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come in the end this does have to have something open 'erotic Council' it 'mysterious woman princess laughed: 'Forty years ago, you were in my 'erotic would' have to do on the sweetness, but also vitality big funeral, do not dare to go to it? Yes, this four years I have mastered the 'Spring mind song', really want to try martial arts Who ever escaped I boundless magic, martial arts has been issued a note, generosity, and the weak do not come. ''Kuni zombie' suddenly overcast channel: 'The break too, if you swing that soul ecstasy array, is still open seven dong?' That mysterious woman Stern said: 'This is still seven dong for gambling, as long as I'm past the 'swing soul ecstasy' array, still Chartered enter dong Qiriqiye '' Kuni zombie 'nodded and said:.' What date for a period? 'mystery woman said:.' Since seven seven, heavy only 29 '' Kuni zombie 'Bashen sky, said goodbye and will, like the wind away.Mysterious woman to Gong smiles: 'nerd, you 'noble four holy' last past the mark though, unfortunately no gain within seven dong, the illusions of the strike.' Gong This opening: ' The plot is based on your last seven dong as bait to draw swing soul ecstasy array of strength for the purpose of the martial arts world, this time you can not turn away from the actual occurrence ploy 'mystery woman princess smiled and said:.' Now you know why go ? That is not attractive seven dong do, I get the hole no use, princess, do not let the world of martial arts into liberal 'Gong sneered:.' YouSeeing eyes Nuzheng, rushed to embrace together. Hands Haotian mirror, town-day India, Jade Hairpin son killed up together. I saw the sky haoguang flash, but it is asked Buddha emerged five years, it is more treasure Tathagata five incarnation, five Buddha standing in the void, such as face look coldly watched the couple rushed to the Jade Emperor . I saw, Fudo living in five Yamashina center position, that primacy, and the other four Yamashina around him. Exhibit superhuman powers, sword in one hand, a hand Roseau hand for gold lamp about what to do justice leaves breach of trust? 'His mind was late, already sneer, said: 'Three years ago, at the peak Rooster, you have promised me what?' Jin Shiyi said: 'I promise you, Joe North sea to sea to find the secrets of martial arts, it is not already done it?' Lisheng Nan said: 'Yes, this thing is a piece of it has been done there.?' Jin Shiyi heart startled, Samsam said: 'There is one that helps you take revenge, this, this ---' Lisheng Nan sneered: 'can not do anything Do you remember what you have done this thing, 'Jin Shiyi had said:.'? I thought you had enemies can be reported today, who knows, who knows, or to escape this devil ' said:' The original You also know Meng Shentong has escaped it? help me revenge thing, since you did not do, wanted to pay any attention to me? This is not a breach of trust justice leaves what? You say the words count? 'Jin Shiyi blame her speechless, he promised indeed, in never never leave her to help her before reported in rancor. Jin Shiyi heart sighed, thought: 'So it is bound to take this matter to me, today, this is the best time to help her revenge, timing week withoutTo what time can only do, yeah, she was my life in the magic stars. 'To know the promised aid Lisheng Nan Jin Shiyi revenge, let her speak well personally Shouren enemy, not a simple single-handedly arranged for her. To achieve this goal, there are only two ways, one to help her excel at Joe's North sea Tips extremely martial arts, so she can really beat Meng Shentong skills; the second is to try Meng Shentong loss of skill, then let adopted by the success of his hit today is the second way, but because Liqin Mei, are present, him. do not want to show up and therefore want to ask somebody golden masters, pain and Zen Master, etc., whereas the first loss Meng Shentong skill, who knows Lisheng Nan or reported not revenge. miss this opportunity, Meng Shentong have fled to where I do not know, but that is considered found He, revenge nor easy. Jin Shiyi today authored by Meng Shentong remarkable unhurried removed from the sleeves of a willow tree, the Sasa little, slowly hold in your hand, this moment, the crowd suddenly found Xie Shichiku whole body golden light, behind now the little aperture, less than a moment Kingland formed a huge, visible, floating down from the Kingland little Burghardt, silky like rain, wind and rain protection will thank Shichiku impervious. 'Merit gold.' Everyone cried aloud, did not expect to see a very high merit of the people, and is so badly, bright eyes to see that to be more gorgeous example Chen. Although the brain is not strong cattle kingBut definitely not a fool, see each other so momentum, knowing the opponent was not so easy. Flashed on the hands of the mace a Wu Guang, emerged out of thin air circulation countless bloody spell on it, carefully looking at the opposite thank Shichiku. 'Oh, such a big guy, hands across the branches sister who can stop this?' That really Zhao Han character and show it. But this time no one laughed. Secretary Snow this is not a human comprehension, comprehension Zao this rookie, but also know the opposite to thank Shichiku show like never so simple. 'Sometimes, people do not underestimate that there are just so grateful Shichiku virtue, this is probably the humble willow branches..' Zhen Fang frowned and said: 'Just that some weather, if I did not guess wrong, then, is the willow branches confused ghost Good powerful merit acquired treasure ah! do not know where to be found. ' 'Acquired merit treasure?' Nine fox demon surprise. 'Acquired merit treasure bad?' Asked Secretary Snow and the others odd. . 'Of course, much of the' Zhen Fang smile: 'There are congenital and acquired magic points, congenital congenital into treasure, such as Tai Chi Laojun diagrams, which can suppress air transport, then that is innate Lingbao, and such The thing is chaos bred, very few, mostly ancient god of all, or give some magic strength of the sects. Then the following is a treasure acquired. The reason it came in behind the innate Lingbao, is