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also intact. Liu et al fat after collecting enough fresh water and food, Du quickly around to the side of the wind. Noise and music played, fortunately survived the students in the spacious cabin, opened a dance hallDu wind and other four did not participate naturally, still stay on the deck. Clock has been twelve, Yang began eyelids zero constantly sinking, bang, she unknowingly sleep in the past, his forehead hit the guardrail on the deck from a large package. Young zero desperately rubbing his forehead, Du wind lightly: 'You can sleep for entrance.' Young entrance to zero suddenly heard a tremble, shaking his head desperately refused. Liu fat and blood family is dead teenagers are afraid to leave, and the hall is the cabin that batch of trainees compared to debauchery, they really seem overly cautious. Appropriate care is the source of life insurance. Du wind looked up to heaven, the great ship was traveling along the direction of the Big Dipper to go all the way north, the route looks smooth, arrived in New York only a matter of time. That just made it very desolate branching off the Big Dipper. Big Dipper in ancient Egyptian mythology, representing the Death Star. Egyptian pyramid tomb, all vents and are moving through to the direction of the Big Dipper, is meant to lead the dead pharaoh's soul, thus leading to the deceased to heaven. This ship is also leading to the dead to heaven. Liu et al fat fear not groundless, to follow in Du wind around without a weak, but one of the features is a good straight strong sense and judgment. Those crazy shouting at every turn, it seems the momentum is compelling people often end up end up Siwuquanshi. Their instincts tell them, in addition to the body weeks Du wind, the ship no inch of the place is safe. Du binaural wind suddenly a towering hull mutation has occurred. Subtle buzz incoming wind Du eardrum, such as blade-like eyes, he immediately looked toward the sound at the source, dance hall, a rope for scenery have been overwhelmed soon snapped, all Virgin outburst that no, I know I asked stupid, hear Zhen Fang speech, reddish face, smiled and said:. 'Pindao is panicked, but please forgive me fellow.' Among the three realms, the secret confusion, some people seem mighty kind of premonition, as each side weekdays sit-Dong Fu, study and understanding of Huang Ting, realized Heaven; but ordered his side to collect a variety of information in the three worlds, for reference. Budaha of joy in heaven meteorite South West Senior Demon hands, sudden spread of the Three Realms from the Qiantang River. A time for the entire three realms monk suddenly came out of this southern Demon revere very surprised. The powerful Buddhist, among the three realms, not dare to offend the edge, even unwilling its doors three clear tit, the most famous example is Yu Xu doorUnder Taiyizhenren disciple turned ten just to spare revere revered occupied to the government; and Buddhism flew lower Earth Store Bodhisattva, issued under the vision of hell is not empty, vow Buddha vows, a time of the hell to do evil ghost, control to the government, the doors of ten out of the revered revere beyond hell. So Zhen Fang Although no outstanding students cut sects teach double battle Budaha of joy when the Virgin, but since it is famous among the three realms, Tianzhushan no one dared to harass the dojo. And jambudvipa Getting Zhen Fang Zhong Yao sits jambudvipa also dare to stir up trouble, and God knows what the devil Yogyakarta Fang Chen, but even their own lives can not hold, from start to finish, which is the Zhen Fang who can survive the enemy. And Kuangyin for Zhen Fang between believers are slowly jambudvipa Zhong Yao spread, even with Kuangyin army advance, actually no one dared to stop, less than a hundred years, it has occupied more than half jambudvipa, No two prestige. Heaven above, see Kuangyin Haotian God is so powerful, faint among the soon occupy the entire jambudvipa heart, proud, feel good move down a plate. At a time when the peach is ripe Asgard, that the Queen said: 'I'm fault, silver refining camel folded in two waterfalls, caves madly to irrigation. Miraculous is a small place in the cave is completely filled, waterfall, not only did not stop the injection. Instead, the rock around madly expansion, even solid rock have broken ground under pressure. Highly expansionary force of water and turned it into Zhang Li Du wind ripples spread, palm edge might be swallowed up nearly two-thirds of the water in waves among Ruoyouruowu mysterious eyes appeared dead STARE live Du wind. Water rippling strong seven-star Xian Qi, gentle waves of wind waves Du swing over the body to the surface of the skin on contact, immediately turned it into bloodthirsty blade, fiercely scratched. Spitfire monster slowly turned into a humanoid upper body propped in companion wall of water protection, it can slowly accumulate large energy attack again. Transparent humanoid grinning: 'There is water ......' He was about to say the water is my world, Du wind shadow flash disappeared. In the surging undercurrent, only enlivened his shadow fast in the water leaving one afterimage. Du wind streamlined body surface layer of film that looks like a swim in the water as fast shuttle. Du wind from five birds step outside own stunts. Step five birds - the proposed dolphin state! Dolphins in the water speed unmatched, but a second, Du wind swim to the front of the Spitfire monster. Spitfire Monster did not expect to come so fast wind Du, also took the opportunity into a human form, want to sell, the arms of Yang zero actually faster than his backhand shot headlong into the monster's eyes. Monster screams, eyes Barrel Riza was burned red, the Young zero too hot to put a hand. Du wind reaching outLive grip, slamming Boo, rifles bent into a U-shape through the monster skull, piercing eyes of flame from the right monster. Monster repeatedly miserable howl, U-shaped guns also gradually become hot iron ratio. Du wind does not flash not avoid, one arm held up the monster, struggling stabbed rock top stone layer.