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personally taught by me, or look for another teacher to introduce to you, no not. 'So dream day and night, always look over the proposed loss after Shishu sword, finding no contingency for many years, she is more months before I do not know what year and what was hit, and suddenly no intention derived;. To worry there is no sword box, think of the opportunity so coincidentally, will be Note that hit early, leading figures certainly do swordsman, how can with joy, overjoyed? Shihai initial fear was that the sword again with tricks, the box after a good wear, always afraid to loosen the grip hilt. After getting feel the sword go box, as if each of them made, stubborn believers meet strict teacher, with the bundle, thus quiet down, but no change. Deposit thoughtful: 'Today morning, first night later the trio came to visit them in the red iron swords Xia Yunxiang, only one seat, they eat old common phenomenon, even mocking horse mysterious duo with exhortations to say quite a meal people. deep, stammer a few Bianji resign. Heimo Le discovered cliff path Sanli waist circumference did not keep talking about right, yet still do not know, we can see this is very old for this secret, only to see their own weight. When the store for fear of ancestral week to see the sword, inattentive and was flying, sword clenched face, smiled and said:. 'Ancestral brother first not busy, so I finished terrible sword through again, I avoid trouble like empty' Cunzhou see him from a meeting will concentrate on this sword, is very reserved, exceedingly puzzled, smiled and asked: 'Why?' to get a sword through that week deposit speechless laughed: 'You worry too much a. as you said, the sword is real fetish, can soar change, but you have to know the main thing, Zhu Sanshu intentions never hand for many years, you have no desire derived within half a day, it's clear that you have. Look at the situation, pointing out that heard or found Tang Jian Qi, hopes of finding the root of this. Seeing been somehow be it of go, just to get a Jianxia home. The man surnamed Chen Ming-song, is a sweet, new trail famous one-man thief. Ten years ago, the sun chow rob a Fusion, are not hurt the victim, who friends house just is Di, Di escape happened to pass by that matter, hard hound, finally ate Di escape burned, almost Waste life. Northwest provinces can not be based, fled southern anonymity, actually find a teacher, learn some skills. Seeing then there will be revenge for the ferry into the look, who knows as much as a little master and Di family origins, somehow suddenly see through Kozo, not only refused to teach together, reverse polarity severely admonished, said he got the old nor Di one's opponent, went only to die. Zhuke of eventually bringing down the order, does not recognize that he is a disciple of the door. Chen Song helpless, had resigned out. The original intent of the door division has won most of the Heart Moreover Di weaknesses escape from the mouth ascertain master, as long as the hard work and then practice a few years, the division pass shader techniques for beating excel Road, also can look for a fight enemies. The intention to choose a quiet place to conceal the mountains gifted hard, Wen said Xitianmu scenery is very good, but excellent secluded places, since either the look. Line to the middle, I met an orphan, and asked to know his parents died, years old, helpless, just another surname. Because Mountain own stillness, no cooking chores, he gave the child believes that the adopted son, named Chen industry, brought to the same. Find a mountain no place being looked terrain, suddenly the money should Thailand meet. Expert's eyes, at a glance, the two hit it off very next talk. Thai money should have invited him to live adjacent knot. They have a beginning and evasive, refused to spit out the real name origin. Chen Song also because the other side is a connoisseur, hidden weapon Naishi own practice not pass the secret door, fearShe requested a good understanding, anyway, I did not mean to offend her, she can let go of my best not to they should increase in strength catching tie horsepower ace - Paradise team, I did not think of these people who do not know where it holds something of the same nature, or the first retreat for the better. The person holding the board did not catch up, but leaned began coughing up blood, girlish figure jumped to the front of him, the warmth of tolerance into his body, his voice accusingly: 'The Wu chess, things are not familiar with the performance Do not start using the full. ' Wu chess while coughing up blood while said:. 'Colored clown, refining out to us [is] a name it.' Lueyisisuo girls, actually uttered in the world and same words: 'with ancient weapons out of the filter body refinery, called refining it.' 'Good name.' Wu chess patted the palm, then eyeing the distant darkness, 'they can not run away, we have been refining someone completely familiar with the performance.' Screams rang twice in the dark, followed by the sound of some of the vessels to be broken, with the carnage Qingmang lights in the dark, followed by rapid chess passing beside Wu, rub slamming fly into the scabbard . Girls did not turn around, lightly: 'Xiaojian, so soon you will be able to fully grasp your refining a worthy spades A.? Behind her eyes appeared a bleak youth, turned out to be blind. The blind man was able to a few hundred meters outside the range, precise control of the sword-shaped mixing device, beheaded escapeThe two team members temple. Wu chess move two steps forward, stride, showing that he was lame. His smile: 'Xiaojian talent is high, the color of my worst clown, you said we 10: Du wind over Independence Day' Xiaojian scold: 'King painting, shut up!' He then whispered:. 'Colored clown, you go with the betrayal of Spades 8, clean up the site on to us.' Her left hand gathered from strong Leiguang, could be a coincidence or accident, the sudden silence of the night sky in a roar of thunder and lightning, there is no sign of a downpour in the city began frantically pouring. Girls Yiziyidun authentic: '