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shadow ...... angel, demon bedroom ...... And then what.' Du wind up suddenly silent, he still remembers the scene that night, having gone through crazy I do not know how many times after the first, Yang Ying finally head on his chest, Jiao Chen said: 'Do not come, all my initiative, exhausted , you are a fool. ' '......' 'If you want to swear to me, before I die, are not allowed to touch the other woman.' '......' 'That's the point once again head, I swear, even death, if you like what women have to go through my consent. My soul wanders in your right hand, if it is really a good woman, my soul will be to you show signs. ' '......' 'You point so anxious to do ...... er ah, you really rude ...... Well again ......' Luo Feile deep eyes looking at him, quietly slipped his body, pick up the clothes and linen cover him, pouted and said: 'Without prejudice to the hum you think Yang Ying, a bad thing to be compared. see more humiliating people, is to be a man in his arms, his heart was thinking of another woman. ' Du wind suddenly thrust awakened, reach out and grab Luo Feile already too late, Luo Feile DepartmentNightgown, opened the door and smiled and said: 'I'm off, things tonight on when not happened, and Yang Lu Ya zero they are dreaming, hee hee.' Du wind sadly: 'I'm sorry, Luo Feile.' Luo Feile slightly shook his head, cute little tongue sticking out and said:. 'Independence Day, do not love a woman you say I'm sorry, everything just fine as long as you're happy.' She crept foot slipped out, in total disregard of their own skin, also covered with liquid odor exudes temptation. Through a long corridor, is about to enter his room at the time, Luo Feile footsteps suddenly peg. Moonlight will be a black silhouette of infinite length, Zhitou to her feet, and that slim figure, like the cold moonlight elegant. Lu Ya actually have not slept, was leaning against the porch at the end of the corridor. Lu Ya mapped under the moonlight, like a flower opening at midnight quietly, still stained with the unfavorable mid guy, more importantly, while there is a mysterious fairy expert help has arrived. Finally, the loss actually own sects. 'Zhen Fang, you can now open a large array of withdrawal, such as brothers and let me go, or else. Pindao hands grasp the banner, then blame Pindao polite. You big fuss though badly. I'm afraid that will not stop Yellow River water it! This is equivalent to a water of the Yellow River, overwhelming and the next, a time even the foot of the Chang'an city will be flooded. Of course, if you do not have enough, then you can also order ancestors to lead the Yellow River and then up. As long as you can afford such a powerhouse Shanie and causal. 'muddy river into. Holding the hands of a child prodigy sand black flags. Sneered:. '? Of course there is the side view of seasoned Chunyang you think you can afford to, then your ancestors, who became frantic violence, how to' Son looking pale sky, if he really said that Chun-yang concept of the Millennium Foundation today will also be destroyed, the world has no Chunyang one, even with his own will cause ridden, restless life. Even now soaring lei went to see the founder, could not escape this cause. 'Well. Today, Haier put away, the future meet, will be today's revenge.' Firmament child does not speak until Zhen Fang, and quickly said it. After all, the relationship between the foundation and its own security, Zhen Fang has immeasurable merit. If not murderous. Although the impact, but definitely not a fatal impact. Although day air live side wanted to kill the child prodigy sand. To report their own sects disciples of hatred, but also know the cause and effect relationship, they had only to open a large array of people, child prodigy, who put the sand away. That Lvpaolaozu, who see a big fuss has been broken open, and where are you waiting for, have Royal Feijian a big array, not a moment to stay. That child prodigy sand awaiting escape away by water. Suddenly stopped, with his high-pitched voice, but nasty, said:. 'Zhen Fang, Zhou