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Highness, this ......' said: 'This is what, whether they fraud, I was 'Wang Jinling' nine thousand years, you do better than this Guard command to properly?'Ji Gang said: 'Beizhi dare!'Yanmu Fei said: 'So you're left to guard the Sun too, do not let them Tiaohulishan, take advantage!'Ji Gang body startled, busy: 'Yes, princes, Beizhi Yes, sir!'Yan Mufei Jianwen shallow toward a ceremony, said: 'Your Majesty, please wait in Taihe house, so I went to see what ......'Immediately turn Guro, said: 'Guro, let's go!'Guro promised soon, a Jishou, turned and walked out.Yanmu Fei Ji Gang looked and said: 'command so be careful!' Turned out with.Just listen Ji Gang behind, said: 'You Do not worry, little master, if improperly handled, please only Beizhi is asked.'With listen Jianwen said: '! Granduncle, you be careful.'Yan Mufei promised soon, who has come to the yard.Out of the Taihe Palace, saw the 'nine old' stand another eight saber scattered throughout, Yang Yan Mufei eyebrows, smiling, said: '! Afford nine also expect a'Nine Road: 'palm teach less convinced Yantai Xia will not let go of the donor parent, afraid to open their tune on Taihe Palace Yantai Xia took the opportunity to invade, so the fate of eight brothers Pindao Japanese palace guard.'By Taihe Palace through three doors, two days door all the way to afford to live along the 'Seven Swords', 'thirty-six Plough' and martial masters in public, all located pile Anka, Yan Zhen to paternity.He walked two Ruofei, quickly went to the front shangqinggong, I saw on the square in front shangqinggong, accompanied by shangqinggong hosted one person, it was a lanky middle-aged man, dressed look, really was a big guards, and sharp eyes, faint away people, clearly was a first-class players.Near to, Yan Mufei smile and asked: 'You come to the throne is big guards?'That guards proudly nodded and said: 'Yes, you are ......'Yanmu Fei said: 'Wild Caomin Yanmu Fei.'That guards 'Oh!' Sound and said:. 'It seems that your martial arts known as the most chivalrous Rouchang, treasure born, this is where the ordinary Lingbao born, as if a saint sermon will be the same, the Three Realms everywhere know. If that does not just appear strange youth, there is a trace or Xufang Chen opportunity, taking advantage of the chaotic Zhong Ganggang born, and those such as the Three Realms great Buddhist scholar can not appear before its removal. But now it is not work. We do not know that is what the young Taoist origin, but also its own Daoxing large Luo Jin Sin early stages, but that it is in the hands of the sword let Zhen Fang fear endless. If it is a two-edged sword waved can exhibit an enormous destruction and full flavor, can hurt the unconscious soul, I am afraid that Zhebing sword and treasure far off the chaos. Also helping Zhen Fang fear is that the young people behind Taoist, if the person has the master, then certainly also a very powerful, or simply say, if the sword is that trail ZhebingThe master of the pass, and that his master can not now cope with the Zhen Fang's. Obviously not a saint, so only Hongjun, but Hongjun possible? Zhen Fang is not known, but it is difficult to believe that under Hongjun Taoist would give so much to magic, but also do not know the origins of a guy. 'It will play an amulet, what is the origin of the guy will come on one hand.' Zhen Fang mused: 'Look at this guy in chaotic minutes unborn able to catch up to the time I am afraid he knew the secret of this man touches one. variables do? 'Zhen Fang Meng surprised, did not help to think of Luzhou North all the evil spirits of millions of years to disappear without a trace once things come. If this person was able to millions of years into the magic of evil spirits among l am afraid that it can be refined out of this magic, but who have the ability to give all the evil spirits of millions of years of refining the sword into it, I am afraid that Saints can not it! If you can, I am afraid all Luzhou North has already developed. Suddenly, the sky came a abnormal sound, full of empty golden shine, an men expelled from Snake Island, I'll give you the antidote . 'Jin Shiyi heart of a dynamic, immediately exclaimed:.'. I will take you out to sea off them, 'the four devil look at each other, Kunlun scattered people first cried:' Well, two men were both out of the mouth M ...... 'Jin Shiyi immediately Interface:' The horse is certainly difficult to recover 'Kunlun scattered immediately pull out the sword, along with the three devil is also a former pro and will destroy law and monks surrounded Meng Shentong Meng Shentong big mouth. angrily: '? good friend, how it bends the arm outward,' Jin Shiyi vertical deaf long laugh, a street pixia, Meng Shentong hair open palm soup, raw vision is sometimes the wind behind, mulberry wood basking arms Ji Zhang, thousands finger caught Meng Shentong Huixiu Yifu, the mulberry wood was basking whisk turned a handsome fight, but he was also the sleeves torn off a mulberry wood basking. Just at that moment, Jin Shiyi iron swords drawn, Zuoguai sword, stormy strong political pursuit, although better than Jin Shiyi Meng Shentong powers of a chip, but all around are the enemy, hit Jin Shiyi compelled rush. Originally, he would like to inquire into that, then too busy to talk to the cloud spiritual son. Kunlun scattered sword a show, and touched off the French monk Buddhist monk's staff positive, butWas 'when' bang, sparks Peng said, slightly off the French monk skill, take a step back, as soon catch herself, who gave him shook loose Kunlun rickety, steep played two discs, which Caishao back his sense of Effort. Yun Ling Meng Shentong child is unwilling enemies Shuangbi judge about a minute left and right jab pen, pen left jab and right, left and right points off France monk Jianjing cloud faction head spiritual son is sentenced to the provision of acupuncture pen The way it stands apart, and Central Plains Pei different, off France monk heart of a cold, quickly closing the rod Body, Buddhist monk's staff around the cloud spiritual son of Pan Guanbi go out the door seal. Kunlun this thing, even if the door day-dimensional representation, heaven lowered and then a big tragedy, but also fearless, peace and over. If normal, they do not have so much trouble, come in one or two can be a disciple of Shushan . Since only one hand away from Zhen Fang Divine, Divine comprehension sector is also not at peace if Pindao felt a latent forces are growing; while on the other hand, it is now called chestnut Gap kunyuan Asgard, but Kun-yuan fairy king called heterogeneous monks occupied once handled properly, you may want to cause conflicts overseas comprehension and comprehension of the Turkey. So this person to get treasure, to go steady. ' Brothers, Pindao'd think this is probably not so smoothly. 'Said Long. 'Oh, but Young predict anything?' Lonely Shoumei a move. 'Brother, then take the treasure in chestnut Gap is not the only one I Shushan, Shang Youqing city. Subsequently, Shennong and kunyuan Asgard. At this point, Ao driving them unearthed things probably already spread comprehension of bounds. I'm afraid this big fuss about it Ao driving them even. 'Li Tao long idle calmly said. 'Brother, now has several hundred Qingcheng are not born. Do not know there is no inheritance. Even if there can be. The comprehension sector has been declining, and then when the war between good and evil, the Qingcheng labor does not contribute to Heaven as punishment, deprived of air transport, the next two are added, and now do not know the rest of a few old bones. 'idle loose laughed. 'Young, cautious.'Yun said long frowned, unhappy, said: 'After all, Qingcheng is handing the door, then why can become the first right way Shushan, not only because the founder respected, and Emei and Qingcheng connected with the gas branches, to resist the demons of the road, not a single Shushan Shushan, but Shushan said Qingcheng and cooperation. What's more, Qingcheng founder Chisongzi had assisted the Yellow Emperor, there is great merit, air transport long, how can we have destroyed teach disaster? 'People are smiling