.Pale man is the head of the fire was, heard him say, and my heart there was fire, then naturally a little on, I saw his face changed, press the edge of the table a child stood up.Dude is Gouzhangrenshi on the site who help children who, a stare and said: 'You speak so how the red, not mute child who knows you're here?''! Hurrah' Ren smiled and said: 'Gouzhangrenshi something I'd like to see who gives you the guts strong, hold the waist.' He stood up by the table.He stood up, the table was suddenly short of the half, nothing else, the whole table's four legs into the earth.Straight guys eyes, pale man that has straight eyes, children throughout the teahouse where people are Naoko eye.Hugh said, 'Zhangjiakou,' this place is to look dead, probably could not pick a few children have this hand Chun Kung Fu.This look stiff in there, but also the earthquake there.HUO Di Just look pale man stood up, a great war of the generous, now Jingmei dare move.Pale man did not move, there are a few folks ask guts?Ren spoke up: 'Man, give me a brew pot scented come.'Folks woke up shocked, sheepishly looked pale man, hesitated not daring to move.Pale face while white man, while blue, suddenly turned out OK, even on the table nor the cages.Ren smiled and said: 'Dude, tea go, no one to give you backing up.'Just listen to the counter that skinny old man shouted:. 'What kid has hair stood stunned, not quick to go to the Lord Tea'FolksQuickly promised soon, Batui back away.Ren smiled and sat down, and the fact that he was sitting down, but those patrons here, but one can not even stand up by one of the tea capital to go out, but a fraction of the time, leaving the teahouse children in a Ren people. But with the fact that he did not like to see.This time tea came four children, one after the first three, in front of one is a gigantic, thick eyebrows Hu Mu Han, a black silk gown pants, age countless charred pitting. Du wind looked up at the massive iron gate, eyes and seemed to be generally contain high temperature die off, the gates immediately split diagonally style, collapse, crashing down, stirring up dust from the upper left to the lower right corner of the day. Controllers saw the monster looked like the wind Du Du wind resurgence, glanced toward the monitor. His eyes seemed to contain eye knife head vector, image monitoring screen at once into a large black and white stripes. Then the screen enlivened fast electron flow, H slamming, and computer monitors connected to the entire explosion controllers ruptured metal hit fainted. Three consuls have all disappeared from the control room. Du wind and lack of progress constantly move forward, do not know when the city thrown a mist, hazy mist appeared three shadows, three city consuls together stand in front of him. Three three-star ancient weapons, and Capa is different, the three are to undergo formal training, deeply rooted ancient weapons. Du wind now has only two star gas, a star of the gap for some ancient weapons are concernedThe next day can be as deep, Du wind trio may have not looked down. Archon is called tiger Shouyi Zhao, the sky falling edged least half-ton hammer, just leaning on his shoulder, and even at the foot of solid bluestone are due to the weight of the hammer fragmentation into several valves. Du wind Mouzhong SG flash, the tiger has been somewhat a little interest. Ancient weapons, without exception, will use gas, most still more accustomed to using a fixed conveniently weapons. Is not easy to create a magic weapon, first search of rare material difficulties, followed by even find the material, heat a grown up enough, it could lead to material become scrap metal. Therefore, three-star and above ancient weapons, most of them will practice a rare ancient martial techniques, but rarely successful. That Yang had zero once cast, can gasify any object [figurative]. Advanced figurative figurative even bio, which