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eyes red, can not wait to go immediately to kill. Enron, who looked around, although all are not ordinary people, but because many items inside the exhibition hall, there are many shadows, not to mention Fuso ninja, good at hiding traces, under the night, the hall, only these antique exudes swarthy light. Enron could not help but frowned, in this case, one's own can defeat a lot. 'Big and Fukuda welcomed the guests from the dragon group and family of the East, oh, or CONSERVATORY royal guests.' Healthy stairs slowly out Fukuda et al. 'Boom!' Suddenly a thunderbolt from the sky down, towards Fukuda Healthy smashed down, appeared to be hit. 'Mountain!' The old monk around Fukuda suddenly end up with a gesture, a black light fired Trick, Trick faint will stand in place Fukuda head foot distance. 'Fearless Ray originally from Lung Fu Shan's high. 'The old monk said unhurried.' Why do not experience something out of it? ' 'This is out of Xiao Ye.' Outside the museum, suddenly fly-edged sword, silver-filled, over the sword, a handsome young man, very literally fly over. Hidden in the side of Zhen Fang severely frowned, 'this kid came out of Xianbao. Hey, actually reached entraining period. This time I made a big loss, actually helped this kid a favor.' 'Friends do not know what to call?' The old monk out of channels. 'I Jiang Jicheng, the designation of a new master-baked.' Jiang Jicheng sky loudly. 'Well, but is your chance to let others help you a helping hand.' Everywhere see that arrogant look, could not help but hit road. 'How do you jealous ah!' Fearless sword in the hands of the Jiang Jicheng trace Jian Qi suddenly shot, fired not far from the shadows, scream voice came over the crowd looked in the past, but it is a diminutive black ninja clothes out now. 'This role has also come up incompetence. The Tao Ye cleaning up your garbage in the world today.' Fearless sword hands flew up suddenly, I heard Li Xiao, Jianguang turned in the hall, suddenly nailed to the fluorescent lamp. Another scream, a other two deep frown. 'The lanky black passenger surnamed Dong said: 'Father, the two men are ......'Compass Tan said: 'Futian Hao with red lady.'Surnamed Dong lanky black passenger was taken aback, said: 'Desert Dragon with Red Lady, you are saying that he is now the team two years.'Tan Compass nodded his head and said: 'Red Lady has been seen, the Futian Hao to do anything now still do not know what the intentions, no matter what the intentions of his two in any one, I can cope with, and if so I deal with both at the same time I'm afraid a bit powerless. 'The lanky black passenger surnamed Dong said: 'So you only saw red lady, never seen the desert dragon?'Compass Tan said: 'No, I have not even seen the Red Lady, this bitch skill quite fast, very tidy, Sichuan and Shaanxi to this right bitches, men's dress paralysis, flirty woman, two people a ride to do business in a singing convoy ......... 'The lanky black passenger surnamed Dong said: 'The two 'small Sangmen' living with his wife?'Compass Tan said: 'They are not who else, that stinking bitch child really should not under the banner name of Red Lady, the results lie 'Red Swallows'Also thanks to that smelly bitch children under the banner name of Red Snake business, or else I do not know the red lady has come miles! 'The lanky black passenger surnamed Dong said: 'I did not second the political arena with the 'red swallows' who did not dare to use the second 'Red Swallow', the convoy since now the 'Red Swallow', then said the Red Lady is indeed in this convoy is wrong, just that the desert dragon ...... 'Compass Tan said: 'Although the piece Nielong now seen movement, but I'll stake my signature guarantee ashamed, he must in this team, I feel very clear to him, he would not look at others as he lost life and indifferent, or else I will not be under such a move, put such a hook. 'The lanky black passenger surnamed Dong said: 'Father, not lightly desert dragon figure, I'm afraid he had seen through you ......'Compass Tan said: 'I am not afraid of him through, overseas Yaozu heard rejoicing, have put down and said:. 'Reality kindness' Xiyi live also nodded and said: 'real kindness, Pindao admire.' Zhen Fang short laugh: 'Two years ago, too Polaris Pindao hieroglyphics, which had also been in some edge method, but this time in order to further their cause, but also a lot of money kindness.' Physiognomy Master suddenly spoke out and said: 'Although this real kind, but now I Shenzhou Turkey demons collusion, if those demons of generation also listen Road, Daoxing greatly increased strength will increase the number of demons, which in turn what to do . ' Lonely Road nodded and said: 'Master truth is justified, or wait Pindao that matter after the war between good and evil, and the Divine everywhere human right way, so to peak under Emperor riding hear, even if there are a few Demons down a missing generation, do not worry about how much the storm can come. ' Carter, a head wind frowned, suddenly has the words: 'two Daoxiong said even at this time is small, but the relationship between the survival of all sects right way, reality still is considered a safe solution. ' Zhen Fang heard the brow of a move, pending angry to find that everyone in Xi Yi shook his head, his right hand was pointed to the sky. Zhen Fang slightly a thought, but it is come to understand that these guys just so I do not put themselves in this half angel eyeYears, but it is a they have the background, but also a huge background, has the presence of two saints. Even if he can destroy them, in the future, I am afraid that those who can not escape the saint's calculations, but these guys will be able to destroy a finger on numerous times myself. Moment straight hearts sigh, though these guys called alliance, but still is infighting between each other. Where there is fear of what demons mixed in China, but it is actually afraid of the powerful forces of Bale Zhen Fang, China and Turkey about the comprehension sector only. Zhen Fang Daoxing although now the highest in the crowd, but the strength is ... ' Do not know how much time is gone, the gray space, suddenly sounds of Ci and sound, as if in the ears, and as if from a distant horizon pass over. Zhen Fang could not help speed up, along with the sound to recover the past. A colorful space, Guanghua flow, shine the entire space, more mysterious purple airflow indefinite walk in space, as if ready to be out like this colorful space. Zhen Fang suddenly aware that road just sound coming out from here. See space space space just do not know what this is called? 'No there eventually, no no no end, Hong Meng Road, is no; the good fortune of the road, that one, one two, two three, three things, animate things have died, or life, or death, or the death or students, are all good fortune, for good luck Avenue. ....... 'sounds like bells big Lu, voiceless sweet. If through time and space, just like in the ears. That seems to be the golden dollar tire eat ginseng fruit like Relax the whole body, hands and pinch to Indian tactics, also flashing multicolored haoguang space in a road golden runes, slowly injected into the tire yuan, that would space a purple flow slowly began to tire as the dollar flow. Space voice getting louder and louder, Zhen Fang and his face has a ground out a cold sweat, his face ashen, as if suffering from endless suffering the same, and in the space of $ tire, but more and more comfortable, face a trace of a smile, visible long up, blink of an eye and Zhen Fang Mami same. Do not know how long the voice getting smaller and smaller space, a few may ask, color colorful, but also an element slowly injected into the tire among the airflow along with colorful purple color, rushed Among yuan tire, and shortly disappeared not a trace, as if there has not been the same. 'Master,Father? 'Zhen Fang ears suddenly heard the sound of panic Dorje times once when love slowly opened his eyes, a colorful color fleeting lift their hands between feet, suddenly breath shares life. 'Good profound Dharma, almost red gourd taught comparable, more importantly,