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Du Feng a stand, willZero asked in the above, while the left hand twisted lived find bad people want to escape transparent. Transparent people struggling, his body does not like the water is generally a constant shape, reasonably should wind from Du sutural slip finger. But Du wind fingers, as if by magic applied what, even invisible without a trace of water can also be twisted to live. Du wind wrist a show, people will be transparent in his body below the pad. All things, there is no big hands wrapped around abandoned child could not catch something. Transparent people have not had time to make a second reaction, a roar, sparking countless stones, the body like the impact of three small bombs as abruptly on the lake bed punched a few tens of meters in diameter pit. Daoqi blanking lake bridge up again. Young zero first bounced up. Du wind she asked in a top, she suffered the impact is almost zero. Transparent see people on the side, Yang zero instinctively picked up a stone to go to the other hit. She did not expect to be able to hurt the other side of this rock, under a transparent person can be a hit, crying loudly, left shoulder smashed by stones alive. Young zero can not help but step back, smashed the body is not flesh and blood spilled, but like jade pieces like residue. Du wind has got up from the ground, a few hundred meters altitude impact of falling is not a joke, his body almost smashed into gas closed state, systemic small pubic looming. Pad at the bottom is the most miserable transparent, just moving his lips together just is speechless. The body is no longer really seems like magic water form, and shape into a fragile entity. Du wind beat up by the enemy chest, transparency was beaten into a bunch of people instantly residue. Du wind leaving the spotlight on something that he is not simply to destroy this beat enemies, but also to open the monument with a hand peel texture opponent's body to see what the enemy is composed in the end. Gently water turbulence transparent person's body repeatedly said that if he violated life, he was dead, then you want to set. Was free from trouble, really hairbreadth, exceedingly chilling did not mention. Hidden give Di Jun escape by using soft qigong while, faded blue marks, and no longer smudged. Hidden monarch made him go to bed, since the generation of money should Taibo a hexagram. COFCO floor were all prepared meat Gastropub, Su went to cooking breakfast. After the rice is done, starting from the mother returned Shen Lin, Di escape also self up, we meet . Q You Jia way and was listening go, then come along, coincided Jinjian out, he Shoufu go, is also unknown. Now all the believers already owned to severance, Cao Bao insisted only go hand in hand, refuses to break up, now nursing Juankou in future treatment. You Jia corpse, also read in a mentoring, local burial. Special to return the parcel and please advice astray. Hidden Jun pay him a Jiantie, ordered his future open look, with authentic cave ask. Money should Tai said: 'I am also known to this party. Weekdays possession of gold resources, has already delivered to most of last night is dispersed, the holes stored million gold down there. This total is three tunnels, one inside the original did not. Last year, all of a sudden subsidence, first with a stone cover, gradually piled up a rockery. According to my observation, there are road leads to fear the distance, never find it. 'Hidden monarch would make him go on pointing fruit found in the cave where many Secret, will remove all the gold hidden king made him free to take to carry, and the money should be taken away clothing remains Thailand said:.' My whole family at this time, but forty-five people, many riches, and the second food and clothing as possible, to take on more useless. Xiao veteran took the trouble to charity, it diminished the sins of my life. 'Hidden monarch does not take a thing to see him, to know he was embarrassed, the money will no longer be forced to ask some Thai earnest words, hidden king said:.' Qian brother small setback