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girl get off it.'He turned in the car gently Qiaoliaoliangxia, said:. 'Yan girl, Mr. Tan Lao, you look down.'Car Yan girl whispered promised soon, opened hood drilled out, fluffy clouds, disheveled, pale, delicate and charming appearance, the fact that he held out a helping hand to get off the girl swallow.Yan girl head down, the fact that he stood cowering beside her even a rise have no courageTan Yan girl swept Compass cold one said: '! My brother sin a girl, I'll let him Peizui with the girl.'Meal, Chen Sheng said: '! Peizui to the girl.'That black man passing touch Jiaokuang brow color, promised soon, Chong Yan girl picked up his fists, and said:. 'Girl, I'm here with a crime.'Compass Tan Leng Heng cry: 'Give me back.'That black guy promised soon, has come to the Tan Compass him, he does not stand, Tan Compass reached an ear include child will have to play in his face, hit him back with several stagger.Just listen Compass Tan Leng Heng, said: 'disgrace, unpromising things that you have not seen a woman eight life yet?That black man dared even hum hum, a low head, back vertical swept away.Even with Compass Tan Yan Ren looked at the girl - eyes, raising his hand slightly directed Luosan Ye Yi Gong, said: 'Luosan Ye, giving you trouble, Tanmou people here Peizui of.'Busy To Dali speak Huangde Luosan Ye Tan Compass hand did not even let him up, and turned to go back.Luosan Ye pair of old eyes into two Hanmang fleeting, and soon also put on an expression of both embarrassed and awkward.Tan Compass which there is punishing its own people, is clearly embarrassed girl to swallow, which is a child too old to understand.Yan girl quickly sound live plants, collected tears, said: 'Thank you, Mr..' Head down, turning around.The fact that he holds her hand on the car, which seems to want to go back when Luosan Ye explain a few words, a few words of comfort, the fact that he probably did not see him after the Yan Fu girl on the train, they turned to board his move car.Enough of him uncomfortable.Next to the guard, who Fang glanced lightly pinch in the hands of the demon Kunpeng division. Looking no sorrow without joy. Do not see any change to the look. How can the enemy. If not Kunpeng year to blow. Red Cloud led to reincarnation. Afraid that they can not be there today to success. Three Realms aspirations soon peak. 'Yang asked. This person as you to mount it on!' Zhen Fang Yang asked a sweep. Readily draw a spell to come. Press only on the Roc head. Among the Roc moment no soul. Kun Peng Taoist seemed to feel that the soul was being detained. Heart was shocked. Could not help but scream and said:. '. Hongyun children who can be killed can not be humiliated you have the ability to kill the seat.' Kun Peng Zhen Fang will be lost and asked Yang. Said:. '.. Have this thing can help you out of six three disasters cause difficult achievement Gods' Yang asked took the hand. Although unknown to the meaning of his words Baifang Chen. But to have a means of thing. Is quite good ground. And this travel thing is then known to prehistoric demon army. How to keep the immortal joy. There is a tough thing to travel. When the war of the enemy. But there is another very powerful equal to assistants. There in time. These mounts can also be chemical control Mami. Help yourself to deal with rivals. Today, there are black bears good fortune sects longevity. Dragon tiger. WomanSilver Dragon baby there. Today, the addition of Yang Kunpeng asked again as a means of use. Land was turned into Mirs. Water was Kun. Speed ​​is also ranked first place in the Three Realms. Although Yang asked what the strength is not high. But at the moment. With a powerful ground mounts. Can be considered to make up the deficiency. 'Escorts Taoist came. Actually very valued Pindao ah!' Zhen Fang suddenly looked to the West. Fruit see up into numerous large between a golden slowly. Shows a kindly middle ground between Buddha faint. Sounded all the sufferings of color. It is around two young novices. Lord Buddha is not the paradise it is who. Among the saints. sent it faster, run faster, between blink, golden rain only shuttle has joined together, comfort each other, but it seems a couple, and it was only his wrestling stallion, then that only females. Jin Shiyi staring pair golden shuttle, beware of them suddenly counterattack, only to find that the a very strange phenomenon, I saw the bird females throat issued a 'gurgling sound one, huddled on the ground, suffering from a feverish illness like cold, whole body quiver, that Zhang Xiong arm holding it, with a warm body to give him a pair of three eye grabbing beast Jin Shiyi, it seems that they are afraid to attack them suddenly Jin Shiyi. Jin Shiyi Seeing this scene, shocked, trail: 'So it is being hurt by the Meng Shentong:' That golden shuttle although copper steel frame, invulnerabilityYou give up a hand stronghold, will everyone in danger, it's worth it? Now they are again the lineup! 'Yuwen Qiong Yao said: 'I was injured become disabled, it will become a burden!' Yuan smiled and said: '! No, wound poison has to do, then wrap a dressing, you can immediately battles, now we can not afford to lose you a master.'Then take out the bottle, putting her wound, and torn skirts, wrap ready, Qiong Yao Yuwen jumped into the rush to grab from the sword again! said: 'Miss Owen, you wait, too late now to go, they have to supplement a good archer, you could just have been very easy to get out!'Qiong Yao Yuwen front row to see the stone house close archer, a full fifty or sixty people as much as previously thought of fierce danger, if not help but slumped funeral. Wu Yunshan said: 'These people are not ordinary archer, all of them have been trained, strong five stone arch, ordinary people simply pull them, so can hurt you!'Yu Shi Yuan said: 'I have tried out just Ms Cheng Yong, if not radical, killed in the first row, second row wrapped, I can solve half, it would be too dangerous, just this thirty archer , all of us will be able to shoot on the spot, you figure still miss saved us! 'Owen Sound Qiong Yao Yi Tan Long, flowing