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MotokoHigh, although Houtu sanctification, but not a good look down upon him. Let us now turn to the government control of the town of Motoko, four games to teach only what happened afterwards, but from the soil behind the empress to the government, went towards thirty-three days outside days Zixiaogong from. To Houtu moment is magical, natural aware Zixiaogong lies. The chaos outside where Gangqi Zixiaogong ability Houtu empress how, within less than a moment to Zixiaogong. 'Sister, you have come.' Nvwaniangniang see below Earth Goddess arrival, his face showing a trace of joy. Although at the time of the Lich prehistoric, fight each other, but did not affect the friendship between the Goddess and the soil behind, while Nvwaniangniang since sanctification among saints, is but a woman, really boring, but the soil behind the empress very benevolent, and the usual witch family is different, therefore the two get along very well. Today Houtu sanctification Nvwaniangniang how not hi. 'Seen Goddess!' The rest of the saints have also salute, but quasi-mentioned Taoist very happy. That this is the soil behind the empress snow smart, sweeping the intrauterine one, only to find eight futon divided into two sides, and you just simply with Nvwaniangniang Xu Hua, suddenly sat together, only to find at the moment, between the faint, they have three clear stand opposite the door of the heart, could not help but smile a while. But soon calmed down, not to mention their own befriend and Nuwa, he can sanctification, is also inseparable from the West Second St. calculations. The door is not a good phase and three clear of the generation, where traces of the Lich year war, there are three clear Pangu doping, then three clear its stand on the side of Pangu, by its use, not as friendly terms with the Goddess , beating a aid. Under the thinking, but peace of mind down, see Hongjun before the arrival, also at ease sitting on the futon, feeling the change Zixiaogong Heaven inside. 'Meet the Teacher!' Suddenly within Zixiaogong a ancient times, but better than the outside of the deteriorating atmosphere so much better. Lianqi four treasures, laws have, to have, Choi has now only a companion. Among the quiet room, Zhen Fang mouth hint of a smile, is so YD. Darkness, spewing villa Hongwu, the Zhen Fang wrapped in them, as if, like dozens of giant cocoon, where the reality invisible, only to see the fog throughput, a call between a smoke, an majestic forces remain hidden. Transparent skylight above, through the glass Ruoyouruowu Zhou stars, fishes down. Gradually went into a fog. Today, air pollution, ecological degradation, Reiki thin, able to gather so many Reiki, on the one hand or poly cloud array power, on the other hand still on the terrain Qingliangshan an enormous advantage. 'Hey!' The fog, Zhen Fang opened his eye, and had a hint from the eyes flash red. 'I never thought in River City actually have such Yinxie breath, do not know what the origin.' A dodge, quiet room being has lost Zhen Fang figure. The mid-air, a white cloud line slowly. Jiang Tower is located in the southwest corner of River City, next to the Yangtze River, but the famous attractions of River City, where the river Night Moon. This tower Xing Ming Hongwu years, but according to legend the first Ming emperor dynasty home world stretches for countless years, decreed the construction of this tower to suppress Zhu Dragon. In the end reallyPhase if so, the age is far, can not test it. But Jiang Tower on the moon but is really a great pleasure. Above the clouds slowly to the river line tower, darkness, suddenly a cloud to show, in the end it is a very strange thing. But it also does not work well wonder Zhen Fang, Who he is just the beginning of Red Cloud, is only capable of controlling the clouds. Fortunately, the middle of the night, few people pay attention to the clouds of the sky. 'Pirates!' Mid-air, Zhen Fang Lengmang eyes exposed. Niwan a move, but it is taken out of the gourd. Lianqi person, could calm calm, temporary in Taishan without color, the last think twice!'Huang Yiren children woke up shocked, furious and shouted: '! Eight Samurai'Eight white robes Frankenstein wind to float, if all have ghosts, wind action, half a foot off the ground, without the slightest wind on earth surrounded Yanmu Fei.Yang Yan Mufei micro brow children, said: 'the main door.'Huang Yiren children thundered: 'You put 'Golden Gate' Zheru get enough, I do not listen!'Then down eight white robe Frankenstein Yang Zhang took the lead, stature did not move, Zhang Shi buoyant, sixteen A few inches long palm, Zhao Xiang Yan Mufei by four weeks.Silk head shot scared young men of color, articulate start a bit, it seems to say something, but he did not say. said: 'This is probably the Yunnan side 'Suits eight strange' that Megatron Yunnan side, who terrorized the Central Plains martial arts gall 'take proactive soul soul' palm front of me has long been known, but unfortunately missed always hit. Tonight I want to witness it in the end what is terrifying experience the place. 'He stood there not moving, I saw him Yimei slightly flared for a moment, a smile still on his face, then sixteen arms already stretched straight, but the soul still Yanmu Fei, who had not been seen waving.Just listen to a white robe Frankenstein exclaimed aloud: 'Great quiet magic!'Yanmu Fei said: 'Not bad eyesight, Yunnan side 'Suits eight strange' claim to know what the people!'Frankenstein white robes that were suddenly Li He: 'You try!'Then down, eight people stature Sharp was everywhere with the wind, Shafei stone walk, the momentum really amazing, then, that eight swerved in general, by the white lightning in all directions, with different tsunami grab them to the The Yanmu Fei. coldLoudly and said: 'I see you are eight, a mere heretical 'Mirage magic circle' blessing Naiwo heavy attention to his chest cavity?.'Stature spinner, I saw the silhouette flashing, instantly grabbing all, everything was still, when you look, negative hand standing in place, and that eight white robes standing around, dropped