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secretly set up a few away from home, as soon as the enemy harm. Mother knows fear alive, there is the foster son of family friends would not say. Newsletter from rushing dead, mother and daughter are not all the side, but no way self-awareness. Tao Shishu both from the days of old folk mouth door detect the truth, not the false self, this came, day and night in the arms of two thoughts at the same time to do so with outstanding, truly overjoyed? Etc. Hyosung finish, immediately thanked him swear.  ugly child with call came, ugly child is beside Fazheng, heard crashed approached and said: '?? Master, you do not say my father was killed in what how old thief Oh Sang is the son of Jiang's family too.' Taoyuan Yao laughed: 'I recently found out was the bottom line, this wanted summoned his sisters, opposite say so, just your sister to come here, things have been agreed, I would not have you goodbye is also the biological father of the enemy killed. However, non-Oh Sang, and another one, because you are too violent temperament, learning support is still poor, can not say so at this time. Your mother is due to a refuge hidden percent refers to the surname Jiang, surnamed Jiang from you with good. I think the beginning close to you, in only four years old, is being naughty, I love you, qualifications, taken Huangshan, ask your name, that is called ugly children, often living in the mountains, was not named, by now I cried. do a few years, you then coming out with your sister with the newspaper Fu Chou. And you that Dimu sick, then continue to peek percent female, between Huangshan, Yongkang two places, it is inevitable but not an outsider, still listening to the indecent use name, and now thanks you a single name, called Jiang Ming. Among them there was little intention, I will not speak of it. As for you that before birth, can be home with your sister to ask Lan Zhen Yu, as she wound up young, not fully aware of , home to the remains of three days door to her home an old servant, went to a different day and asked, Buddha-body cast, although there tricks too, but better than they must pass numerous tests to be faster than tragedy. At least there is something to look forward. 'Daoyou why envy of others, Each have their own so-called edge method, fellow Friends edge method of natural Wealth. 'Merciful and the truth looking, skinny face actually emerged while soft light, could not help but feel the hearts of a peaceful, while longing for Western Buddhist Dharma really extraordinary, no wonder many people are put into a Buddhist sects. 'Today was a real good fortune destiny, royal treasure has gathered two, presumably the rest soon gathered a few of you Daoxiong the edge method to naturally.' Truth slowly but soft voice, nor He knows the magic of profound, or Buddhism Dafa really powerful, people also have nodded. 'Master, why come today?' Yu Xu Xi Yi live in the end the tradition of saints Dafa, the repair itself is anti imaginary period, unlike the others, under the influence of truth Dharma, directly asked one. Cankuicankui, Kun-yuan fairy king, who face slightly red, if not just a real person suddenly xiyi speak. Afraid that they really fall into the truth of being affected. Kun-yuan fairy king and trees although an anti imaginary demon of the master, but it is heterogeneous enlightenment, with the practice of Dharma is different Buddhist Dharma most of these places are prepared for heterogeneous, on the inherent restraint Many will naturally affected by the Buddhist Dharma. The idle Li, who though but Shushan sects, but the other end of the repair is far more shallow, nature is lost. The site among xiyi the strength of anti-false unaffected, there is merit Zhen Fang gold cover your soul. Naturally not be affected. 'I do not deserve such praise masters.' Zhen Fang Jishou said:. 'Master meritorious, the future Buddha must Pindao mere immortal achievements, where comparable moral high master Long.' 'Buddhism boundless, much more enlightened monk but nothing more. Where meritorious than the reality.' Physiognomy not know the owner might come Conscience and no servant should not use force, you see the other old, fear without a fight, hands only a 23 percent power. The old man did not fall over proposed also Dietui side, who knows the hand to the old man who, in an iron pillar Jingsi pushed up, the slightestCheap labor, with labor or begging self-sufficiency, which we are proud, and now I have nothing to lead them face! 'Wu Yunshan laughed: 'We do not want to marry you now, so you out of the arena and out of the head of the identity, and then on the marriage too late, as the total does not hinder you!'Yu Shi Yuan said: 'green damask them, or think of a way to marry early removal is good, I'm not a womanizer, my door so the wind will not allow me ......'Wu Yunshan laughed: 'Well, if there is an appropriate opportunity for the object that I can think of a way, but they also have to be willing to, otherwise I have no way!'Yu Shi Yuan said: 'You are willing to help if they are not unwilling!'Wu Yunshan said: 'What is this nonsense ......'Yu Shi Yuan said: 'I think you have plenty of ways as you like Qiong Yao Yuwen mercy!' said: 'Dear husband, your statement is too far, Qiong Yao Yuwen hearts if not, then I have great skill, we are unable to call her to undress and hold together with you, of course, you must not be that the four girls I can send them out, but means I use, you can not allow criticism! 'Yu Shi Yuan Yi Zheng said: 'You can not whole they must be in accord with nature!'Wu Yunshan laughed: 'If we can accord with nature, I do not have to use the tools they have failed to keep up, do not look at these four girls, in addition to Qiong Yao Yuwen, the ordinary women can match them there are a few, all men there are several energy in their eyes, I see you are still my side good, I do not want to put them away! ' yuan sigh, silent and go, Wu Yunshan catch up and said: '! Dear husband, that thing in addition to the three of us, even the green damask they do not know, you should never prudent behavior, do not call too