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treasure, but did not expect the other party actually use this gift as gift items, face became pale, but the DPRK Chen looked frightened. Zhen Fang naturally come to know the purpose of this nether leader, not only for the year also forged causal, more importantly, ShushanThing, though not as a saint but himself, but whatever the outcome is also considered one of the fathers teach, not just pull the dough to seek its own, borrowed Yang asked hands. The two sides settled causal, the way they have to find a word of it. Moment nodded and said:. 'You are indeed Gods palm palm when this flag,' Yang asked Heard, square knot over this flag, while heart secretly relieved to Nether leader, had a lot of awkward face Hao . Zhen Fang suddenly said: 'I heard the Princess qualification may be worthy of creating decent ah missed a pity to see.!.' Nether leaders face a move, suddenly laughed: 'Sage said most is that although her daughter was born Pindao sea of ​​blood, but do not see the sea of ​​blood, just one adult out of the sea of ​​blood, then unless there Polaris God pointing a lot, probably has a treasure fan can not save their lives, today it seems, must also find a song for their teacher. I do not know may have the opportunity to worship the saints sects. ' 'This woman was destined Yang and I ask, can go trick Princess Iron Fan Cuiyun over...' Zhen Fang projections doubled, suddenly said: 'There's one person who can do it together with you over Pioneer. 'Yang asked the heart of a dynamic, secretly surprised, that although there are more general, but but no pioneer, though in charge of the Gods, but Zhao Song Dynasty. This pioneer is not a simple character to be able to do, the first to be proficient in the art of war. Second generation Daoxing party is to serve. Proficient in the art of war, even if otherwise, but once encountered each other's sect of disabilities, not only the risk of pregnancy meteorite, will have an impact on morale. Want bloomer when cutting Zhou, the general turned out to be a the head of the major sects must have been you Zhuolai it' Mang Battle details, the common phenomenon of already know from mouth, Hugh said to be the head of that amount enough martial arts figures also do not have a person under escapement, Simon Makino because he had boasted before the emperor, saying that martial arts is to figure caught only deliberately ask him. Simon Makino a red face, said: 'Some people brought me this little, give it a few old guys ran, but also killed dozens of people, in addition Zhuolai values ​​more important than a dozen people. 'Kou Fang Gao laughed:' This year, although at the end of his work to fruition, so too has the so-called martial arts hero, rivers and lakes hero chilling stricken emperor commanded, this time being by me on behalf of the emperor to engage in labor, to be taken seriously, Mr. Simon. The clean sweep of all martial arts figures, Mr. Simon himself emperor then open a support functions more grand feast, Mr. Feng Simon MND do, then we have to Mingguang, 'said Kou Fang Gao remark seems like a real ridicule, Simon Makino heart and said: 'When I'm done the day, is your inner explorer and his great command of the Guards translocation of these two positions, hum, hum, I'm afraid there is no time for celebration of your seat.' Sagong of said: 'SimonHealth Zhuolai something extravagant bar character, can be said to listen to it? 'Simon Makino said:' I was going to this class of prisoners handed over to the custody Kouzong Guan, Zou Ming emperor to let him see how to dispose of. People, offer prisoners! '' Offer prisoners 'would have been a general campaign ceremony returned to the summit dedicated to the emperor's prisoner. But now Simon Makino value capture a dozen martial arts figures, without the presence of the emperor, had no access to' offer Krupp 'This But he was in order to force Gao Kou proud and haughty boast power days, when it is the bane of home. Look what the character is, so I will take over the line, what can no longer offer prisoners ceremony was