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this feeling should not, in the future, please do not let the brothers on 'Zhangjiakou' piece of ground mix, 'Red Gang' we face but also to several discreditable ......'Pale man said: 'that is also, I gas is gas that.''Haste.' Handsome young man raising his hand and said: 'I have something for the people go about it irritating gas that can temporarily stopped by to talk about ......'Pale man said: 'You can temporarily stopped aside, what is the meaning of her second child, if you do not want to, if timid, just say loudly ......?'Handsome young man face lift and said:? 'Qi Ge What kind of words, let the brothers that one is timid, if timid why did stir up trouble, his brother, others do not know, do not you know what you Qi Ge can really put People see the flat. 'Pale man said: 'Why do you want to talk about temporarily stopped?'Handsome young man shook his head and said: 'Now we do not have time, understand?'Brawny black child said: 'muttered mean?'Handsome young man, 'ha ha' to a chuckle: '? What do you mean I talked to two little children you will find a few for that matter, almost did not run Adams legs, just ran into two uncle did not know you in here .........'Pale man said: 'Second, do not guessing really, what thing, quick to say it!'Handsome young man grinned and said: 'Qi Ge, you guess who it was?'Pale man said: 'Who, I did not feel so good guess, you quickly say!'Handsome young man - his eyes firmly fixed on pale man, faint smile authentic: 'Qi Ge, Today is how?'Brawny black child said: 'dick, tease him, he Comin bad mood.'Handsome young man shakingDictates behind, I do not know who to believe, then we go. 'Huang Qin think so do embarrassed look. Trio suddenly in the hearts of the holy knight cursed endless. Buddha Lang Francis said: 'You can never believe what they say ah these holy knights early for us disaffected cardinals, one ulterior motive, where it is to do some daily Nandaonvchang dirty, simply for me! desecration of the Lord. That is, they belong to the intelligence community. 'In order to comprehension appearance. But its eyes flashing naked, and they see the spirit of baptism after a heavy, Zhen Fang soul has reached an amazing look. Sun, such as blood, clouds Pushuo Everest, Piedmont vast plateau, it seems that being immersed in the bloody dusk. Children from time to time to hear your mother call sound, hear goats bleating sounds when not to. 'Big brother! Please drink butter tea!' A tender voice suddenly came over. Zhen Fang looked past the first turn, was surprised to find an eleven-year-old boy, is carrying an old copper bowl, copper bowl with a bowl of leftover butter tea, exudes seductive fragrance. 'Little brother, you know how I'm going to this butter?' Zhen Fang nice to head touched the boy said. 'Big brother trek Want tired, Ram aunt said, drinking butter tea bowl is not tired.' Juvenile eyes flashed Smart. 'Good!' Zhen Fang looked at those eyes, nodded and reached out to the bowl of buttered side up, on the mouthDown. Warmth down from the mouth of a sudden warmth of the body, numerous cells all over the body at the moment seems to be living the same up. Zhen Fang Jingmang eyes flash, a move the soul, the body was sealed in real dollars billowing hair. Out of unstoppable, and shortly past with the line movement, flow up to 12-fold on the floor, next to the kidneys, no one is not comfortable, no one uncomfortable. Even with golden merit among Zifu also now out on the plateau, as if an energy heaven, melt into the merit among gold. I saw the endless surge of a mysterious atmosphere blowing, Zifu being. Sudden burst of light, as if the same can be illuminated bedroom. When Zhen Fang look at it, I saw a golden land of $ placenta legs while sitting behind merit Kingland round pearls, a golden pagoda on wore a red gourd, Dinghai around five cents colored beads are shining light, smiling, his hands pinched Indian tactics, a look with joy. It is light golden. Yuan tire percent. Deification of thousands, all of a sudden can travel around Sanshanwuyue. 'Big Brother. How you look good, show fresh. Quickly say, be careful, I eat you.' The speaker was a difficult path, Hu Mu full fiercely. Yaozu in respect strength, but the strength of weak fox family, but happens to occupy a high level, how can people be convinced. 'Nine demon, you went on to say.' Lion faint. 'Haha, do not want to learn these pivotal Chi Hong net vegetarian those demon Nigeria, designated human emperor not?' A shrillSon suddenly in the hall laughed. Everyone looked, but it is the black wolf Garnett. But the wolf demon clan forces more powerful family, there are five major Garnett were named by color, white, black, yellow, red, green, four single family strength, though not strong, but wins in many people, some even when the Lion did not dare to look down upon. '! This is a good thing ah' Shan laughed: 'Dragon aggregation, earth rebirth, Reiki gather, I will accelerate the speed of practice, etc., not to mention the Divine Dragon reproduce, take off just around the corner, though I waited for the demon, the demon is, There truly proud of. serve two purposes, not Miya! ' 'I want to come there for Yaozu downside of it!' Black Garnett glanced a nine demon, overcast Gee said. Nine fox demon heard shocked, dark thought and said:. 'Wolf cunning, today met a really extraordinary, the Fox family in the future, but I have to be careful of the' moment quickly said: 'Garnett is justified if the recovery that Dragon will. day-dimensional reproduction of the door. Those who have a family tragedy will befall comprehension. do not have to worry about the problem of soaring. 'Qunyao heard outcry, hundreds of years ago Terran comprehension aspect of the Divine, demon clan who was killed the demon take Dan's countless, finally comprehension sector is about to decline, but there is such a thing happens, what to do? Talking in the hall for a time. 'Okay.' Cong teacher frowned, Leng Heng said. Carter, the silence in the hall, the royal prestige really extraordinary. Cong division frowning, said: 'There is one thing that I feel the recent