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fine blood into the system at a jade tablets, jade tablets if broken, then the corresponding Wang Yu Pai's sons perished insurance. Long Lonely Road of course understand the scene, then nodded. This approach has not only royal, that he also has Shushan, and more clever than the Royal, as some important disciples, not only can judge whether he is dead, but his body has a mysterious magic, killed in their instant, magic can reproduce killed The last one grabbing the scene, the enemy looks like, then Shushan division can finally mirrored doors, down the mountain to find the enemy. Wang Wei shook his head. England shook loose a deep sigh. Large population, to find an enemy in the sea, do not know how much trouble, not to mention that the king of the mountain but the family of children, their ability is not weak, with guard, to kill him, and probably the extraordinary ability, perhaps still behind there is a force, not weaker than the royal forces. 'Brother, Hill children killed in the hands of a thief, you can not leave ah?' Wang suddenly exclaimed. But his eyes glanced toward the Lonely Road. Eight family, although usually mutual cooperation, mutual affinity, but also wary of each other, fight each other, infighting among themselves, dare Getting the name of Wang's, still dare to start with, and certainly not ordinary people, and is not afraid of his royal power. King of the Three Realms suddenly the channel:. 'Brother, if we know that the mountain man child but the royal capital of the people, under the murderous dare, there are forces behind the inevitable, I Wang in the open, not be taken lightly,' said cast aMeans that before? ' said:!? 'People do not die you already have both human life, as well as what does not satisfy Miller and Tianchi Venerable Master, they would like to keep their day, I do not know if they have a much longer life But sooner or later they will still die, too much of your energy consumption, which is already the highest in three decades I have the ability to limit the reach of it! ' around the misty blue light gas, Lisheng Nan Lengyan to speak, an upload from the sword, piercing palm, they can not help a cold heart, Koki Liangbing sword that no damage. Lisheng Nan Liangbing sword-rattling will commence Long left hand, right hand cut cloud , the power of large, unmatched Bingchuantiannv holding a sword, but alsoDidi Tang back again and again through the day but could not help. Lisheng Nan overjoyed about Deus Ex, Tang sword suddenly after day one finger, drew a circular, sword, according to the Jian Shi, clearly it can be cut off, but somehow, not even bumped, says Fortune, moment, this sword also circle Bingchuantiannv arrival, she moves with her husband the same, but a positive and negative, two Jianguang one, once the Lisheng Nan around them. Don had been an angel out of the Tianshan sword of the most sophisticated 'big Sumeru sword style', this sword style, offensive and defensive, especially for self-defense, it is perfect, that is considered higher than his own martial arts hit a chip person can also be invincible. martial arts than Don slightly better by the day, and hold Liangbing sword, and if so alone, then, in about ten strokes may be turning around in the San Shizhao that it can be broken sword style go big Sumeru, in five within ten strokes, you can make Tang injured after day. But now more than a Bingchuantiannv, two couples at the same time using a large Sumeru sword style, with was wonderful cents Britain, so that, although Lisheng Nan Liangbing sword, not even turning around. Don couple days after two-pronged approach, forcing more and more tightly, Lisheng Nan secretly crying, mind:. 'World Heritage, etc., etc. I have to get anxious of course he will find here, but I do not listen to him, but also he set me free , what is the face 'critical occasion, coup suddenly Health, battle suddenly sold a flaw, Tang after day heart chuckle:.'? You lure the enemy, how to conceal get me off 'will be counted on the meter, bronze sword pull up a Jianhua, like the anti-rightist left, surely you know better than me!' Laojun to tap Yu Qing, was surprised to find the mysterious Grand Master came. After worshiping two saints, stand aside. Afraid to speak. Laojun from his arms to take a piece of Yufu, it is too pure rune, handed mysterious Grand Master, said:. '! Take this matter, Zhang Mei considered to be a person to it,' said the vision faint glanced Zhen Fang. Zhen Fang also taken from the arms of a lotus to precisely industryHL, also handed the mysterious Grand Master, said: 'there is a world to get into those, audible road a hundred years.' Then do not talk with Laojun, went out of the Eight Palace, under the Tianzhushan away . 'Teacher!' Mysterious Grand Master, although I do not know what is going to happen, but it does not feel faint, his face showing a hint of color. 'Big Red days will be closed for centuries. You and those disciples Tianzhu Mountain Road in Shushan have spent hundreds of years. Remember, not Tianzhushan hundred years, could protect unharmed, if out of the Tianzhu Mountain, death by life. 'Taishanglaojun faint told:' In the past they made their own fruit under sin, when he went to pay back, 'said a close eye on tightly, as if unwilling to see what the same. Grand Master Xuan moment, as if to understand what a big red rush days. Sure enough, after a moment. I saw around to a big red gray day, leaving only chaos raging Gang Feng. Do not see the original look like. Mysterious Grand Master sighed, quickly thirty-three days from the passage outside, slowly coming towards Shushan. Shushan above the hall, and numerous Jian Qi piercing out, even on the outside of two appearances are difficult to resist dust array Jian Qi shock to actually be able to see the outside between the occasional clouds blossoming. Since see below the mountains, tens of thousands of faces intense stare of Shushan disciples that huge mountain sword, his eyes showing a trace of excitement and color. Jian Shan mountain is known as the sword, it is because this store countless sword handle, but the