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between heaven and earth, many have also disappeared Xiongshou not a trace, as if already hide into the mountains in general. Only a few bare mountains, plains and hills, just as millions of years of sparsely populated, although at the moment all Luzhou North has returned to normal, but a short time. Sparsely populated situation is unlikely to change. But it is undeniable that, at the moment, as if a north all Luzhou yet a virgin field in general. Everywhere on the ground a good treasures, a variety of refining materials. Everywhere, now in Once upon, although extremely rich world of Reiki, Treasure many different grass, but can not withstand many monks consumption. Moreover, even with the environment, but they also need to grow grass Fruits vary quite a long time before they can. Well now, all Luzhou North has returned to normal, many days above the ground material to treasure finally picking up. Luzhou North club changedXintiandi news quickly spread throughout the land upon a time, many monks pleasantly surprised, rushed to the north all Luzhou. Perhaps the finest land occupied fairyland. Or removal of fine material to treasure, even millions of years to see it completely apart from the land. Is not able to Lingbao unearthed some of the finest, etc. With a variety of destinations upon a time the monks have to drive over the entire North Luzhou all filled with a frenetic atmosphere. Under the Nanshan, a young man looking cold, cold whole body surging, obviously not mess with a good role, looking at the sky or feijian various clouds, his face is full of color irony. Heart secretly sneer:.. 'These ants really like the Master said, more than greedy interests of the current, where would think there is anything different opinion Hongjun control Taiping Heaven has a long time, people did not even mind a little wary of this or, where there was fighting, in front of the fairyland, these so-called gentleman does not fight to the bitter pigs fly, you kill way more people filled the world of evil spirits, the more I