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replied:'? sister, you have to look at, but I not a beggar. 'The woman heard again hesitated, staring Taohua Yan, like viewing Baili Chao identity. The results do not consciously shook his head, louder, and he pulled at the door of a broom fishing, shouted: 'The poor boy, you're not a beggar, I do not believe what you are distressed princes, you do not look at you? askew own wicked phase, hurry up, do not mess with his aging mother hands! 'The coldness, so the color destroyed Buddhist compassion. Color space sword pierced the space, a flash of brilliance. Stern clouded sky. Seems to be a general collapse. Everyone was surprised when it suddenly big bright sky, stinging eyes, a coldness fast if ponley, down from the highest heaven, like lightning, the DPRK car stabbed over. Zhen Fang suddenly a loud shout. Air fleet flashed brilliance. A golden firmly Dangdang parked on the side of Chen Ni Wan, a radius of about a few hundred feet in size. It is then a defensive treasure Kowloon East Huangtai car is too! Guanghua Road in Kowloon that split the car, I heard the rattle big ring, shook everyone made deaf ears, well over half the day before the reaction, but the poor that pull carts nine beast, bursts of whine, very sad, but had no alternative, just hope Zhen Fang than fighting this end as soon as possible. Do not ever know Dawson a chaotic, Great God Pan Gu epoch, broke open the chaos born of yin and yang, the five elements of yin and yang. The industry is innate Lingbao fire HL though, belong to the innate, is still among the five elements. He dove Mount and that treasure, but it is the West has achieved thirty thousand escorts Taoist heterodoxy, from Buddhism. It is based on thirty thousand heretical Chaos yin and yang of the road changes from which there is a supernatural, Huanzuo joy Dafa, but the art of yin and yang alike. This is the magic wand escorts Venerable thirty-three days outside collection yin and yang from refining was magic, and it could break through HL industry fire protection. 'Bang!' Zhen today still bristle gas, but his calculations of many today, who is still remembered today protagonist, although the anger on his face, but still DPRK Chen Jishou said:. 'Red Cloud Road, Friends of millions of years have not met, I do not know whether Ann!' The blood-red sea river of blood ancestors heard tempted face flushed, he had brain fever, is to grab the red clouds of obscurity Purple, even when the reincarnation of Red Cloud, also in Red Cloud to Fuchu whereabouts secret investigation, but unfortunately, David Jun Taoist shot, rivers of blood ancestors know where to Chad, after which the number of red clouds reincarnation world, without the slightest see rivers of blood ancestors discovered that he feels must be Hongjun shot, if not let go Hongjun, who can not know in the end Hongyun is where, under the mind, only secretly regret, should the Red Cloud had forged some cause and effect. Sure enough, now reincarnated as Zhen Fang Red Cloud, memory recovery, flew to find it afterwards. 'Oh, Daoxiong matter Pindao wrong, this section will cause rivers of blood when the future return, but today you and I should be united, and that the Son of Man Buddhist improper end, not only to the government accounted for thousands of years, it is to wantonly attack in Fuchu reincarnated soul, if so let it continues, even if the future sanctification Daoxiong, air transport for their wins. Daoxiong Tianzhushan good fortune were also replaced Buddhism. 'rivers of blood ancestors Although the hearts of anger, but soon calmed down, but compared to, although Zhen Fang forged a cause and effect, but nothing but a Lingbao, even home pay just a crime, but Buddhism is their scourge, If letting it sits on Yin, afraid DayAsura own congregation bound by its count them crossing into the West. 'Namo Amitabha! Pinseng met Red Cloud predecessors.' The monk was surprised to find a compassionate face on a red mud ball out, but it is an herb, do not know what kind of names, just know that the overwhelming surge of herbal , above herbs wondered, Bai Yingjie but Pakistan stood up, Jin Shiyi applied to a ceremony, said:' kindness without saying reported that there are little things we have to hurry to Beijing, do this too. 'The road hero being happy talk, is urging senior, helpless pain brothers stood up, suddenly shouted:' bad, bad, I'm not working for about two legs numb, has to lose control, and this how hurry? 'So he has not practiced since the' Shaoyang magic ', the body of the invasion by the chill of the air, can not be lifted, a long time, foot joints gave frozen stiff. Bai Yingjie going to help him, laughed Jin Shiyi : 'Rare together, why not talk for a moment, I have something to ask two Xiongtai want it! 'He took the right road hero, left hand holding Bai Yingjie, the two never expect to move nothing white road. The road hero suddenly feel like there is warmth in the body flows, Zhitou limbs, once felt very comfortable. Bai Yingjie would have feeling a little chill, the Jin Shiyi such a pull heat from his palm Zhitou go, this is a slight chill also immediately disappeared. Bai Yingjie is a martial arts expert, of course, know that this is Jin Shiyi with superior internal strength for him to disperse the chill of the air, had stopped, with Xie Jin Shiyi said: 'Thank you again patronizing sweet brother, what sweet brother want to know is what? 'Jin Shiyi said:' Will the two brethren, but you have been to the Xiangyang Valley home it? 'Bai Yingjie said:' Yes. 'Golden World Heritage said:' What can be seen for so junior sister apprentice? 'Bai Yingjie said:' What do you ask? 'Jin Shiyi said:' I have met with so junior sister apprentice, in Mangshan that meeting, he was Meng Shentong acupuncture points, then I do not know the whereabouts, I would like to inquire about her news. 'Bai Yingjie said:' No brother Logan linked to heart, that she though distress, kidnap rescue expert, had a uneventful. 'How he did not think that people who save dangerous condition, that is, across from him, and he spoke of the Jin Shiyi Jin Shiyi said:.' I would