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Xiaolan try this trick, known skill is not as him, but she was able to untie his stick Jin, Meng Shentong also comparable with the year a. Tang Xiaolan odds in the parade, Guzhe identity, such as a firm pace she was also a sword strokes, Lisheng Nan sneered: '! You're welcome, and I do not receive your feelings,' Tang Xiaolan this trick is the 'big Sumeru sword style ' trapped in a move enemy coup, called 'Octagon rain', if he find the correspondence to be solid, the enemy must trapped inside the sword aperture, can no longer escape 'but because he hit a greeting, shot slowed down , Lisheng Nan display their 'day Lo footwork,' a floating flash, Jingsi fish in general Jianguang from his crevice 'slip' out suddenly between sword ah, they immediately counter-defensive to the offensive, and even hit nine Tang Xiaolan Big hole Tang Xiaolan levy laughed: 'Well, you can also dreams of a sword! 'Jujian a welcome, blew the whistle-nine Jianhua, will ! - A move Tian Men Cixue sword, utterly resolved Li wins.Gasped, has in mind: 'The poor teacher power of life, depression can not cave lapping transparent, but nothing had happened Lisheng Nan Jing Si, in Longjian stabbing her, only to hear her cry Jiaoxiao , suddenly thrust between backhand sword, directed Tang Xiaolan throat! Lisheng Nan according to the original piece of nephrite A thin as onion skin, which is one of the legacy of Joe North sea about Sambo, Joe North sea also prevent the end of his disciples will be able to win Kate Zhang Danfeng got successor, therefore the secrets of Weaponry: if so, can not, then nephrite A tool for self-defense, to sell a flaw, vapid sword by the other party, and then took the opportunity to fight back; if not yet succeeded, before spending the last That jade bow. Mengshen Tong has been the latter part of secrets, but also know the trick to defeat the enemy, but because Joe about North sea treasures are in the hands of marsh, so Meng Shentong not be applied. This armor can withstand a few treasures ask sword sword, so Lisheng Nan recognize a mistake. Hedeheneng wide as the child you have to put yore. Hmmm, after all, you're jealous. Dragon junior sister apprentice not only jealous, too, is jealous of your Shidi Men. Tai-Young to have success today, not by two Shishu bestowed, that is self-get. Thousands of years to the government to stay among the salvation evil, only today's youth mysterious Great. Young, do not tell Pindao, this rinse Shishu did discuss with you before, but you do not want it. Dragon junior sister apprentice said to right, since you have chosen a Happy gods, do not want anything Daoxing, what prospective saint statue think. You can only see one side of the other's success, but you're ever see each other too hard side. ' 'How do you satisfied?' Xuan Du ** Purple division faces rising, over Ni Wan, Purple Haze coiled, aches and a sudden surge of momentum, the wide as the child presses tightly, place on top of Ni Wan Yuqing light flashes more powerful, and faintly heard the sound of a cry Xiao Li. The surrounding land Bloomer, who is also a trace of his face pale color, did not think this is the quasi-holy strength, the weight of the crowd too tightly. This time, it seems as if Taiyizhenren feel something, I saw the whole body emerged in a golden light, into a colorful color, shine among the ten Taoist faintly visible, looks different, sitting in the golden light of the in golden acres grown size, the immortal care in which the neutron cloud his face out of a smile on his right hand emerged tracts of clouds, but it is wide as the child wrapped in one, a sudden around Miles Reiki range exhaustively injected into Ni Wan among wide as the child. 'At this point not now, when?' Cloud neutron suddenly requiredFlying, the sound of a loud shout at wide as the child's ears. Wide as the child could feel the hearts of a move, his head burst clear, on the Ni Wan, emerged to a Taoist, resolute face, angry, hidden there, and as if violent gas enveloped around. 'Fan Pindao seen Daoxiong day.' That Taoist wide as the child toward a dynamic concept, been hand from bicyclic, cymbals toward the batter, 'clank Zheng,' a series of three loud, three cymbals will fly with flying times. The two sides are abnormal action rapidly, is difficult to describe. When the first flying cymbals, Kang had preoccupied enemy action, see not send hidden weapon hand, puts up a hidden weapon to fly, and then make weapons outside playing, suddenly realize a truth. CHARLES cymbals that fly wheel power forward like flying, vexation fresh. First direct, temporary approaching, suddenly two feet out to the side of the skew, as if about to fall to the ground exhaustive, deemed by the wind crooked air, is still facing a straight, according to people's head hit, and the sooner the current situation The more anxious child. Such as changing ordinary people see it a crooked, bound not mind, it is not non-being hit. Fortunately, Kang hit cymbals causes the vocal cords to see Xiongseng bicyclic wrong tone, realize where the mysterious, powerful know he's in this, not unusual hidden weapon comparable, see Ji Xuan cymbals with a crooked to the side, Ganjin Wang Ying side to side so that the Chixu. Sure enough, that cymbal rotation straight road, flew by side. Credit goes square meter, I did not realize skills still more than this, just look at this first exploratory status and observation methods shades payable dodge enemy, really powerful way all in the back. Kang head a cymbal just gotta get over, along with two hundred thirty-two cymbals Pianfei linked to. The second change according to the direct cymbals, cymbal third one out is crooked, but the gathering was very swift. Kang seeing, knowing Xiongseng diversion, and then hide the fear Zhongdao children, a bill of lading arm Mangjiang hands Shui Ying forced to go first second cymbals knocked sentiment, followed by beating third cymbals. Unexpectedly third cymbals, with enough force change really clever, although latecomer, temporary approaching, slips a skew beyond the front, actually head towards Kang Kandao. Kang simply