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poison hidden in his mouth and committed suicide, but I think he must be a man sent Zhu Di!'Huo Jin Yulong startled, and said, 'Thank you, but for you ......'Yan Mufei smiling, said: 'Do not mention it, is now regarded as a family on, your main door now?'Jin Yulong: 'The main door with them inside and outside waiting in a woods, so do not personally, it is a fear that they found, but unexpectedly they still ......'Shook his head slightly, and said: '! Amazing, it seems the main door to underestimate them.'Yanmu Fei said: 'Zhu Di, who is famous for many years of expert, one treacherous treacherous resourceful, should not be underestimated.Lord sent you to your door What mission? 'Jin Yulong said: 'is to let me come to you and report this in Wudang meet with them to do!'Yanmu Fei said: 'I did not feed wrong, Zhu Di aspects of your main door meet with people who are ......'Jin Yulong: 'It was judicially Guard command to land!'Yan Mufei was shocked, and said: 'how is judicially land?'Jin Yulong nodded and said: 'Yes, he is.'Yanmu Fei Mei Feng Wei Zhou, said: '? No one else yet.'Jin Yulong: 'The main gate alone with the land surface is rendered met once, and did not hear the door Lord said someone else!'Yanmu Fei said: 'They are wary enough land rendered how to say?'Jin Yulong said: 'did not say anything else, he just put your place to tell the two main door, so that the main door to come to kill you two.'Yanmu Fei said: 'That book Secrets of it?'Jin Yulong said: 'Listen to Miss rendered that things are in the future to give.'Yanmu Fei said: 'Here, they'd dare not to, and now I do not know in the end also´╗┐What people? 'Wei Han Ying said: 'It does not matter how long they can not hide!'Yanmu Fei said: 'It certainly is better now know their hiding place.'Eyes of a condensate, looking at Jin Yulong said: '? Your door insiders together yet.'Jin Yulong said: 'is in attendance, in addition to beryl, the whole can be said to come.'Yanmu Fei said: 'Beryl girl did not come?'Jin Yulong nodded and said: 'Yes, she was very the palace, so this - a machine can not give up what happens, I hope you can hold their own good and my words to here so far. Wudang restore its reputation matter, all your body up? 'Albatron silent after a while, my son bent worship worship, perseverance authentic. 'Disciples vowed to make every effort to live up to the prop master!'Albatron pace paused, finally looked a master, turned the valley next to the lush trees, and finally to entirely invisible.Because it has been classified as off-limits to the mountain, and the Wudang grew Albatron though, the situation this way but it is completely unknown.After Taniguchi turned, he only along a roadside weeds Man walking shin.From the master mouth, he only heard this place was closed to the centuries.From the front of the track as it seems, this situation is similar, long waist grass, trees multiplication, Snakes and Rats plate hole, already very desolate.But from the way trace disk split view, this forbidden - it can be said that the cemetery.How very particular about the year of construction, grass Zashu, there shiting with a lower pavilion pond, the water is dry, still strapped to the stone bridge above.He asked in the dark hearts of their own, they immediately find the answer for; is it! Year of people who, although as a resting place will be here by. But after he entered the valley, did not immediately dead body, so it was built under the pavilion round wins, but unfortunately his body after death, no one come here, this garden pavilion followed no shortage of abandoned, the impermanence of life is how ah!Because of his childhood on the mountain, living quiet monastic life, based on the life and death changes look very micro, emotion is also more sensitive to that.Sub tree brush grass, follow the road track, before finally reached a wall, the wall has a hole in the door, paint the wood rot down, dilapidated.There are two inscriptions on the portal: 'Hate Park'In addition, there is a remnant rotten wooden monument, but it is the current generation head Cai Wu future now amulet around the corner, and I still quasi-mentioned Taoist causal, to be considered together when it wants to. it touches my days of the South is not extinct, recently came here a lot of ants nonsense, I was doing a clean kill, I am afraid there is not really anything thereafter peaceful place, the mother was going to do a good morning. What's more, now Bong of land pressure Taoist Goddess Mother´╗┐Come! 'Printing a striking discovery means little beggar, can not help looking legislation change, especially Tan color space, he was a small beggar Xiaoduan a sword, then it seems that I still exist Koo, blurted shouted:' Great brothers, bag boy hands the 'residual Feng knife'! We Yun Zhang Li, weapons have to be careful. 'Bashan they hide a weapon with Quan Zhang can not help but laugh out loud with delight, his 'provision of day drill' the power of small weapons against the enemy, but the call Quanjin Zhang Feng is infinite mystery, because it is a special magic to break inside the home infuriating.Tu Shishan originally with the sword, heard like a startled sense. But his sheathed sword yet, little beggar has been drilled beside him as loach general, 'residual front knife' Mount tail, really like lightning sweep to him.Little beggar knife Qi Jing, skill actually very deep, it was big surprise for Tushi Shan, was hit by a sudden rush Chande, even dodge feel no way to get out. also to the side male guise, he sent Zhang Li side to help out, while the K-Swiss male said: '? Cover Brother, on top of the hill, I found you two the same door, why do not they shot down.' This is his matchless male temptations means, he is also secretly dewpoint tone.This side of the enemy to the other five, lost potential instant reverse, that giant iron horse power even more imposing, he has been forced by domestic net Quanjin retreated edge of the valley to go.Suddenly someone Menheng soon, we saw that a finger print vomited blood, hold hands and chest, trying desperately to Taniguchi dancing, chasing behind him Bashan!Valley