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clamp muscles stitched together again. Four alarmed, looked only stay a Road delicate purple lines, to quickly get to the naked eye is difficult to get a glimpse of the wind speed scurry in the wrist in DU. Du moment wind wrist has been completely finished patching, 'wave' slamming, four gas forced out on Du wind back, and turned it into a flower white lilac, fifteen seconds, but the whole process, it will be nearly a four decomposition process into a futile minutes. Glasses youth have already stopped pretending to be calm, surprised shouted: '!! ...... You how medicine you will medicine' Du wind indifference: 'Because I always give the best doctors in the world as a deputy.' Lilac Du wind on the back has become a cute little doll, he gazed little doll, nostalgia look revealed. Yang Ying, the year when the children for surgery, in order to prevent a child crying in fear, they often undergo surgery when, with his gas at the surgical site to become these gadgets to distract them. Four eyes gather together on the doll, the signature style of the action came out, they immediately know who the front. Du wind waving startled, four full is staggering burst open, Siegen and broken wrist. They not only did not resist, but immediately fell to his knees on the floor together, forehead close to the ground, respectful feelings occur in words. Du wind cheeky evil spirits said: 'Yang Ying teach you the medicine is used to allow you to test the strength of others use it as a hand-off of your discipline?.' He has been lenient, see the medicine used in the four left FLAC indeed, can the other side of the wrist after being separatedAnd said: 'Are you awake is to wake up, but there is no antidote, you never even think to move.' did not move again, a pair of eyes firmly fixed on face, waited a long time, suddenly spoke and said: '! So, you really intentioned ah'Feng Niuer beautiful eyes blink a moment, and said: 'Do you remember me, is not it?' said: 'I did not forget, I am afraid it can not be forgotten in the future.' channel installed, remove the identity of Wudang disciples ......'The woman blushing, cried excitedly. 'So you are really up, Hey! What's your name?''Pindao Albatron.'The girl eyes stare and said: 'You have not Wudang door nonsense person, also said what Pindao, I asked you lay name What!?'A little girl anxiously, repeatedly urged: '??. What is your name What It's not sinister thing'Albatron difficult authentic: 'poor ...... the next head of the teachers from an early age that carried up the mountain, upbringing so far, except for Albatron word, the next name I do not know there are other girls look like he does not like lying, eyes turn a bit Road; 'That ...... you call it Chen Jian, surnamed Chen Ming-Jian, which it is also good to hear the word read, Hey! How do you mean? 'Chen Jian nodded and said: '! Can name things irrelevant, what matters is ......' girlStare and said: 'how important it is something the two of us.'Chen Jian Charan said: 'Name and women's facilities next ...... it have to do with the girl?'Girl in a red face, and whispered:! 'After that I told you to say ...... Hey, since you have not soil the way, we can get those foul oral altered, what Pindao donor, are no longer permitted lip, and I really do not know, good people do not do, what happens when Taoist monk, made a little human touch are not ...... 'Chen Jian disagree authentic: 'Taoist theoretical deep, self-cultivation in order Avenue girl over her ears and cried:' Well! I do not listen, you repeat the remarks smelly truth, they could not get Hentian aunt sword! 'Chen Jian Charan said: 'hate days is that an aunt?'Girl hands down a chuckle; 'Hentian aunt who is an expert you are looking for, she told you smelly dirt road Wudang door vomit after a lifetime of gas unexpected death of her ninety years, be considered out of this tone, Wudang but encountered no difficulty? 'Chen Jian Wan think the hate garden expert, will be a woman, though the details are not known. But in front of the girl and she is sure to have a deep relationship, so