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Taoist leaf hint of trepidation. Mysterious Grand Master, who heard this, this feels different to the usual four at the moment. Smart Xian Qi whole body, a little fairy forehead light is extremely pure, and what not to restore the body. Although the body has been destroyed by these people, but their soul power of the stars of the year-round temperature is raised, do not know how many times strong. Even so just out of the Gods,But after a while, you can more naturally into the previous step. 'Enlightening Laoer, when you take away my twenty-four Dinghai beads, and I do not know when it can also ah?' Enlightening Taoist Zhaogong saw again, could not help old passions welling up all at once, While ignoring that Primus and Tongtianjiaozhu to brotherhood, bullying the weak and did not care, he just killed Xiao three sisters, but anyway, these people died, land of magic in front of the original owner still gave it also when the original Gods, Saints jointly promise to result. But the Buddha not only occupy EEP Zhaogong Dinghai beads, but it turned it into a 24 heavens, becoming one of thriving Buddhist magic. This cause and effect, but both sides are too deep knot. 'Lu pressure Taoist?' Joan Xiao sharp-eyed, all of a sudden I saw the side of the land pressure Taoist, could not help but scream, hands in the air Jinjiao scissors to sacrifice, could not resist going to cut it down. This murder but the first point, but it is also too sinister murder land pressure point, then when the Gods, land pressure Taoist order to live his own Shajie, the way to teach and explain human forged some good fortune, but it is chosen as Zhaogong make things, to make a late-bloomer in a camp established Qishan; build a camp. Tie a straw man; personal letter 'Zhaogong' words, the head of a lamp, a lamp with a single step. Gang fight since step, the book breaks mudra incineration, three times a day to bow. It can be considered a poor Zhaogong for Dingdingyouming Tai immortal, has aspirations to the realm of the Great Law. The heart kneeling king!'Words are said, he did not kneel.Suddenly a burst of sound is much racket rebuke came over, Yan Mufei hesitated stop, silk man suddenly shouted: '? What happened outside.'Just listen to someone outside Gong Sheng said: 'Intrinsic Long live the Lord, Wudang someone down, killing all the way to break down, and now fighting out with the Guard, the Guard can not stop him!'Yan Mufei heard that, rushed out sideways.His agility, such as electricity, and shortly had a big house, looked up, mind earthquake, Ji Gang, he was covered in blood, Hu Mu crimson, Chuang kill unarmed is everywhere, thousands of big guards with the Guard in besiege him, all the way looked on the ground in disorder, pour all the dead.He made an effort, steep Young Charlie shout: 'Stop!'This breathtaking shout loud thunder overawed Ji Gang, also overawed by all the big players in the guards and the Guard.Would not finish, Jigang startled and woke up, sideways and heavy fighting.Apparently, he has been in a coma sanity, who had fallen into a coma.Yan Mufei faster than him, put gas swept past.He did not stand, Ji Gang has been the Tigers rushed over, onlyHe hissed and shouted: 'The! Kill countless Gouzei, take life Come'Yan Mufei surprised, Chen Sheng shouted: 'Ji Gang, I ......'Ji Gang sad smile and said: 'Who is the same, always swallow a gang of thieves!' Young Zhangpi over.He said that when the world was the second players, Zhang Li naturally forceful rare horses, Yan Mufei do anything, only the very palm greeted.Slammed, Yan Mufei stature shaking, Ji Gang staggering retire, 'Huh?' Slamming straight crimson Hu Mu: 'Yan added so a thief when players ......'Yan Mufei urgent: 'Ji Gang, Yan Mufei you not recognize it?'Yan Mufei words like a pot of cold water, making Ji Gang startled, then Ningmu, and soon he was quick-witted shocked, hoarse voice said:'You ...... you are a prince?'Yan Mufei heart of a song, nodded and said: 'I, Ji Gang, what are you ......'Ji Gang portrait off the power, legs and soft, suddenly fell to his knees, saw they both fell to the ground, screaming loudly, once also fainted. Meng Shentong Qingqingyipai in her vest to their true power, to help her blood flow, and after a moment, Gu Zhihua leisurely awoke, Meng Shentong laugh:? 'Silly boy, father promise you, the reason you go back there anything They do not look dead? 'Gu Zhihua then just look, but see Feng, wing, Cheng Lin four, sprawled out on the ground, who have no blood inheritor, though somewhat less skill in the martial come to know is to build first-class level, but four of them were father with a heavy hole hidden way point, though unconscious, but life can anyway. Meng Shentong daughter down, smiled and said: 'Well, now we can talk about a good father and daughter both of you already know me and Tang Xiaolan things about the contest period, is not it.?' Gu Zhihua light, said: 'Yes . 'Meng Shentong said:' Well, you came now, butHelp them with your father against it? 'The questioning, I was asking you How about you!?' forced to eat her father, bursting into tears, for a long while and said: 'I, I did not want to see you, the senior sister apprentice to Cao ill, I came Shaolin's unfortunate, unfortunate ...... 'Meng Shentong said:' Unfortunately, the awful thing just happened to me, is not 'Gu Zhihua eyes suddenly issued a light of hope, said softly:'? havoc for the blessing, tied to an idea, if if you timely turn, listen to me, then I the most timely, but it is unfortunately the great fortune of 'Meng Shentong exhaled, gloomy face, like the sky after the storm, gradually cheerful, said:'! Well, despite the world people are against me, against me as long as you do not, then the line, when I'm out in Mang already asked you, now ask you once, I'm afraid this is also the last time, and you, ? You, you in the end I would be willing to recognize a father, 'Gu Zhihua raised his eyes, staring at its father, slowly said:' My answer is still the same as before, as long as you according to my three conditions, I am willing to serve You let you enjoy their later