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humanity: 'You want to leave here?': 'The number of times your people, who can do nothing, I tell you the truth, he took me with Dynasty Emperor's Testament high, I can still kill you?!'Jinyi people suddenly shout: 'How dare you!'Yan Mufei lightly said: 'You can give it a try!'People look prosperous silk slow, said softly: '! Yanmu Fei, I think Miss rendered told you'Yanmu Fei said: 'what you mean?'Silk humanity: 'Do not meddle Zhu chores, I am willing to give her to you, you immediately is that when North Korea profited, wealth, what to what ......'Yanmu Fei said: 'You have to take into account seniority, which is tantamount to incest!'Young people a silk eyebrows, said: 'how to say?'Yanmu Fei said: 'I told the Emperor fraternizing, allowing stew he called me a t. 'Silk man Bao said: 'bold!'Wei suddenly a convergence state, said: '! Stew allow him, he really said you cry uncle.'Yanmu Fei said: 'Is it true that in the future you can ask him face to face!'Jinyi people Ningmu said: 'Who are you ...... do you?'Yan Mufei faint smile, said:. 'After too , put your seal Peking far, you probably do not know me but Taejo still conquer the world, you do not know that do not have a personal assistant, the rate of the world 's best martial arts heroes power, he still on Bowen and Da. really say it, the world of the Zhu is his. However, he served its purpose, ignoring that the passage of the yellow robe, then, Dynasty reward, a large group of letters Robinson, sealing him 'Jinling Wang' nine Chitose. These things do not seem to be I do not know! 'Jinyi people exclamation said: 'So to say, you, you are ......'Yanmu Fei said: 'Look how stew allowed to call me, you know you have a guard aunt, renowned for her future, you have a chance, we might then ask her!'Jinyi people Zhengzhu a long while before he heard a cry: '! T King'He wants to kneel, but he was blamed for the song of my eyes, stand up straight!Yanmu Fei said: 'You know it?'Silk disturbingly authentic: 'I do not know is t-king ......'Yanmu Fei said: 'Now you know?' it to come to the Father Tan, Tan Father got the wrong guy.'Tan Compass 'oh' sound: 'I got the wrong guy?'Mr Yam said: 'Yes, Father Tan got the wrong guy.'Compass Tan said: 'the fact that he knows who it is a masterpiece of it?'Mr Yam said: 'of course, know, or else I will come to see how Father Tan.'Compass Tan said: 'Well, Mr. became known, it is who did it?'Ren hesitated a moment and said:. 'Tan told Father is not what the words'Compass Tan smiled and said: 'Ren really conscientious, I told Luo brother's words are finished, but I want to stay more than sit Luo brother met ......'Instant look Luosan Ye, said: 'Luo brother, tonight I'm going to leave the team, let one in the public door, one in the political arena, is not easy to meet again, this trip is also a rare Luo brother you pay such a bloody Friends, we should be more talk is not it? ' said: 'Tan old put it, let this extraordinary friendship, the power of the human can climb on the top positions of the old Tan, also my good fortune three, I should talk to accompany Tan old . 'Wang Ren Tan Compass immediately turn, laughing: 'Look, Luo brother are reluctant to go, tan man with orange Luo brothers brother said to deontological pay, not much time to get along, but a see compatibility, deep friendship, count it is not an outsider, the fact that he has something, just say it is face to face. 'Mr Yam said: 'If so, then I'll say, Father Tan hold of that you have people who write.'Luosan Ye whom Yizheng.Tan Compass two eyes opened, and said: 'Could it mean that Shen Ren's daughter in broad.'Ren micro a nod, said: 'Yes, she is.'Tan Compass eyes a turn, said: 'This would really surprise me that, as far as I knowIn the wide-daughter nobody knows martial art, not martial arts, to say that she had not seen the evening happened ...... 'Ren smiled and said: 'Tan old man is wise at the moment, who would own such a thing to succeed, money talks, under the generous rewards the brave, she will not spend money to bribe someone for what she did! 'Tan Compass was shocked,