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Buddha boy. Can be said door fading, of course, is part of the set of Heaven, but more importantly it is clear to the three internal discord caused. No wonder even the brothers did not say Tongtianjiaozhu on one, said only a cry Lier, angry, still visible in mind. Grand Master Xuan heart secretly shook his head, awaiting exit Bristol Palace tour. Suddenly, above the cloud bed, Tongtianjiaozhu and said:. 'No when you go to give you a ride brothers' Said and from the arms to take two pieces of black jade, turn Qingping sword taken down, hands together to no when the Virgin said: 'Then you went to the Qiantang River, the piece of jade send Zhen Fang people and that is called, then take to pay six streamers soul purpose.' mysterious Grand Master heard a happy face , could not help but worship towards Tongtianjiaozhu said: 'Thank you Shishu disciple.' 'You and withdraw it!' Sound while still cold, but the mysterious Grand Master seemed to hear a hint from one of blows, aPleased, perhaps where there is a trace of pride. But no matter how mysterious Grand Master knows the Pangu have three clear and good sign. But which also yet it less of a catalyst only. When the Virgin Mary looked down at the hands of non-black jade piece, mysterious Grand Master heart suddenly a move, but did not ask to understand, but not when the Virgin towards a ceremony, party leave away. By this time next drug Lu, Zhen Fang face solemn, though he is now the repair can say is leaps and bounds to describe three yuan will not only absorb the magic, even take Past repair also restored a lot. But anyway, but now face is not common to the role, but the Western Buddhist to a Buddha, then Tongtianjiaozhu subglottic disciples, in charge of the final cut to teach people life line, not only Daoxing, even magic is extremely powerful. And yet the two long, deep pass naturally without saying. If Zhen Fang Past naturally Needless to say, ten Budaha of joy can not be Zhen Fang to the opponent, but unfortunately, today's Zhen Fang turn robbery but returned origins of the other e. Not by a man-made tragedy, but it can enhance Daoxing to bleed air from the anti-virtual. Singing all the way, shocking; a fragmentation Sendo able clouds, super speed feijian; a non-ground Fuchu people, but it orders to the government, closed the water of their lives; a no-evil. Only on the merit of good and evil monks, etc., one after another question, do not let all the monks could not help but have some ideas. 'There are here of their livesNot if I wait for the combined force to destroy what? 'Zhen Fang smiled. 'Said the pole is real!' Truth masters look for a move, the moment sitting cross-legged, back of the head showing a Kingland, read out the mouth of Compassion, a golden light is emitted from the mouth, I heard the sound of The Buddha came from the mouth, The Buddha immediately below the cliff-filled, vaguely sandalwood nostrils. The dust behind, broad economic and other Buddhist monks also followed behind. They begin Compassion, numerous golden light straight into the Sky. The entire Shennongjia are blonde. Shennongjia hundreds of miles around that people can see it clearly, thought it was the Buddha incarnate, have worship Erji. Breeze, who rushed face changed, and looked at each other, but also sitting cross-legged, a road into the clear light of a blossoming lotus lake of blood fall into the issue 'dth' sound, Tai peril Senior salvation by big release Guanghua , a clear air on Sky straight, forming a blue lotus pearls, clear light shining misty, and Buddhism to compete. Zhen Fang surface Kowloon car wry smile, secretly wondering: 'But the degree of the blood of innocent people in the lake only, where the need for such a big battle each other as allies, not the Buddhist does not hide and This door is also among each other intrigue. So when it got. 'moment also sitting cross-legged, golden light shines thousands of merit, the town demon tower into Baizhang compete, the whole blood are faintly illuminated lake in which merit gold silky rain, spilled down slowly, a golden