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then took his own one, invited guest taste the food! Kangsi Han said: 'This thing is a good baby, but also to serve the physical beauty, just three years before a strong, young master mad, do not give me to eat before ......'Tianchi Holiness smiled and said: 'I'm not stingy, blame your bad luck, this pear seed three years before you came, did not catch the time, It looks just like a tomb dug deep magic people actually make the north, in the end what is backing! Absorb more intense feeling, A strong Aki already attend to think, only to the underlying strength of the body, including some of the essence of life gathered to his hands, facing behind Du Yang zero wind violently bombarded out, only seek hurry to get out! Dufeng Li engraved felt a cold breath extremely odd cold invade the body, through the Department of chi inside the vessel wall are birth to mold. This will certainly be dead air, practicing dead air, must have 365 days a year to hold the bodies buried in the ground to sleep in a coffin in order to put their gas, slowly transformed into the same qualities and dead air. This dead air cultivation of two star ancient weapons, than the average two-star on many ancient weapons stronger, and replaced with ordinary ancient weapons, might accidentally in the plot. Unfortunately, his opponent is Independence Day Du wind, wind Du body experienced a sharp knife in the [magic] infuriating grown cocoon, two stars of dead air, do not try to hurt a hair of Du wind. Du Fenggang think cooking the other side, they found the body quietly produced a mutation. Ancient Warrior's body structure is very special, in the long grown infuriating, some blood vessels and muscle layer is transformed into a dedicated channel infuriating. The rest of the blood vessels and muscle layer, then the average person usually goes. Du meridians and tendons wind infuriating channel all been destroyed years of tragedy, currently only make Du wind infuriating muscles and blood vessels through the ordinary run, infuriating utilization