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tunnel: '? You are God.' Li Tuo grinning: 'Yes, I am God!' Du cold wind tunnel: 'We just brought down a hundred times stronger than your God, and we will suffer if he is not, you have the opportunity in front of us self-proclaimed God?' His voice was plenty of gas, nothing like the walls were just in the law itself bite force hundreds appearance, Li Tuo a cold heart, Du wind has raised his arm up, arms exhibit numerous faint flowing black needle, cut Shendao just against sunlight, the light shining eyes Rio Lee lived. Li Tuo aghast and said: 'Your hands active?' Du cold wind tunnel: 'Your eyes and ears will not work, it really is genuine blind god, you can also add a deaf god!' No one noticed, Tang love flute and piano has quietly changed, is no longer play the Requiem. Du hundreds of wind that under the impact, not from helpless anger. He is going to hit the rhythm to guide Tang love flute changed. Play the flute and piano music impassioned, like Pentium Sabaoth on the boundless wilderness, cavalry line at all stop by key return to dust. Hu Eighteen Beats! Du body shower of blood swirling wind horrors, is entirely made out of his intentionally deceive Lee Billiton, piano flute wonderful power, wind is an endless stream of inhaled DU has become its own, such as flood - Potential. Independence Day face full of proud color, snapped: '! Fortune anything past two decades, I hesitate to bet on their lives, is to defeat the general scum like you God.' Only a moment, Lee Billiton made an accurate judgment. This knife, even God, will be a clean break! Extension Jitui withdraw his speed even faster than anxious Chung Dao Guang, a clean break moment control. Yoo Ji-day teeth, pulled out a knife inserted in the leg, pain screams loudly, delicate little princess after all, not ancient weapons, unable to bear the pain of the body. Her right hand by a green data stream of a suddenFlash light, Liu Ji day aghast and said: '? Zongda' Bouncing right hand slightly, as if to give Yoo Ji-day secret language,