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convinced me inevitable comeback?'Wei Ying Han sighed: 'Ji Gang is a genius, fear is the case.' Mei Feng Yi Zhou, said: 'Eight, six, 24, 72 which is what he meant than the previous ones are incomprehensible? difficult to understand. ' said: 'It is increasingly difficult, or else they would not be very easy to know they place it seems he is meant to test me?.'Wei Han Ying stunned and said: 'how to say?'Yanmu Fei said: 'He convinced me that since the inevitable comeback, and left eight people so difficult to understand the strange obscure words, this is not the solution clearly want me to go, obviously test me?'Wei Han Ying nodded and said: 'Yes, you genius, he was odd, the difference is called a first, a second, said he wants to see you, the first of the Wizards said, can solve for open house stay of these eight characters. If you can not solution, then the first Wizards of Wang Wei! 'Yan Mufei smile shaking his head, said: 'Eight, six, 24, 72 whether it is meant ...... difficult Sharen, Sharen Ji Gang him too hard to Zhuoxia ......!'Jinyu Qiong said suddenly: 'this numberDo not represent the same thing? 'Wei Han Ying said: 'Who knows, I think so!'Jinyu Qiong pondered and said: 'This adds up to a few number of one hundred and ten, the hundred and what it means, what with one hundred and ten related?'Wei Han Ying said: 'As we all know, the Shaolin four Venerable, Eighteen, one hundred and eight wooden Rohan, no heard of any one hundred and ten.' said: 'I want to say it, this world with one hundred and ten things that would not be related, but less well-known, not known just maybe somewhere there are one hundred and ten houses, somewhere. There are one hundred and ten trees, where there is a hole in one hundred and ten, there is a place ...... 'Yan Mufei shook his head and said: 'Yuqiong say well, this really is not puzzling mystery of the ......' heads EXTRAORDINARY SPLENDOUR glitter, said:. 'Someone came, not just one.'Jinyu Qiong said: 'Maybe my disciple.'Suddenly I heard a sharp whistling after starting from loss shook his head, then said: '? You go to New York you' For Luo Feile concerned, would rather die and will not bow to help Lu Ya, but now this sudden event occurred, she must have a high star guard ancient weapons. Can safely dive into larger rivals in New York City, Du wind took almost all the elite fighting force. She now can help high-star ancient weapons, only Miss Ya one person only. Luo Feile reluctant to see his face look. Young zero whispered: 'I go with you.' Small fox from the nose grunted: 'I know you're going, but you must also have someone to accompany us to go, but at least seven stars above ancient weapons.' Small fox throat a couple of provocative: '? Her she can not take care of yourself is a problem.' Behind them is lying eyes obsessed Don slot nutrition situation. Since Li Han to Tang Du love care to the wind, because the wind inhaled DU Magic Flute, Don feeling unable to leave Du wind meter distance outside, after Du wind sneaked New York City. Don nutrition situation can only lie all day tank, by life-support systems to sustain life. In that five people said Luo Feile was suddenly filled with a hint ominously foreboding, since that five people were sent to the headquarters after a day wandering the information coming from the city, is again and again, day after day, 'peace', this too calm state, but let the little fox that was a prelude to the storm before the storm is brewing. Currently the city is the supreme commander of the former stray wandering the city long, but there is the danger of the presence of fat, real power will one day fall in the hands of the fat. Luo Feile could not straightened up howling sound, I thought: Oh, the trouble really is not much in general,Do not want do not want to. Prodigy dropped his head in sorrow, she did not understand why the sudden desire to go to New York, but from within the heart that he must go, and there are gun tomb Independence Day meeting, it was the end of the extradition of members of specific mood. Suddenly in the submarine good words, but I'm just a little trouble, one thing will pass out the size of your family, even the pigs and dogs are never expect to have one survive. ' Phoenix baby alert, to see him loud Lise, to put the case so significant, skeptical, murmured: '? Four of these and other powerful right, do I have sinned against his father Emperor' Hou Shao sneered: 'You offend his father Emperor Even the arrival of horses, hero beat many people, there is an escape it. This is something to be aware of his good friend, as he left no credentials, you escape God it is also useless. 'Jinpeng, phoenix baby hear telling the truth, exceedingly Haiyi, hurriedly asked what had happened. Hou Shao said: 'You can see the jade court haunted tonight, take me with him, then lied to Zhu Quan, I have to save him, not with a delicate mind, the one unnamed senior years old hero though he hurt it because of oversight,? never dreamed I would suddenly appear, at most three days to survive, but not a thing. Hugh said was days old door that refused all laid down arms, his godson year that a group of women, as long as there is one person in the know, you would never expect to eat dinner, how can I take this, what is my work, send him a comprehensive, covering the past, actually Buyiburao up, really darn rotten! '  baby heard early scare in a cold sweat, quickly asked the count said:. '? The elderly are not heard from for almost 20 years, do not want to live in seclusion tonight inadvertently harming him, how good it can be.' Hou Shao couple Huangji see him, he was secretly delighted, sneer replied: 'Hugh said to you, although I Zhu Quan, also can not get away. Fortunately, the old-timers have long discouraged things, not what. You just listen, I put the whole thing came to embrace, you have nothing to do with what? 'Two people have guts cold, natural repeatedly swear Hou Shao half scoop the words slightly decrease, and ordered the couple with their children went to apologize Kim, from abundance to handle the funeral. Duo they only avoid suffering