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him one level, MO is my child being beaten you, they still have my bread, love new shoes, we graciously much better. 'Say, Fan autumn want longitudinal repeated since all the old man waving stopped eating, listening to children tauntingly heir himself, could not help but real angry, thundered:' Ru smelly children, dare presumptuous! I am not a meal you can not discipline. 'Having to go after kids go straight vertical tree is slippery, after a tree by a dodge, a vertical feet gently point, it fell in front of the old man, finger autumn Fan said:.' With people like you, you and I win nor honor, I do not and you general knowledge, you just want a good two dozen. ' Brisk action kids, young girl seen from afar, just a thin shadow, then popped into a tree after landing, the potential must quickly and did not see. Then before the stone falls, the young girl had only seen the child wearing a mask, is black, with his head did not pack, only to reveal a pair of bright eyes, the leisurely standing local, not the strong straight the enemy in the eye. They both know very much, it is also famous for decades Fan autumn of experts, although the old man who is also unknown, look at air, will be more than in autumn Fan, he was laughed at and calm, not looked down on the enemies. Because earlier tone, clearly had known himself loose after hiding for fear of suspicious disillusioned old man, jump delicate, specially designed for his own rescue from. Shun days of people have said that there is a fellow at Hyosung ambulance Shi Zhi Yao Min, nicknamed Hei Mole, the likelihood is he. He and the old man so wrapped servant, will be acting on instructions from Hyosung's own stand behind them. Positive self wondering, say late time, fast! Fan secondary and re-trace the autumn came, said he was still a child, and look comfortable, but also did not notice any physical reason. Fan autumn curse 'beast', just to hand out slips the old man stood up, staring from the two Harrier eye, one hand out of the way: '! Not your thing, you go to eat