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heinous crimes, it can also protect you die!'Zhuge side and said: 'Lord Chitose you see?' Road'I saw it, but that map and register it?'Zhuge Fang laughed: 'Chitose Lord, met with 'iron coupons' red book ', you also want to register with the map? 'Yang Yan Mufei eyebrows and said: 'Zhuge side, you dare cheat me!'Please Ge Fang Hey smiles: 'Yan Mufei you how Naiwo now?'Yanmu Fei said: 'Zhuge side, you think 'iron coupons' 'red book' can protect you die?'Zhuge side and said: 'Do not you think so?'Yanmu Fei said: 'Zhuge side, you want to worse.'Zhuge side smiled and asked: 'Is it?'Yanmu Fei said: 'You have to understand, 'iron coupons' red book' only off the crime, not the amulet, that the court would dare move you, but in the martial arts, and that this 'iron coupons 'red book' useless ! 'Zhuge square Hey laughed: 'You sir are 'Jinling Wang' nine thousand years.'Yanmu Fei said: 'One thing I'm afraid you do not know?'Zhuge side and said: 'What happened?'Yanmu Fei said: 'Early in the year, Dynasty has also commoner me!'Zhuge Fang shook his head and said: 'Yanmu Fei, Zhuge before I was not old child ......'Yanmu Fei said: 'You should know that it is located in Wells River Rouge Jinling Wang Jinling Palace, from completed until now there is no one lived?'Zhuge side face changed instantly not say a word.That is prosperous, he chuckled: '? Yanmu Fei, you loyal Dynasty, but also with the ShenDu Dynasty, I do not believe you will ignore Dan iron coupon book of Emperor Banci''! It is true that' said: 'I am just now in the lakes, I will never admit that Emperor's courtiers But I tell you, Luanchenzeizi, everyone was rather vocal, not to mention a mere Dan iron coupon book is. Dynasty is still, I will kill you, he can not stop me ...... 'Zhuge side, shaking his head and smiles: 'Yan Mufei, I do not believe it!'Yanmu Fei said: 'You look at yourself.'Lift Shouyi Zhao, bird cypress wooden cabinet upside down from the start, he heard: 'Your Majesty, forgive me!'Wrist pick up, cypress cypress wooden box with wooden iron coupon arts, not diverted else, next year I can not attend the General Assembly.'Everyone is silent for a while, Sha Hana Moran said: '? Who then after that for us to resist the invasion of outsiders do.'Kangsi Han Stern said: 'prairie people are brave soldiers, as long as we unite as one, who did not dare to infringe on us, we must remember the lessons of the past, is enough.'Sha Hana cried: 'I have one thing, asking everyone to justice, last night, my father was a whirlwind ranch patriarch Shahak sent to assassinate the tent ......'The brow Kangsi Han Yang said: 'There is such a thing?'However, the mere mention of Miss Tsering perverse, snapped: 'Nonsense, last night we held a banquet at the ranch ......' but calm authentic: 'I am responsible to resolve this matter, please immediately departed now, to Shule River, held a funeral for the two chiefs Sujia Samarkand and Shahak, I went to the ranch to the cyclone, is responsible for the murderer to find come out. 'Blue Meng sneered: 'Public mainly to the ranch to find the murderer?'Kangsi Han said: 'Do you think I can not do?' said: 'After the good, and so we were evacuated here, I went to the ranch, and I know you will be martial arts possessor of a large number of thugs, I do not want my people suffer unnecessary killing.'Blue DreamYelled the hardest one outlet after outlet of a curse, shame heart already ruined, second sentence, third sentence ...... followed forever, destroy method monks have done better from him this bad ,, two beloved disciples mouth curse out! Dai Qin Geng pure yells this meal, Mangshan sent the disciples heard, extremely happy, they curse out 'old Tulv' Mangshan faction disciples applaud loudly called 'Good!' Destroy a French monk sentence I heard the sound was audible, angry tough battle, Jin Shiyi hates, hates apprentice too disappointing. Kim Se QD Qianjiang, Geng pure pushed forward a few steps, palms according to their vests, let them destroy French monk toward the front, burst laughed: 'Well, well yelled happy scold, scold!! ! 'destroy Ying said: 'Really?'Yanmu Fei said: 'I fool you?'Wei Han Ying said: 'I can not get away, annoying me ...... you say, Mu Fei, if a son, what he called, if a daughter, she was known as what?'Yanmu Fei said: 'What do you think?'Wei Han Ying said: 'You are the child's father, which is a name for the children!'Yanmu Fei said: 'My child is not always a person.'Wei Han Ying said: 'This is the truth, the child's body has your blood, but also me, is your half, and also my half, the man at home will keep little child, so be it, if a daughter, she called the Little Britain? if a son? 'Yanmu Fei said: 'He called inheritance!''Yes!' Wei Han Ying said: 'Or do you play a good name, I inherited from the vulgar, I raised him tune and let him father's footsteps, I'll sensible from him that day, and told his father's life! As a vigorous, earth-shattering performance Xia, let him learn his father, as do a sky, the moon and the gas penetration odd man! 'This is the world's most pure love, the most touching love, at this moment, They are fun, but after that who knows how much joy hidden grief, how much bitterness, how much blood and tears! Yan Mufei silent, and did not speak.British light Hey Han Wei said: '? Mu Fei, how you do not speak.'Meal, then said: 'Mu Fei, what are you, good to tear out what?'Men do not cry easily, because not yet reached the sad! said: 'Nothing, Han Ying, I just feel a lot of it I'm not afraid to die, I do not know my life from a fear of the word, but I'm scared now, I fear death, a very, very weak, too timid tremble..'Wei Han Ying suddenly too silent for a long while before they listen to her slowly said: 'Mu Fei, do not think about, after all, is the fact that cold, take advantage of this limited time, let us rejoice, enjoy laughing now! 'Yanmu Fei said: 'Han Ying, I also want to like this ......'Wei Han Ying said: 'Then it dry out your cloudPride come! 'Yan Mufei smile: 'Han Ying, my chest pride is gone, no wonder people have been hundreds of martial arts sword, but his wife and children had once been