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Independence Day Shendao cut slowly forward in the scabbard, each pulled out a point, Du feel the wind on the arm more than the weight of crushing. Even the use of small pubic Zhou evil spirits immediately generated pressure decomposition diversion away, every inch of musculoskeletal, or feel like being torn in general. If twenty years ago, infuriating many Du wind power even stronger than it is today, but it certainly can not draw his sword Charge state of the seabed. Tian Jie Du years old infuriating wind destroyed, but gave up his Sunday evil spirits, giving him a chance to break the cocoon rebirth, and constantly challenge themselves limit. He reckoned secretly in my heart at the time, there are about a few seconds, they will see that piece very familiar underwater grave knife. Luan Zhao Qian trio also followed down, forcing the trio Daomang residual water rush, temporarily unable to use the outlet. Young zero behind them dancing for a while, even a few mouthfuls of seawater irrigation Gugu Gu even, like a piece of stone sank, she is only landlubbers, there is not activity in the case of the water can not be luck. Six star Zhao Luan, who could not move yet it was forced Daomang, three-star Yang zero Where is Daomang opponent. Zhao Luan, who is simply a leg to stand, unable to save Yang Teng hand zero. Yang Shen Gululu zero like a stone over wind around Du Du wind vacated her Laozhu right one, then frowned. Young eyes lips were cracked zero out of the blood, apparently drank seawater containing Daomang and neifu was stabbed Daomang due. Du wind body on the air are collected in the 'third' type of Charge, would be unable to enter the Young zero infuriating the body, he pinch Young zero jaw, cold tunnel:. 'Mouth' Young zero obedient obediently opened his mouth, the heat wave suddenly rushed at her soft lips. Young zero body just felt a hot, hot feeling shy from a toe Zhitou ears, little heart thump thump wildly up, his hands but unable to limp down. Du wind is with his lips covered her lips. Her