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her old martial art, but she Tong Xiao Wulin thing, no less than any one martial arts, so I said she considered the first half of the elderly people of martial arts! 'Yan Mufei laugh and said: 'So, then please ask the girls to old time of it, I'm afraid the girl will be very disappointed.'Jinyu Qiong said: 'My own eyesight, always confident.'Yan Mufei smiled, did not speak again.Did not take long, the title of a red mountain sinking twilight falls, the day gradually black smoke rising at that has become a little bit of light.Talk between Jinyu Qiong Sutherland is a chilly, yes, the weather late to cool, this time, she has suffered a cold Jiaoqu, more that feel cold.Yan Mufei busy: 'how, still cold?'Jinyu Qiong nodded his head, did not speak.Yanmu Fei said: 'It was already dark, I think we'd better find a resting place it down!'So saying, he did not wait Jinyu Qiong then propped her speak.In the downhill road, Jinyu Qiong due to disease resistance Jiaoqu not cold, cuddle him too tightly, Yan Mufei clear to her that she could not Jiaoqu shaking.Her illness getting worse, and his heart sank more.How can we help? Her poor, I do not know this to be delayed to come when the.So slowly forward next, two people do not speak, distant patch of light is getting closer, and finally near to the front.-------------------------------------------------- a trillion OCR old rain joint House and Xiaoxiang College serial: Yan Mufei hugged her into a small town, this town with Tongbaishan there that just as remoteness, but a lively than that.Under the attention of pedestrians on the street, leaning Yan Mufei into a Minghuan 'rich' in the inn, a clerk graciously meet up.'Keguan is going to stay or meal?'Yanmu Fei said: 'Give me find a clean, never ending!'Folks quickly nodded, with Yan Mufei to go back yard.Yan Mufei ignored so much, and said: '! On the way to knock cold, sick.'Jinyu Qiong no explanation.Cited partners busy: 'There is a good doctor in town, want to go ......'Yanmu Fei said: 'Wait a minute to say it!'Folks should be embarrassed Qiong Yao Yuwen'Yu Shi Yuan smile: 'Do you think I would do every man boast, it is not a glorious thing!'Wu Yunshan smiled, and he went to the front steps, the whole crowd in the square were talking, a temple, has been of Jiehuo ash!Rubble, there are several sects in Emei pack, face miserable!South Biao concern over authentic: 'Yu brother, hello it?'Did not move, fortunately is not used violently, otherwise it yourself first Fan Zhen force too much. The old man knew the perfect hard power, party self Dating. Huo old man face down a plate, seven or eight inches longevity Na Liangdao eyebrows bristling needle general, silver-haired silver to be up and down, and a large rooster fighting anxious in general, together with open bottle since long body like storms the Chixu. Although not entirely get the three divisions of the parent pass, after all can know what, since Dating square, as if back. The old man raised a hand already. At this question can not be made on the occasion, listen to heavy door and shoved someone shouted: 'Treat elderly grandmother stopping nap already awake and told them to get into it!.' The old man heard this, he snorted, hands hanging body with Ou hunchback , face shield, long hair along with slowly closing down, gradually recover shape. Huo Xiangsheng smile apologetically replied: 'In fact, this according to the Da Shige, and three of them had bothered to care about Shige for their big black hand, played retreat, for what force, already unhappy Pro to stab them also put this call. popular grievances. Recently passed Mawangmiao happens, called village boy with a message, that they do not come before maturity, must be aware of the origins, timid afraid to come, gas has gone down quite a few, is preparing to seek expired Old money home to face lessons meal. Who would have thought they already very absurd, last year got into Qihuo could even forget the letter think, is indeed a kind, immediately rushed to the scene, do not buy one hundred, three Shige was determined to give him that laughter, no malice, not like sneer, Feng Lin is? laugh, can not help but lead to three mysteries, first, just is not someone secretly helped themselves? Second, in addition to outside Meng ShentongWho knows 'day escape acoustic'? III. If someone is really secretly helped, that laughter is the same person as hair, why he is so secretive? Feng Lin secretly in contemplation, puzzled, when Fang Meng Shentong that came out of a person, indicate to the Wudang challenge, this one is the East China Sea islands Kanli long sword Tuzhao Ming Ming. Only to hear that he broke into, said: 'Su Yang serial killer used seventy Wudang sword of infinite power, small can of himself, to please enlighten me Wudang brilliant scholar.' Zhen Zi age in most factions head Light, seniority also shallow, I do not know the origins of this person, I thought he was the head of identity, of course inconvenient end, trying to pick a skill highest Young, up to cope with, only to hear Tuzhao Ming laughed, according to said: ' are the first few singles candle door, continue to do so, too boring, I heard the most powerful performances of Wudang sword is Jiugongbagua Jian Zhen, please head Ray led Guipai clever scholar, cloth into this array, so that small How can to experience? 'Wudang about Jiugongbagua Jian Zhen, is a serial killer sword proficient nine people, according Jiugongbagua cloth into position, since the late Ming migration Wudang Taoist yellow leaves create this Jian Zhen After more than a century used only three times, once to deal with female swordsman Yu Luosha, one is to deal with the Great Satan Korea Bleak Hills, Ye Hengbo couple: the last time it was ten years ago, to take students in Sichuan Emei ' open forum time soon, 'when dealing with the spirit of the mountains about nine disciples. Wudang sword comic book with quick reflexes dense, if nine people proficient in swordsmanship with serial killer so, it is simply not the slightest gap, even the flies fly, but, that is counted in the presence of factions guru, but also