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saying that the presence of this array, you can cover your peak I, Emperor riding. Although this array yet it lacks many of the key things. But it is after all one of the four famous ancient prehistoric circle time. Camel lost also larger than the horse. In this day and age, the decline of a few hundred years later comprehension sector. Just moments of recovery, there areZhou stars who are familiar with the variation, between Conspire Who can be wiped out by order of the master of a virtual anti-cloth under three hundred fifty six stars 'star' ground. And Zhen Fang said good, it is only a modest words only. 'You are actually very powerful, evidently vote next fall on your door, the future will amplifier, so the master will feel at ease.' Ms Palace sighed, as if to put down any thoughts in general, and as if out of thin air add what thoughts in general, blurred eyes and look outside the car. Zhen Fang seeing, suddenly laughed: '? I said, ah, this bright autumn is my disciples, and you are a senior sister apprentice Germany next fall, this relationship between the two of us to count how ah' '? The two of us,' Ms Palace eyes wide open, suddenly reflect over, Fenlian shame the red, small fist could not knock over Zhen Fang chest, angry and said: 'What is the relationship between the two of us, ah, what is the relationship? are not. ' 'Oh! I know.' Zhen Fang could not help but cry often drag. Ms Palace could not help but stare Zhen Fang, Wink, reveals eternal style, intoxicated, addicted. Zhen Fang could not help but stare quite a while. 'That's good, after some time, you can go to find my Qingliangshan villa. If I do not, you can let the Secretary of snow mass Dharma practice.' Zhen Fang nodded. Palace Ms heard his face suddenly changed, but quickly recovered, just gently nodded. Kowloon car in the air across a streamer, two car is silent without a word, only various small to large living God riding the peak, but not have the secular world style, from the top of the window, watching the scenery of this extreme terror, the opponent is in the network of the birth of super-intelligent life forms - Zongda . Rules were formulated in the world up, all the infuriating and ancient martial art can be used as usual, but above the top of infuriating and ancient martial art, it is up to the development of the rules of the game were. With the special rules of the game, combined with infuriating and the ancient martial art, were up to the world to the ancient warrior who can not imagine a place for fighting. Zongda eventually extradited or downed Doom members, Zongda also became a member of the doomsday final extradition will help Yang Cheng-tao and Joan - Luo Feile perfected soaring base computer system. Luo Feile exhaled breath, worried authentic: 'But Zongda world is virtual, then I can provide support for you outside the network, now ......' At the time the case reachedTianchi contact Venerable Master Miller cast glances, immediately shut, no reason to tell meters.However, we have noticed, Yuan Yu Shi, who knew Miller Exalted not ready to say that there must be a reason not well known, naturally inconvenient questioning.Xuenv mouth quickly asked: '! Tianchi ...... Why are you hesitant to have anything to do not finish?'Miller ran slander Master laughed: 'It was a private reason!'Xuenv laughed: 'You little mischief, I do not know it looked bald old daughter was charged against Duron first favorite concubine, old bald child afraid family scandal ......!'Miller Master anxious blushed and said: 'This must be your Tianchi talkative, others will not know!!'Tianchi Venerable urgent: 'Bugger, I absolutely did not let a fart, most of my mouth tight, into the more out of less, snow lady, you are anybody actually?'Xuenv laughed: 'Old Baldy, you do not wronged Tianchi, he is the living dead, the secret in his stomach, than the frozen snow still tight, I was listening to Duron said!'Master Miller angrily: 'The old Duron actually told you these things?'Xuenv proudly said: 'There are a few men can keep a secret in front of my King, but also how the world who can not light a Fire Dragon Palace Sovereigns truth, do not you know, actually pretend that human practice. 'Zhen Fang Wen Introduction dumb smile. I did not expect this dandy Long touches the matter clearly see the dauphin. Figuring very smart. 'Baby girl, this child harm you are Bluebird shape millions of years. I can not say, extremely painful, how you want it?' Fang Chen faint. 'Take him into the horse, the horse will always do his disciples.' Baby girl without thinking said. 'Ah, so it was very good. Everything is to keep people line. Baby girl, although not yet repair my supernatural powers, but also kept in the dark in which one or two, yes. Yes, indeed, after to King. When will the master to take you to see your father.' Zhen Fang laughed. 'Well, that AO Guang met Pindao have to respectfully rows on a ceremony.' Zhen Fang sneered:. 'Since your home in order to curry favor with the saints would I then spent a few dragons to someone else to do the Kowloon incense chariot, Today, you give Pindao disciples to be leg muscles, but how. 'pick a gold did in the past, I saw Ao Bo issued a scream, the original person into a dragon, but slowly, eyes big bells among but it is a trace of panic color. Kun-yuan fairy king next to the two it is scared, with the hand, two more are afraid to look down upon Zhen Fang, but the East China Sea Dragon dauphin to be a matter of leg muscles, two or uneasy. Zhen Fang again and taking a piece of bronze dragon hanging on the neck of the baby girl and said: 'In the future, this guy do you place the leg muscles.' Bronze baby girl also knew that already contains its own secret method in which the other party once again I am afraid that even the soul can not hold. And many small Zhen Fang without looking around, it touches on the Kun-yuan fairy kingSaid: 'You'd better chance duo is also soar soaring on the island, if not I have personally come here, really do not know this humble Pindao also had to worry about the dowry problem, here, actually. laugh, his eyes did not hide his pride. Once upon a time, so watch myself have had the opposite Lonely live, but now it is a change of position, the other side is already jealous of himself. When the gate who was Zhen Fang Xing, really extraordinary. Qingcheng and befriend Zhen Fang, today finally got a great advantage. Lonely real coldness in the eyes flash, his face did not change color, just not as if xiyi real joke himself, smiled and said: 'Daoxiong, you stay in the palace for two years actually good comfortable, and can be hard I'll wait for the old guy. Pindao this but waited a good hard. ' Zhen Fang, who heard this, the hearts of surprised, but quickly react, comprehension sector is on a retreat for centuries, millennia is very normal. Themselves and others in the palace beheaded four hundred thousand soul of it spent a mere two years is normal. Present laughed: 'Daoxiong, what say?' Lonely Road wry smile on his face, the big witch Ying Zheng was born, three communities have joined demon witch, but the past two years. But did not see its movement and so say out. 'The mountains in one day, the world has been thousands of years.' Zhen Fang sighed. I did not expect since ancient prehistoric time, death is the enemy of the Lich tribes, and now actually joined together, the goal is clearly directed to the human right way. That Lonely Soke Zhen Fang looked a. Suddenly said: 'Daoxiong now is the angel realm, I do not know where there might induction Divine Dragon gas coming out.' See Zhen Fang look strange appearance, and quickly said: 'Upon my honor Daoxiong, two years ago, who Daoxiong When just entering the underground palace soon, Ying Zheng big witch is born then, but when I went to the Lishan, etc., northeast of Mukden Divine Dragon gas rising out there, but with the breeze Pindao long road, day and asked to see it go live , but did no avail.I would also like to take revenge for many years to find the enemy? 'Qi Gu Sheng said:' You have a very good foundation, there are all half enough to learn