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least I think it is.' Yu Shuang said: 'But your name with your blood is not never change.' Guo Yuzhu two bursts open eyes, and said: 'I can change the name ......' Yu Shuang cried: 'Amanda, you dare, you can not ......' Guo Yuzhu said: 'Now in my eyes Guo Yuzhu, no dare, can not in the.' Yu Shuang said: 'Amanda, do you know what is?' Guo Yuzhu said: 'At best four words outrageous, I'veOutrageous, and what care give a little more, a little heavier, and that is no different. ' Dai Mei Yu Shuang Yang, exclaimed: 'But your body is your blood ......' Guo Yuzhu snapped: 'Shut up, you say that I am not qualified.' Yu Shuang exclaimed: 'I am your cousin.' Guo Yuzhu sneer, said: 'Guo girl, ask yourself, what are you?' Yu Shuang changed Lise, gentle sadness, said: 'Amanda, this change in name or not, my body although no blood Kuo, Kuo but I be proud proud man, how can you ......' Guo Yuzhu said: 'Guo girl, Rengeyouzhi, you know what?' Yu Shuang said: 'I understand, Amanda, but this is not your blog is an idea is wrong, wrong, terribly wrong, do you want to wake up in time ......' Guo Yuzhu said: 'Guo girl, too late.' Yu Shuang said: 'No, in time, as long as you ......' Guo Yuzhu said: 'If I believe that doing so is thousands of Ten Thousand right?' Yu Shuang said: 'Amanda, you know you are wrong on the way to go.' 'Otherwise, Guo girl,' said:. 'That is your opinion, even though it is you push me.' Yu Shuang Jiaoqu shocked, and said: 'Maybe, Amanda, because of this, so I'm going to save you ......' Yu Shuang said: 'save me Ock, your statement is ......?' Guo Yuzhu laugh a convergence, two terrifying eyes encroaching Yu Shuang, said: '? Do you think I'm here to stop you today, what is the purpose.' Yu Shuang said: 'I was going to ask you.' Guo Yuzhu said: 'snow smart as Guo girl who you have to ask it?' Yu Shuang Mianfan shock tolerance, shook his head and said:. 'Amanda, I do not think you would be how I like.'  said: 'Why are you so sure of it??' Yu Shuang said: 'Yes, Amanda, because you loved golden light. Chi suddenly roar, his hands in the air, the crowd has not yet come to reflect, a Wu Guang fleet fly over from the southwest, blink of an eye, there is now a two-edged sword Chi black hands, black burnished, but it is murderous sky, do not the body, Public ancestral witch could not help shuddering. Elders see good strong Nabing sword, could not help but exclaimed:. 'Tiger soul sword' This knife is the amber par with Xuanyuanjian sword, but Chi big witch spent hundreds of years, a collection of hell deep iron, Western White Tiger refined soul, iron and other outer God made use of the Wu family secret law. Knife four feet long, at its widest point scale semi, tip tilt, forming a perfect arc too. Knife looming carnage, swallow mouth is a gorgeous tiger, the tiger's mouth mouth, the blade; hilt shaped like tigers, the wrappedRelationship be different, it is not. ' did not speak, he waited a long time seen before: '? When he finished, you come here is to do a'Luo Yucheng said: 'I just do not say it ......': 'The youngest, do not bother me in front of me, I am the person who is not afraid Jieduan, scratching his face we all look good to the bad uncle three things that you're not my luck.' not laugh, 'ouch' loudly said: 'Feng, why she spoke to flare up children, between siblings, we are not okay to tease than Tan Compass with our uncle, two of their uncle , we regarded as one of us, it is not. 'Feng Niuer Eichhornia stare, said: 'The youngest, you ......'Luo Yucheng busy: 'Do not be angry, do not be angry, I said, I said, all right?'Feng Niuer face slowed down, but did not speak.Luo Yucheng looked at her, grinned, laughed immorality.'Feng, then finally you wish, and my brother - did not have to rest at night, but you really comfortable here, so I came early in the morning to ask you, when my heart again Ann brothers.'Luo Yucheng odd light burst of flashing eyes, said:. 'Xifeng, which gave my brother a quasi-time.'Feng Niuer raised his eyebrows and said: 'It depends on what time Futian Hao telling the is killing many Tigers do not know how much karma ridden, now that the industry on fire shot HL industry fire demons from time to time to waste, not only of the impact of his soul. Poor tiger demon really stuck, but had other gold cents early, but was forced to break Taishanglaojun realm, toLuo Jin Wonderland world, the strength in him far, and carry their own magic more than he, how is his opponent, bursts of sound of screams from time to time. 'It is not with me is now the soul.' Jiao Dragon cry, I saw an orb blurted out, but a colorful brilliance, contains an enormous energy among Pearl, looking pale saints at the moment, this is no ordinary place Pearl, but nine dragon claw generated Pearl. Why is now the year of the Dragon Dragon Unlike prehistoric time, let bullying others, it is because there is no existence of longchi while longchi is the year of the Dragon Ball archosaurs, have this Pearl, to the maximum extent possible, wash Dragon bones, so that in future the practice of the time, can quickly increase its speed. Originally Dragon longchi down there, but unfortunately, did not cairica Pearl embellished, but is simply the dragon only, no other action slightest. Pearl saw one, whom heaven and earth color, colorful golden aspect Universe, seeing the saints, and his face became pale, Laojun inaction, now also sigh:. 'Dragon will flourish,' Primus although smiling, but Zhen Fang was able to clearly see the eyes of a trace of envy, only Tongtianjiaozhu face hint of joy, no sorrow without joy Nvwaniangniang complexion, soil behind the empress face is compassion, escorts saint looking more suffering, frowning, as if thinking What a difficult question, as quasi-mentioned saint luminous eyes. Zhen Fang revealing smile, thinking to myself thinking said:. 'Oh, it made a big play.' And where in the sky Dragon know, at the moment of her whole body shine, where is to rein in tiger demon, but bursts Dragons sound, that had now Longkou to Sarah, now also Guanghua flash, world Among a variety of mysterious