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this moment, the wind completely understand Du 'dead young man, a butterfly,' the meaning of these eight characters. The next test is whether Aode Zhu Du wind painful shackles of this layer, a butterfly. Turbulent airflow purple again, this time Du wind enveloped the body, forming a circle of purple ripple. The last test of the new wave of infuriating to be carried out, is about to begin. 'Boom' sound, the first step of Du wind reoccurrence under three feet of sand, fine sand was already stepping into finer dust. Du wind infuriating body, and instantly became stiff state. Flexible muscles, human resistance to pain the best defensive weapon. Ordinary people will have a similar experience in the winter when the cold hands and feet frozen, even mild pain will carom; basketball game, when the stiff body injury suffered, the times may be heavier than usual a few months it is difficult to recover. Du infuriating to each vessel stiff wind into the state of the body, and then gathered into a huge two-edged blade, the wind toward Du weakest brain region rushed. Roar, a strong head wind Du purple column penetrate, break out the top. Elsie L. head wind that always hanging down. That moment he felt his body, in unspeakable agony, disintegrated into countless dust. Xian Qi did not give up in the distance jumping, one hopes that the name of ancient weapons ban overwhelmed by pain die, well then try to seize his body. Xian Qi turned into a human form, tentatively approached Du wind, wanted to reach tackling his breath. Du wind suddenly heads, Xian Qi scared tumble fell to the ground, quickly crap to escape. Du Yang Wind hand, food in more than two fingers purple strand of hair the size of evil spirits. A woman was wearing a dark green compact pendant from Du Fenghuai the fall, fall on his hands. Du wind eyes flashed sadly color, cold tunnel:Once upon a time, and ye gave me junk compared to twenty years ago, a slight pain that flesh, then what! ' Xian Qi screamed, re-shaped into the air rushed up, wrapped in