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cried and said: '! Master difficult this Wudang Wal shatter so ......'Moran as one swing, a few seasoned people around him also look gray, young disciple, more crying uncontrollably.Shortly after, wiping away his tears suddenly bent marks, Chen Sheng Albatron said: '! Kids come with me!'Albatron Momin wonderful, stared with the bent behind, accompanied by three seasoned people, has been to go towards the mountain.Over the heavy courtyard; before until a valley mouth, Albatron Charan said: 'It is forbidden Master of the door, what you do with the disciples!?'As one of those few seasoned silent, awe toward Albatron knees, kneeling down Albatron anxious, anxious shouted: '!!? Master you Shishu What you have to do.'Zhuang Yan bent authentic: '! Freeze Wun you by our three worship, Wudang sword stone solution can reestablish all in one fell swoop it!..'Albatron dare negativism, unwittingly by the three worship, stood as one of awe, the Albatron body of a torn robes, his hair parted in turn, calm voice:! 'Yun From the moment you no longer be my disciple, is no longer Wudang disciples, but the concept of Wudang door open for you forever ...... 'Albatron great sense of apprehension, emergency channel: '!? Master's disciples did not make a big mistake, you go by how the disciples wall yet.'As one long sigh and said:! 'Albatron you grew up an orphan, IYamashita will hold you up the mountain, painstaking will you brought up, teach you the sword, but the entire Wudang you as heir, we belong mentoring friendship, love wins, and his son, how I would be willing to go out to you by wall too! This is a matter of last resort, because the entire Wudang catastrophe depend on you to save, so I hope you can accept what I mean ...... 'Albatron shook his head and said: '? Master, the disciples still do not understand ......'Bent pointing Taniguchi said: '! Albatron do not worry, after listening to my explanation, you will understand, you know why this place is listed as forbidden it?'------------- Scholarly sweep school: 21 \\ 002 earth' sounds like bells big Lu, resounded through the world, the entire prehistoric shock, to merit a huge golden thirty-three days from the outside from the sky, did not enter into Jiuding. But it is felt God Yu Wangwei Germany, especially lower immeasurable merit to protecting the human family. 'Master!' Ear has heard the voice of Han Jiao Zhi fairy. Zhen Fang nodded, suddenly a loud shout. Said:. 'Jiuding into rivers, Terran town forever,' but see the palace golden flash did not originally Jiuding has emerged at a statue to a large tripod, about Zhang Yu, if re-jin, forceful and heavy, noble and solemn , a bronze, printed on the moon and stars, beautiful mountain river, fish, birds, and so all-encompassing agriculture marry your samples, excluding nothing. 'Master, this tripod call what name? What for?' Han Chi fairy looked at the front of a large tripod, his eyes could not help but be shocked, in accordance with her vision, but also know a large tripod in front of a case but treasure. 'The mountains and rivers but Ding Ding, but yuwang with their gilded cast, to suppress air transport Divine things, but with the Divine Dragon complementary thing, there are no rivers Dragon, but no ping roots only, Dragon has no rivers, but backwater, nothing to color it. Originally, I do not know so I gathered later how the Divine Dragon, today I learned that this is the Dragon's mountains and rivers Ding collected with this tripod town Terran air transport, points in Kyushu, but it can be divided into equal Dragon countless, when when the change Chodo, run their own Dragon. 'Zhen Fang speech hint of excitement. 'Because I searched nine Divine Root, who unwittinglyA hint of Divine Dragon Air, it can feel the presence of these rivers have tripod, with its long gas for the lead, will have been born of the Divine Dragon gathered over these mountains and rivers Ding reunited, when Divine Dragon all collected, which rivers Ding will be re-divided into Divine Jiuding to shock Divine air transport, as long as future Yin Mei Jin Shiyi old crop, to changed casually behind him two, actually very fit his present state of mind, can not help a cold heart, thought:. 'If true overseas mountains, I'm afraid it harder to get rid of her.' But he was no longer the domain Rocker room, Jinbi him terribly upset, can only go along . Meng Shentong teamed together with the subtraction monks fighting Feng Lin, Fang since gained the upper hand, he heard footsteps coming too far, extremely fast, just the sound ear, looked up with, has emerged a shadow on the hillside. Meng Shentong a cold heart, thinking: 'Could that Jin Shiyi come?' Hastily reminder tight Zhang Li, at the loss infuriating, using a seventh heavy bursts of three to Feng Lin palm. Three out of the palm, like a turbulent waves, one pressing a call, Lin Feng Rao is exquisite skill, like exposure among Sage rapids, Zhang Li as he involuntarily turn a few circles. Subtraction monk saw take advantage of, and that is shouted, waving battle attack. Feng Lin angrily: 'You're not even dare to bully Tulv color me?' Take off his belt, the wind flick, once the subtraction monk Buddhist monk's staff restraints. Meng Shentong along palm shoot, hit her vest, Fenglin Song of the belt, secretly sent a movement, subtraction monks are forced to stick wins, suddenly lost focus, almost stumble, but fortunately he was not weak skills, a Buddhist monk's staff pick, jumped , this kind of disappeared Lin Feng Anjin, taking advantage of a trick, 'Yunlong three now,' Buddhist monk's staff call down. Feng Lin expeditiously without ethics agility in hairbreadth occasion, and then get out of the beat Meng Shentong, ribbons subtraction Zen monks have yet to unlock the battle. She was a turn, the ribbon pull, subtraction monk Buddhist monk's staff to drag her over the side, 'Yunlong three now,' this is a trick three martial, he just makes a style, the other two formulas is 'now' not out . At this time, Hyeonpung Taoist already arrived, haha ​​laughed: 'Lynn girl, it can also recognize the Road?' Lin Feng