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More importantly, the presence of the crowd, although some do not know. But let fear of the mysterious Grand Master of the people, a blessing is nameless person, their own and others clearly shallow knowledge and to, these people are truly supernatural person, weekdays are too lazy to call their own people whom this and other repair . 'Well. What do you do? Can you come here?' The mysterious Grand Master Zhang Mei cold glanced behind the crowd, each body Jian Qi sky, very sharp, as if how deeply the general's own Daoxing . Happens over face, are also haughty look, as if the boss day. His second child in general. There are several monks mixed up, his face looks like all his misfortune. Western hypocrisy and people like that. Shushan is man that taught Shushan, when there have been bald appear here. Mysterious Grand Master, who swept a land pressure, it can feel as if a trace of mouth to ridicule. As if to say you were not superior to teach it? The first three clear of Pangu Taishanglaojun not it? Hongjun Taoist disciple, and now there have been sects such things, it is the door Shushan in the end, or is it a Buddhist? Grand Master Xuan not is not known. Now is not the year to Shushan Shushan up. Among the three realms. Shushan very smelly reputation, if it is among the top faint. There is a saint in the patrol, probably already attracted three realms together a mighty offensive Shushan, where there are so arrogant look. The thought here, mysterious Grand Master, why did feel as if Taishanglaojun let yourself let go of Shushan, let their reasons for self-destruction. The so-called human actions can not. Laojun palm taught that, as long as the human race is not genocide, who teaches natural gas transportation is prosperous, even with a lot of Shushan can flourish, and that Zhang Mei if candid, naturally, will not kicking three realms glaring point. Imagine, if Laojun longEyebrow expelled taught portal, Shushan bound to suffer from a blow to the parties. That mysterious Grand Master Zhang Mei see not only failed his embarrassing. Legislator, both happy and angry with this person, you know what? ' He Yi side pressing, food and wine, casually replied:?.. 'I do not know how He was one thing to say to you tonight, tonight odd insufficient to pay off, did not go out, and I do not know in advance that you have to cope with One old friend not seen for years, this is a good read pro messenger came to me, do not want to come late January, children already recruited Jiangnv set today just finished marriage. He also regretted, already this heart Why lazy, until I heard from women at home to be moved to the job, A few months later, misuse this good marriage. Jiangnv though not bad, than he can see there are less people, but also said that since pulled down. He and I were originally private talk back, about to ask him to take a seat finished, Hu talk about the days when he went to dusk, and found the two black sheep in the mountain pass, remove the back cover body stone forest in food wine and meat eating, Kozo sneaky seems intent. He had seen Erzei, know the origins, to me this hidden for many years, I am afraid to seek what the hell I have also hidden from the physique, secretly check to listen. I discovered not for me, ginger also wash their hands at this, but under the care of the old Tulv designed for three people came to assassinate Mr. Yu. Tulv old wounds for being experts in the vital, escape far, knowing hard living, going to look for a cave to hide die, met Erzei. This guy in living this great age, only knew rival named Qian Peng, Kang, is five old door, the man with the internal strength to hurt him, who should have failed to see that. Having been injured, he asked Erzei to ask where Min messenger, go to assassinate, give head an embarrassment, and then look for his love Tusun wall, Snoop enemy name origins, invite experts revenge. Listen to old rival Erzei five sects, there Chouren Kang into account, the same boat, but would like to make Sun wall, take advantage of in the growth momentum, immediately answered. Bias