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a trace of emotion flatly: 'all dead.' Girls aloud and said: 'My grandfather it?' 'Dead.' The girl was silent, tentatively asked: 'Yang Ying ......' Du wind terrible eyes burst out of the light, the girls quickly change the subject and said:. 'Then on behalf of their plan failed, and now alive only me and you can continue to perform in accordance with the principles of soaring plan living now execute my plan, or execute your project? ' Ghost girl faint sigh: 'Well, then I fully cooperate with you, and now you have what it takes?' Du wind did not speak up on the screen a pair of electronic map, there is a large red dot on the northeast corner of shine, on behalf of the city is quite prosperous oasis. Luo Feile consortium year all around the city has been transformed, every city is loaded with electronic systems consortium hub connections, this aircraft is Luo Feile consortium produced a new type of computer, nature can easily be found in other cities Location. Mrs Jane choke wind tunnel: 'I want the occupation of the city as a base for supplies, take the opportunity to arrange my people Luo Feile, when we approach the oasis city, kill all of them operate weapons systems.' Du wind coldly: '? Luo Feile, which I did not want to try to recover the body, can be traced to gas network you do.' Ghost girl spit tongue:. 'Do not abort their weapons systems is no problem, but to remind you that I was able to operate only in the loaded weapon system 20 years ago, if they are within 20 years of the electronic system has been modified adding a new weapon, is not within the purview of my execution. ' Du wind lightly: 'That's it.' Girl sent a heavy sigh: 'Facts have proved that the extradition would end with nothing to do, as usual Armageddon happens, I choose their own way to survive is correct Du wind, in order to celebrate us.Reunion, give me a kiss it. ' Snapped, Du wind mercilessly turned off the boot device, girlish figure disappeared in the darkness, turn on the car roof, surrounded by bright resumed. Young channel. That is the arrow Happening. Happening Arrow has reached the general's chest, general body shocked,And arctic breath while two kinds of penetration of the body. Arrow is on the hot bite of millions of warrior blood, cold gotta be like that of the polar ice murderous. General violently stomping feet into the ground, issued numerous magnetic flow on the body. Who is super powers and ancient weapons and one of the generals, using their own unique ancient martial art, 'earth', the integration of the body and the earth magnetic force. 'Boo' to cry, Happening arrow effortlessly cut the general's chest, stopping after three inches deep. Bolt can break open days, after lifting the earth does not open the entire road. General Tiago big mouth spray of blood, at the expense of his own injuries, it only took the Guang stone. Du face the wind, such as iron, extradition will be the ability of the most mysterious people, that is the general Tiago, who can be a stone's throw defeated generals, the strength of the terror to how exactly the point. Liu Ji day but laugh to cry and said:. 'Lee actually be able to take over half of arrows, extradition will be some really powerful.' General body shocked and said: 'Half Arrow?' Guang hand still resting on the bow, he pulled the bow wave, issued as the Dragons Earthquake. General feeling of the body only with arrows embedded hot up again, as if to immediately out through the body, from the swish of his body can no longer withstand the pressure and countless Xuezhu piercing out. In general the surface of the blood coagulation up miraculously, the spread has become a sticky film of blood, blood film constantly live out Xuepao stop the forward direction arrows. Vampire king of D + = current sharp bumps, they still can not actually force Dangxia Guang arrows. Xu Yuan also swept over, cold tunnel: 'General, hold back.' His hands appeared edged giant rifle, aimed at the general boom bulge back to that shot. Under the impact of armed vindictiveness, was finally to go down the mountain. smiled toward Guro shangqinggong hosted with one hand, and said: 'two, See you later!'Turned down free and easy to follow.Under the Shangqing Palace, in that behind guards asked: 'Yongle really come?'Ceremonial Dress Xuanshen that guards, said: 'Who do you say?'Yanmu Fei said: 'I said Zhu Di.'That Jingnu guards said: 'How dare you address him host?'Yanmu Fei said: 'I call him is considered polite.'It guards shoved a nod, said: '! Well, surnamed Yan, to the foot of the mountain to say'Yanmu Fei said: 'I ask you, he is not really coming?'That guards said: 'When the mountain, you see.'Yanmu Fei said: 'I ask you, I want to know!'That was not hard enough guards fooling people, said: 'Come.'Yanmu Fei said: 'I come?'That guards said: 'Nature is really coming!'Yanmu Fei said: 'That's good, I wanted to meet him.'That guards said: 'I'm afraid you ......' slips shut up without saying.Yanmu Fei said: 'I'm afraid I do?'That guards said: 'Nothing!'Yanmu Fei indifferent smile, said: 'I'm afraid I see him, is not it?'That startled guards stature, did not say alive.Yanmu Fei said: 'I can see him, you see, I see who blocked lives!'That still did not speak to the guards.Downhill fast, did not take long to Wudang Mountain. Yan Mufei looked up and swept away, immediately laughed: '! Yongle stingy enough, not only did the car, even the horse did not.'That guards said: 'can walk to see win, has been very good!'Yanmu Fei said: 'Zhu Di him underestimate people, do not blame people underestimate him!'That guards did not speak, went straight to the grass with Yanmu Fei Dian.Wudang shop but two or three years away from the grass, where consumer moment? Shortly after, under that guards leading into the grass Town.At this time the grass has been stationed on the heavily Zhen, Buyi Kong, ten steps a whistle, all players Guard, during which also mingled with big guards.When they saw that the guards took Yan Mufei into the town, Jujie hesitated, surprised table together. This time the street came a man dressed guards,