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' When the Virgin Mary suddenly said no. Immortals heard surprised a moment, and asked Yang also let go of the prayer flag loose, slowly put down, but the look on his face ashen remains. 'No when senior sister apprentice.' Yellow fall, fruit see a vicious Taoist now looks out, not a dragon who is the first fairy. Immortals face a trace of doubt. That Qiu first glance the immortal fairy, one can not see the crowd when the Virgin Mary, the hearts of surprise, and quickly called out. 'Have come to speak!' Kongxuan mouth a hint of sneer. Zao Wou-ki, who resigned look on his face out of touch, but did not dare to go against Kongxuan De command, had ordered his soldiers to suffer exceedingly burial. Without seeing his face out of embarrassment when the Virgin's appearance, the sky, who also face some unnatural, Our Lady of Hope is livid. Well quite a while, when Notre Dame was no sigh: '?. Young magic strength, how it will kill a few soldiers let the good fortune were the division chart brothers do not like.' 'Senior sister apprentice, not that few mortals it? Brother just off the cage, and finally have this opportunity, to kill a few mortal what is the relationship.' Qiu Xian first his face changed, casually said. 'Is a mortal creature.' Sky fairy sneered. 'How, sky junior sister apprentice must speak out for those dozen souls?' Qiu first heard this fairy face while became pale, his eyes a hint fiercely, fiercely staring at the skySon. Where there was fighting, there are square cut to teach cents to North Korea, subglottic disciples naturally divided the various factions, there are differences in the door and the outside of the door. The sky is the outer door of the fairy leader sits three Xiandao. In fact, although it is on the outside door of the disciple, but was Tongtianjiaozhu exceedingly popular, and even gave all three realms of magic under the well-known treasures. How to make the cut to teach Immortals convinced. And is not a matter of long-standing. 'Shut up.' When the Virgin Mary without seeing material mind, suddenly emerged in front of a group of white shadow, Liangbing sword did not even know what to lived surge soft with just the force pulled her wrist like a general, Le was her aching jaws of death . It surprised no trivial matter, struggling waved swords, and quickly a 'chicken stand up,' Daozong out thirty feet away, only to hear the sound of rain over Chi Chi, two pieces of white cloth floating in the air, Lisheng Nan Ying Feng knew Just live with the sleeves of her sword Ying Feng frowned and said:. 'a little older, so cunning reason or another, if it was me, not afraid to give you stabbed two transparent hole! 'After days of Don shouted:' Mom, this Vamp vicious enough, you do not, and her polite. 'Ying Feng, although not injured, but her skill within the family for decades, trying flow Yunfei sleeves extremely effort, actually be able to put on the end of it out of so many powerful figures, really is Houshengkewei:' not underestimate the enemy, readily folded switchgrass Solidago leafy, shabu, on playing to the wrist! Lisheng Nan then already know that she is his wife Xiao Tang Ying Feng bar, mind though fear, but still relies on his own sword has two secretly thought:. 'They drive the couple and the eponymous Tang Xiaolan Guzhe identity, brokenTogether with the wife attack me, I have two swords, do not believe she's no match for a willow. 'I did not realize was his childhood Ying Feng Lan Tian Yi Shu Woman's true mass, such as this year nearly sixty, martial arts has reached a pinnacle of the environment, but also its sister non-comparable, a willow in her hands was better than any powerful weapons. watch for the positive, left Hengjian self-defense, cutting cloud sword flashed Yang empty right hand, facing the switchgrass would cut, but soon heard shabu, the back has a little, but her sword, but only hit two leaves on willow. Ying Feng can not help a cold heart, her this trick, had to fight in the jaws of death, Zhenfei her sword, but in the back of the hand, Also attached to the three