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Lu Ya aim to the one, snappily authentic: 'Come.' Lu Ya timidly walked over, Yang Ying Du loosen wind, and Lu Ya kept whispering, more down, said LuMore red in the face. The stars of heaven quietly changed Tianshu Star has quietly goes back to the top of the front two Tian Gangxing. Yang Ying and Du constantly whispering wind, Yang Ying whispered: 'What? You do.' Du cold wind slightly more awkward voice: 'I want to marry her you do not also want a child..' Yang Ying excitedly looking angry and said: '!!. I want a child, but do not want no woman comes to his own men give to others unless you are not allowed to marry her ......' Du wind could not resist: 'Unless what.' Yang Ying straight face and said: 'I have to light her a cheap account how the line, unless you go into the Mormon marry, marry a few more, anyway, I can not stay with you.' She suddenly realized his own slip of the tongue, and quickly corrected himself and said: '! I want to ask you is that you do nothing, what want to do.' Du wind did not seem to desire to fight, he lightly: 'I have put Liu days and pull out.' Yang Ying sighed and said: '!.. The cost you kill Yang zero she is a good girl I had wanted her to take care of you.' Du wind Moran said: 'I did not kill her, if she is dead, why are there two Tian Gangxing heaven!' Liu days and still leaned and looked at the human incarnation of the world tree of life, she suddenly stroking his chest, slowly floating to light glow from willow days and who, next to her body condense adult form, red red pupil. Valiant, Yang actually zero and from her body floating out, leaving the body in zero Yang, Liu days and turned it into a brunette Heitong appearance. Liu days and in addition to looking at the pupil color and hair color. Too many similarities with their Yang zero, involuntarily authentic: 'Who are you?' Young zero if not react, stroking his neck and arms, and soon was visibly pleased authentic: 'Independence Day, said to Yes, I am what I am not willow day zero.!' She stormed gently and there, I would like to go?'Yan Mufei shook his head and said: 'No, no thanks kindness.'Balao three cried: 'how to Zongduo not bother to sit?'Yan Mufei laughed lightly: 'Balao, how can you say this, a friend of many years, who who do not know what to Zongduo go, I somewhat inconvenient, but also afraid to have more minor?!'Balao three: 'They like how dare you?'Yan Mufei shook his head and said: 'Balao, this is not dare question!'Balao three: 'You know, before finally met, that they do not know what month will be able to renowned for you.'Yanmu Fei said: 'Balao, I know what you mean, I respect prepare future Shuijiu coarse meal, please go to Miaojiang linger a few days, to a day after day how drunk?'Balao three shocked and laughed, and said: 'Just waiting for you to say this it is good, you take your right other people I do not care!!I associate myself to that! ' smiled, turned to the side with the Mongolian flag four main hand and said: '! Gentlemen, will be short from long ......'Mongolian side and said: 'It think what can support?'Yanmu Fei said: 'In the future I Miaojiang waiting, do not let me wistfully!'Mongolian side laughed: 'No, you are ready leftover rice porridge residues, waiting begging Hanako home now!'Everyone laughed, laughter, and Wei Han British hero in congregation under escort, Xiangxie away!After a brief stay changgouyu, a carriage already ready, in sound and tears tells treasure, the Chi from the tenements door, the coachman is black.Hooves, car sound, gradually away and can not hear![Quan Shuwan]-------------------------------------------------- a trillion OCR old rain joint House and Xiaoxiang College serial: 21 Contents: 21 \\ 001 This is an early spring morning, warm glance thaw, the day was a little chill. Shangqinggong Zhenwu outside the hall to the five tourists extraordinary dress, originally shangqinggong Unlike most prevalent custom temples, tourists do not visit.But some innocent people, still attracted to shangqinggong magnificent building, unwittingly break the years, most of Off Mimi thought for a moment, just a sigh and asked the crowd: 'The? How do you fellow's opinion.'A middle-aged man said: 'In addition, we have no choice room, Zhongyuan non-life intrigue that we should, in addition to our pool Miller, no place to go!'Off the United States and the US DPRK Wu Yunshan said: 'how do you want us?'Wu Yunshan said: 'I do not know, you figure it out!'Off the United States and the United States said that although no further, but apparently accepted.Miss Tsering angrily: 'Yun Shan forget you are my daughter!!'Wu Yunshan pain authentic: '! Dad, I told you not to go against, just trying to help you!'Miss Tsering shouted angrily: 'You always told me mischief, dare to say to help me!' said: 'Yes! I'm only in this way can make you live longer, in indifferent to Zhongtian years, if you insist, paranoia rule the roost in the world, will eventually be killed, why you do come to their senses?'Miss Tsering loudly: 'I am not willing to quietly end, as long as there is breath in, I will never give up my great plan, you have the ability, though to take me to try any good!'Wu Yunshan painful sigh loudly toward Shushi Yuan said: 'Yu Xiang Gong, anyway, I beg you to forgive my father die!'Yu Shi Yuan laughed: 'Do not worry, I'm adhering to generous father taught Forgiveness of others, such as non-blue Meng got to be because of other reasons, I will not let Yu light to kill him, not to mention your father, also equal to my father, how could I make the kind of thing against Fallon! those men who your father, I do not want a witch hunt ...... 'Yuwen Qiong Yao smiled and said: 'That's one thing I did wrong!'Yu Shi Yuan asked: 'You did something wrong?'Yuwen Qiong Yao said: 'I killed Tu Moon, because I do not know herShushan a crowd one. You do not want me to work for you it royal? Yes, but this time I had the Royal enemy, you can not just not want to pay it! English pine reddish complexion, embarrassing glanced toward Lonely. Lonely no choice but to sigh:. 'This appears to be no blessing of Pindao