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Shentong is the first time ever encountered such a rival, once the heart of competitiveness Douqi mean something recurrence beat, shock collapse said: '? Outrageous, you told me to do,' Meng Shentong did not make a clear her face , only said she was so Shenzhan skill, of course, was a lady no doubt, but it is known that a middle-aged Mei Fu, also a knot in the two heads bow, slanting eyes Man, live show a mischievous look. Meng Shentong greatly surprising, but a little funny, trail: 'Although I put you scream old, but you pair of dress, but also middle-aged woman posing as girls, but also ridiculous borne.!' In fact, this woman age is not small, much older than she looks, but she has a strange temper, most people say that she does not like the elderly, the two played out the nature of love is decades as one day, many years as a mother people still like kids in general. Meng Shentong said:. 'Well, I called you a lady, you just Jun Qiao agility that I admire very Laomeng, specially coming to ask you again,' he quadrupled since the newspaper name, talking mouth Shao both laugh and a challenge, thought the other must be Songran moving, which seems to feed this middle-aged Mei Fu Meng Shentong he did not know what it is like, a big kind of nodded, then smiled and said: ' You admire me? ah, and you want to experience again, that's easy. You see clearly, is this agility. 'Meng Shentong breath to fight, I did not realize that the middle-aged Mei Fu stature flash, then strip between the already flyby of Shuzhang away. Meng Shentong cried: 'how do you want to escape it?' The woman, 'Hey,' a cry, and said:? 'How, you do not want to experience it my agility Ha, that you did not mean that you are going to fight ? Is not 'Meng Shentong ridiculous to her confused, had said:' Yes, I just want to askPoint her Achilles heel, not only can not kill her, but will increase her pain, call your people to give her a hammer and hit flesh, regardless, is the most straightforward way to die, or else you're cut off her head, she should that invincible, known hard-nosed shot relentless wind Du Independence Day. Indeed tears. Children do not cry easily. Ancient Warrior's still the best in the world so, but that moment, Independence Day Du wind really and actually tears. Du wind spoke, the sound is still so cruel: 'What else do you want to ask?' Xu Yuan bowed his head in silence, one by one picked up on the ground crushed shells, Du cold wind tunnel: '? These shells are armed grudge into the wreckage, but why did not dissipate into a physical presence.' Xu Yuan shook his head and said:. 'I do not know.' Du wind Leng Heng said:. 'It seems on the mysteries of the armed grudge, you still need to study a lot.' Xu Du wind looked far right hand, that which sealed his own novel infuriating, flashing eyes and said:. 'Cocoon magic, that's what you two years later to reproduce the secret' Du wind lightly: 'You do not win, I prepared the next time you might chance to win.'  said:? 'Hey Du wind Independence Day when people will say the words of compliment? Du deadpan wind tunnel:. 'Beat on the choice of dealing with suicide bombers blew opponents, or give him a little better dawn triumphantly' Xu Yuan could not help but laugh. Straight up from the ground and said: 'I lost.' Master duel outcome originally moment, even if re-call a promise away a chance to win, this is also a loser oral convinced. Du wind hands still closely linked to the promise of the new far-trained infuriating, Xu Yuan shook his head and said: 'You do not give it to me infuriating to be how I would begin the final plan.' Du wind body startled: 'The plan is the last person you are?' Xu Yuan sneered:. 'Of course, I was in the bottom of the lake, you should have sensed me angry.' Dufeng Li Li Han carved think at first saw the lake, sensed that as infuriating as gunpowder, and that wonderful sound Kaka pulling the trigger. That seems like a friend of their enemy to hate, and now think of it, it is indeed a tomb promise gun away. Xu stood up and patted the dust away and said:. 'I