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this is not a joke, I have to go soon San Ye'Chen Lao six his hand to him and said: 'You save Xie Hui save it, when every car on the road through San Ye personally checked the bike in front, after the car, but also the San Ye personally arranged the team There are cars van, San Ye would not know? 'Just listen behind a vigorous Huasheng interface, said: 'The youngest is right, I know.'Four people stood surprised, busy bend the salute, respectfully called out, 'San Ye.'Qing Qu hands behind standing in front of a man, a dust bowl, age about 50 years old, a form-fitting gown pants, waist bulging, behind there is a child carrying a brawny mouth sheath knife.Troops are tired enoughBut the spirit of this old Qing Qu unabated, beautiful eyes, in harmony with the solemn, faint kind of prestige breathtaking, shrewd face, to see that this is a pool of sophisticated, experienced both a blessing rich experience The old traveler.Just listen to him and said: 'Seven to one side of the child to the people to know, send me a greeting, asking me to take care of you, what do dumb mounted attack did not see, did not hear anything like, know what ? 'A few people wonder belly, but that I question, only respectfully should be a cry: 'Yes, San Ye, we understand.'Zhang Mei Qing Qu two old man move a little, and said: 'I tell you, before you hit the road to find people holding on to officials of the document uncle, to ask the stockade by car with the use, Grandpa can not promise to be honest uncle also dare not agree, by a happy coincidence we have to the north, the uncle ordered me to put on the car placed in convoy ...... 'paused and said:' The car is really a van, car prisoners they say are 'Desert Dragon Futian Hao' ...... ''Desert Dragon Futian Hao?' Blurted a few people cried, his face changed color. 'Softly.' Qing Qu old man scold: 'We know the 'Desert Dragon' is how the characters, but in the eyes, he was a lone Authoritative thief, numerous crimes, Wicked amnesty difficult, not to mention 'Desert Dragon' I is suffer little strong fluctuations, with brilliant colors of the devil, there are many people aspire to the magical presence Everything ............ everything is so let me have a strong throbbing! Now, all this even really realize it, and than I just want to be able to fly before the Sword of a class of people the illusion of more crazy, exciting ...... Way back, I do not know how to go, but since it has been done previously never even think of the Spanish King's thought, Well, let me will bring you some of my thoughts, unpredictable is good or bad, in short, it according to my ideas do what I do, and arbitrary, anyway, and then shameless point that heThe! 'Girl shook his head and said: 'Dad, you still listen to me, death by life, rich in the day ......'Yan Mufei speak Tantubusu she does not like maids class, she could not help to look at, it has found a Yan Mufei prosperous, he found the girl very thin eyebrows feel a faint hint of red, this red line is not in the skin, but rather is vaguely in the flesh, do not pay attention to see can not see it.His mind slightly startled, immediately said:. 'Chui girl, please answer me a question.'Busy girl said: 'Yantai Xia, please just contact us.'Yanmu Fei said: 'hard to say, the girl may have to Miaojiang been?'Sun Sen slightly hesitated, stunned, said: '? Yantai Xia words why not.'Yan Mufei shook his head and said: 'The elderly, please listen emerald girl talk!'Girl shook his head slightly, and said: 'No, Yantai Xia, I have not been Miaojiang.'Yanmu Fei said: 'Your father is where people with your mother?'The girl said: 'First Yan Xianci are Huayin local people.': 'The people who know the girl, who may have come from Miaojiang or Miaojiang's been?'Girl looked slightly startled, shook his head and said: '! No'Yanmu Fei Mei Feng Wei Zhou, shook his head and said: 'It is strange ......' said: 'The elderly Please look carefully, emerald girl's eyebrows What is the difference with ordinary people?'Girl is startled look, she wants to bow.Sun Sen busy: 'Girl, do not bow, let me see!'No