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butterfly old processor misconduct before incurring such a miserable defeat!'Blue Meng Charan said: 'Where do I renew the misconduct?' said: 'Butterfly old first loss of the other side is overestimated, have first re-arrangement, and to prepare for the second avatar busy road layout, failed to personally repression, even when things from rushing, no command ...... 'Blue Meng said: 'Facts have proved that I care absolutely no reason not imaginary, it can never be the first heavy archer uniforms come for Wanquan meter, the second arrangement it is necessary!'Tuwan Fu laughed: 'Otherwise, Yuwen Qiong Yao had besieged for ten knockouts, that the other party is not terrible, when the old butterfly sits, if present, to aid in a timely manner, the other is likely to have been fully Chengqin up.'Blue Meng said: 'I can not figure out is that, ten people can beat Qiong Yao Yuwen, was the other killing hundreds of people fled in panic, the other together, Qiong Yao Yuwen scrambled dissatisfied that five other experts.'Tuwan Fu smiles: 'That is the other side to see veteran butterfly is too high, do not ask our people to the power of fighting, so they lose Chi, until changjon invalid, they fled for their life, do not think the battle to preserve the natural and only listen to people massacred ! 'Blue Meng thought for a moment before: 'Yes, this is all my missteps, Tuxiong, usually you blissful silence, I would not see you deep fine strategy, which otherwise would have a lot to draw on it!'Tuwan Fu smiles: 'I'm a big idiot, there understand these completely analyze my daughter to me, and I would still say it again, just to tell the old butterfly!'Blue Meng said: 'So to say, your daughter touches of genius!' Gently Tuwan Fu Yi Tan said: 'My daughter, though a little smarter, she self-supporting than the other, because she does not see through each other's plans, only post hoc analysis the success or failure of causality is still one step late! 'Blue Meng sighed: 'That is much better than us, and we lost theGenerally, once abandoned Li Han adults, work for you. Du wind across a trace of mouth sneered:. 'You got the wrong master, and now I'm just a mere four star ancient weapons only.' Ke Leizha sometimes do not know what to say, in a restaurant around the buried countless tiny energy detectors, Du sharp breath of wind revealed matchless, as Du wind can say, from start to finish, revealing only a four-star level of strength. Ke Leizha Although it is ancient weapons, in terms of observation still has his talent. In his hands can mobilize manpower and hundreds, many of them ancient weapons three or four-star, but think of those three, four-star restaurant in the bodies lying in disorder, Ke Leizha suddenly felt no need. Lee Han's command, was in the city to block Du Feng and others, as long as the Killer himself away everything will be fine. Standing in front of Independence Day this cold, even acting veteran also feel unable to speak, he hesitated for a moment and said: 'No matter who you are, you ancient weapons association headquarters out of ten million US dollars reward, And I just want to put you away. ' Liu fat two luminous said: 'ten million ......'Young zero tilt small snorted and said: 'Do you really wanted?' Liu Jiling body fat immediately bowing authentic: 'not afraid, I think, to Du Daye ...... instructors out such a low reward, is simply an insult, at least one hundred million, no one billion. ' Ke Leizha hesitated again, and finally summon the courage to open: 'I do not know if you really Du wind, but the city is just the beginning of a thoroughly ruin a decade ago, I was ordered to four spades. identity came here to rebuild the city as a sub-base for the Association of ancient weapons. ' Phrase outburst, wandering the city that always scared to know what the long body, actually slowly straighten up. His voice trembling gradually bring the feelings, the eyes no longer look to Du wind, but the night Looking out the window of the city under the night sky and said: 'In your opinion, this is just a rogue, a