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Thirteen public and robbing God no one wakes star. Luo Feile lonely day parade in the wall, she also created some robots, though they seem to make the program better than Liu Ji-day implants tree of life to be more active, the world's manufacturing work has been largely completed, she can do something every day is to look at the wind and Yang Ying Du. After three months. Luo Feile still habitually sat not far away from the time the confusion circle, everything, like ten years ago, the Emperor is a lot of grinding dust. Du Yang Ying wind and in the protection of 'forgotten' waking sink strength. Luo Feile watched will fall asleep, sometimes in a dream, she will find Elsie wind, and this time he could not bear it. Today, she dreamed Du wind move. Du wind in her talk. Luo Feile quickly relax. Nothing thinking, what do not want, based on her experience, only in this state will not wake up from a dream. She whispered in a dream a dream: 'Independence Day, what do you say?' Du wind in a dream told her countless in words, but today was something special, Du wind lips moving but no sound, each saying a word, his features would spill blood. Luo Feile startle the daylights. Then you wake up from a dream. She immediately found a little strange, he did not feel a trace of waking from a dream, it is simply not a dream. Independence Day Du wind does move! Luo Feile surprise shouted: 'Independence Day!' She subsequently found not quite right, Mrs wind still forget the fundamental state, just by virtue of some instinctive movement. He was trying to forget the power of their own twist, while resisting the Emperor of Heaven, whileLuo Feile convey certain messages. Luo Feile trying to lip-read Du wind, wind Du said only five words: 'Kuaiqu Jiu days Kyi!' Luo Feile not help aghast, Du wind eye can see she can not see things in the day the wall, Liu Ji-day body has been 'God' swallowed into her consciousness only by virtue of his last significant resistance. And the meek 'God' is being whispered softly to her. Liu bloody quickly. See the bodies were buried together quickly, Capa completely relaxed vigilance, hand to touch the zero lower jaw Yang said:. 'Follow me, I promise you will be very comfortable.' Will soon have a woman who leaned Capa: 'Mr. Capa, I will make you more comfortable, bring me ......' Capa active gestures hand to a woman burst open, hum: '! Yongzhisufen' The poor woman was in the air, shook the body apart, Capa continue out his kinky hand, palm suddenly a pain, Yang zero spike the guns of his hands, then looks extremely hard Barrel distortion as Sheban up and put his body firmly caught up. Capa rage and said: 'ungrateful!' Readily said something, frame immediately broken into several cut his hair in one hand and grabbed Young zero, on the other hand direct Quche her clothes. Brush to cry, red hair cut off his three fingers, Yang zero body from his hand, falling to the ground. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ Tonight hub list will be updated after twelve, please conditional brothers and sisters to help when voting ah, brother Koushou hundred worship From zero as Ruby YangBright pupil, the Kappa can clearly see, the body covered with DU Shiban do not know when the wind moved up behind him, slowly stood up, all over the body Shiban wind Budu moment mysteriously evaporated. Kappa could not help Da Hai Du breath of wind revealed only two stars, revealed the two stars can by no means strength. Actually in an instant, the Yang hair filled with zero as the blades like gas, burned off his three fingers. He had never seen the kind of gas, like conquering general sharp sword, ordinary ancient weapons if ingested, the body will fall apart immediately. Capa barely calm mood, shouted: '! Who are you' Du wind silent, the World Association of ancient martial is to take control of his fake name, he certainly can not give your name. Capa was afraid that Du wind, set the heart a little, sneered:. 'A little strength, but you want to ancient