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places, or I can leave at the foot of this Mangshan, but I can not be a non-tube ! 'Jin Shiyi laughed:' Well, you take care of it, 'Tieguai waved, then strip it refers to the inter-Rod Lu Road phosphorus chest, Lu Road phosphorus imagine that he came so fast, taking the barely tolerable' Iron! Itabashi 'agility, waist bent backward, but to hear the' call 'is heard, the rod surface wind swept through, Jin Shiyi laughed:' Well, in Mangshan faction among the disciples, you also claim to be nice, but you do not use this trick 'Iron Itabashi' agility, agility iron Itabashi, although footwall firm rotation is not flexible, if I Bianzhao halfway, move on for the next, as long as Gently turn tail swept away, your head would not cracked it? 'Jin Shiyi mouth speaks refers plans, like a younger general lessons, but the end is not at hand to relax, to speak in this time, and Chung Show Wuding ball over several times in succession two insurance bills. Lu Tao phosphorus smell of urine was flushed, hands draped lute, Zheng Zheng, Zheng three difficult to pronounce, three Tougu Ding suddenly flying, his Tie Pipa abdominal hollow inside in possession of hidden weapon, but that one of the unique Father Cho weapons , greatly known in the political arena, Cao Kinji because after doing the head, that this possession shader ´╗┐Identity substandard faction leaders to her internal organs are increasingly polished, confident shaders do not need the help, therefore passed the stunt Young, Lu Road phosphorus worked hard on this for over ten years, has done note mysteries. At this time, however, he and Zhang Xu Jin Shiyi distance land, expect all the breaking of the reason, it works shaped arrangement of three Tougu Ding, Jin Shiyi three points to take acupuncture, Jin Shiyi of Tieguai have to cope Wu Zhong two sword, logically difficult to get away, we should not think of seeing that three Tougu Ding Jin Shiyi hit him, Jin Shiyi suddenly 'Pooh,' a cry, and that even his own lost three Tougu Ding down, Lu Road phosphorus baffling at first,