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away, rat snakes swim string, normally two animals each other predators, then rare run on the same path, really stunning. Suddenly, I heard the shrill cries of the tsunami of sound from the bottom of the cliff pass up, forcing air out of a carnage, it isQuickly disappeared in the air, just a moment as if nothing happened. One dressed in red robes fire middle-aged man, handsome star eyes, his face filled with glorious Yao Yi, a hair is also a red rope casual tie up, rope crystal clear, shining brilliance, is extremely bohemian. 'Disciples hi master from prison, from the wide sea diving, the days of His Career, reproduction I Momen prestige, windy three realms, only magic Domination.' A fire red figure jumped up from the cliff , bowed to the ground, very devout, if Zhen Fang In this case, this person is bound to know the blood of the Son of God, Ding Hui. 'Ah, you are very good, although the loss of the snow soul beads, but by virtue of the repair is big into reach of mid-god, but you have to remember, as a teacher's apprentice, can not repair on this point is.' Red Taoist frowned. A coldness in his eyes exposed. Said: 'Do you know Zhen Fang gone?' Ding Hui respectfully said: 'Some time ago, the disciples had made inquiries, I heard that was good and evil and the Divine Land II sent overseas to go into just do not know where.?' 'Well, captive. As the teacher to find old friend, pick up a vast land in those self-righteous human right way, the unity of the secular world, and then look for him. I'm the prince of the small blood lead people looking, not at able to run away. ' Ding lead, shocking the last battle of good and evil, for Qingcheng blood prince killed Jing Ding virtual lead. Did not expect to actually clean not dead, but now it is emerged in stature. 'Master, now that your old friend still there?' Ding Hui at this time to know his master's name, though I do not know how the name and prestige, but presumably it's not bad to go. ! '. Well, these guys how we could then easily exterminate hui child, if it is possible?? Ouchi out, living on the outside, you forget how to say the Yuqiong? guanjia willing to pay a secrets, I hope this book of secrets and hidden gold and everyone that books the same! 'Wei Han Ying nodded his head and said: 'As long as the same is the one that the gold would be greatly Wanping suspicious ......'Micro Dayton then said: 'Speaking of Yuqiong, you may have Yuqiong news?'Yan Mufei shook his head and said: 'No, How about you?'Wei Han Ying said: 'have not heard, whether or not, in short, we can now put her summoned together, anyway Zhu Di had done with her.'Yanmu Fei said: 'How come Yongle not need her?'Wei Han Ying said: '? How not allow stew has gone ......'Yanmu Fei said: 'Han Ying, Zhu Di had sent so far under Miaojiang to please Yuqiong is to allow her to look for the original stew it?'Wei Han Ying said: 'No, it invited Yuqiong, is to draw on her insanity surgery to kill you!'Yanmu Fei said: 'This is it, Yan Mufei not dead yet.'Wei Han Ying eyes of a condensate, and said: 'Do you think he would be willing to Zhu Di ......'Yanmu Fei said: 'He or dare, and that four think tank may hard to say!'Wei Han Ying raised his eyebrows and said: 'So, they will draw on Yuqiong up?'Yanmu Fei said: 'will be read.'Wei Han Ying said: 'We can not find the time being Yuqiong?'Yanmu Fei said: 'I'm afraid not, Han Ying.'Wei Han Ying said: 'Then we ......' said: 'and then one night in HealthCare, leave no later than tomorrow morning!'Wei Han Ying said: 'Where to go first?'Yanmu Fei said: 'On the distance, is naturally go Changan ......'Hanmang flash heads, looked on the look, the speaker said: 'Who here,Why not come in and sit? 'Han Wei Ying HUO Di stood up, reached for a bar Yanmu Fei, said: '! No, he was down.'Listen to the door with a whispered voiced speech sounded: 'Yantai Xia, Lu Yifan HealthCare Fenduo disciples asked to see.'Han Ying Wei Wei state a convergence, Yan Mufei laughed: '! Afford friend Interview, Come.'The door opened and a begging Hanako walked quickly came in, is just in the