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Common phenomenon has also been suspected of Jin Shiyi origins, but in order to come down Simon Jin Shiyi With Makino's arrogance, therefore reluctant to pursue at this time. Kou Fang Gao thought to myself: '! Simon Makino though hateful, but I now reside Ouchi Explorer post, if given an unknown origin, up to no good people mixed with the palace, I can not afford this relationship,' hesitated for a while, and finally Jin Shiyi again asked: 'I heard respecting best at Mianzhang effort, you will have very extensive powers, but, is it in addition to Liu veteran, had even told the teacher what else?' Kim Se Heritage laughed: 'martial way, one reason pass, one hundred financial management, outside the only known home division specializes Mianzhang effort, in fact, he's superior to other martial arts, also covered.' paused, turned to Simon laugh Makino said: 'Mr. Simon may have to try it again?' Simon Makino of Jin Shiyi hate to the extreme, he makes the effort though poison is unparalleled in the world, but ourselves, but not necessarily in the martial arts Jin Shiyi rival, and in this field , if you want to use poison, Guards officer refuses to accept the inevitable, and therefore had to press the anger, strong laugh and said: 'The coach has a row of two sweet, he can go get the Shaolin Temple or continue selecting other. . candidate for it, 'Kou Fang Gao more skeptical, thinking:' I have not yet would be too, but the depth of his powers but concealed from the ins and outs of the man who knows he really said this surnamed Gan, Liu Sanchun so why martial arts today. tallest man? Why did a decade ago, even the palace B has won him? And Shadows B effort I have tried but it is not only smaller than me, even the common phenomenon of it stronger than he, and his apprentice, but it seems so amazing how this surname Gan but nonsense, 'the common phenomenon of being considered who called out, after Jin Shiyi, accepting Simon Makino to test more, Kou Fang Gao suddenly asked:'?! You Guards are not ? There is an old coach just after noon ......'Ms. Bai said: 'I'm afraid because of trouble just human life.'Ms. Bai said: 'People do not care about the rivers and lakes, this is the edge that they had licked the blood of his career, buried a dead end road ditch ditch dead buried, to care about this he had the legs Kenshin would not go up.'Ren was silent for a moment and said: 'I have been to a lot of places, seen a lot of itinerant character, most of them are involuntarily forced to go Kenshin leg, had to go leg Kenshin is a last resort, a day into the rivers and lakes, it is difficult to think of the legs prohibitively their hands, so it was that good men would not join the political arena. 'Ms. Bai said: 'You are saying ...... who entered the arena is not good?'Ren shook his head and said: 'This sentence is not what it means, I do not dare say such a thing, this sentence means is that everyone is reluctant to take the leg Kenshin ......'Mr Yam said: 'Lady on the rivers and lakes have considerable understanding.'White Lady shallow smiled and said: 'Come with you as more than a place to go, to see more naturally, officialdom late husband was a human, withHe walked a lot of places, rivers and lakes have come across a lot of people, they are bold, especially arrest without beam, looks very enviable, in fact, they have their own reasons, not to mention their own at all times bear risks, in the eyes of local administrative officials, they are called scum, outlaws, commit crimes do not have to say, is that Ren Xia disabilities, but also broke the rule by force, it is difficult to officials of the content. 'Zhang Mei Ren two moving a bit, he did not say, just say such a sentence:. 'Lady put it'White Lady looked at him and said: 'They do not say, took the last car in prison for the man now!'Ren eyes of a condensate, said: 'how, in the last car of the individual prisoners?'Mrs. White said:? 'Ren Ren did not know what it is no wonder I do not know, so your car in front of you, I do not know the original, or accidentally saw, I heard the man pale moonlight, blooms leaves, there is a girl's shadow leap leap alone, leaving little relieved toes point. Stature arrow, skimming cool to the front of the maiden, and cried. 'The Chinese, the Chinese, you, what are you okay?' Positive Kusakabe. Unlimited Unlimited sad hate, which worthy Maguire turmoil. Jin Shiyi took half that cut the sleeves. Jin Shiyi surprised and wanted to display their fingertips supernatural effort, her sword hand to pop up, but more afraid to offend her, the slightest hesitation, I saw Gu Zhihua Janus has been reversed, pointing to his chest, said: 'You lay a finger touch me, I immediately die in front of you.' Jin Shiyi happened, I did not know what to say between the eager words good, only to hear according to Gu Zhihua, said: 'From now you are you, I I, are not related to each other, only when no previous acquaintance! 'tone look, both extreme cold! Jin Shiyi tone, said: 'You, what do you mean you listen to me, you listen to me ......?' said: '! You say anything, I can not believe you,' Lu Jin Shiyi anxious forehead veins , cried: '! Zhi Hua, you will certainly have misunderstood her, she ......' He and relationship, How can a few words to interpret? Some even said 'her' word, did not even know where to start. Gu Zhihua listened ki a 'she', which more and more angry, coldly: 'She said, and do not you say that you do not go, I'm going to call it Catch a Thief!!' Really loudly shouted: 'Mom, here thief, come to catch the thief! 'Mrs. Han and Lin Feng et al., the house could hear the sound of the wall collapsing column down, had arrived, Lisheng Nan disheveled, just rushed out from the inside Oh, Mrs. Han see a strange girl, 'Hey,' a cry, and has not yet had time to ask who she was, Lisheng Nan is gas head, pull out 'cut cloud' sword, shot, such as electricity, 'Dangdang' rain, once put it willow Mrs. Han sliced ​​off, Feng Lin really is cut iron drunk, Chuimao stand-off, although the whole ribbon unstressed, Feng Lin also used sticky, unloading wordTactics, but give her a draw